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25 Creative Writing Prompts for High School Students

Creative Writing Prompts for High School Students

High school is the perfect time to really let students spread their creative wings. We want them prepared for the future, and that includes the ability to think in new, creative ways.

Creative writing prompts are a fantastic way to get high schoolers writing, thinking outside the box, and learning to express themselves. It’s a chance to boost their empathy and give them time to think about their own opinions.

So, are you ready to spark some seriously amazing writing?

Here’s the deal: we’re about to forget boring, old-school prompts and give your students something to really get excited about!

Let’s go!

It’s time to make some writing magic happen!

25 Creative Writing Prompts for High School

  1. Unexpected Journey: Imagine waking up one day and realizing you’re in a different part of the world with a task that you need to accomplish. How did you get there? What is the mission and why is it significant? Write a first-person narrative describing this sudden change in your life, how you cope with the unfamiliar surroundings, and the challenges you face while fulfilling your task.

  2. Lessons from Failure: Everyone experiences failure at some point, and it often leads to substantial growth and understanding. Consider a moment in your life where you experienced a significant failure. Describe the situation, the emotions you experienced, and most importantly, the lessons you learned and how you applied them to later experiences.

  3. Dialogue with a Legend: Imagine that you have the chance to have a deep conversation with a historical figure you admire. It can be anyone from a world leader to a famous artist or scientist. Write this imagined conversation, focusing on the questions you would ask, the responses you’d hope to receive, and the impact this conversation would have on your life.

  4. A New Perspective: Consider an object, place, or creature that people generally don’t pay much attention to. What would it be like to experience life from its perspective? Compose a narrative from the viewpoint of this entity, describing its day-to-day existence, challenges, and its unique perspective on the world around it.

  5. Impactful Decisions: Think of a time in your life when you had to make a difficult decision. How did it affect your life and those around you? Write an essay explaining your thought process during that time, the ultimate decision, and its aftermath.

  6. Altering History: Choose a significant event from history. What would happen if the event didn’t occur or if it occurred differently? Write an alternate history short story illustrating the consequences of changing this event and how it would reshape the world.

  7. Lifelong Friendship: Write about two characters who share an unbreakable bond of friendship. This bond must stand the test of various trials, tribulations, and life events. Narrate their story, detailing how their friendship evolves over time, the challenges they face together, and how it impacts their individual lives.

  8. The Power of Words: Imagine a world where spoken words have tangible effects. For instance, a compliment could heal, an insult could physically hurt, or a promise could bind like a contract. Craft a short story set in this universe, exploring how everyday communication changes, and the effects of this power on personal relationships and societal dynamics.

  9. The Silent Town: Envision a small town where one day, mysteriously, everyone wakes up and finds themselves unable to speak. How does the community adapt to this sudden change? Write a story that revolves around this event, detailing how people’s lives change, the strategies they adopt for communication, and the ensuing societal shifts.

  10. Life without Technology: Imagine a world where all forms of digital technology suddenly disappear. How would this affect daily routines, communication, education, and overall life? Compose an essay discussing the challenges and unexpected benefits this world would face, and how it would reshape human interactions and society.

  11. The Forgotten Art: Assume that you’ve discovered a forgotten form of art that has been lost to time. Write an account of how you stumbled upon this art form, your efforts to learn and revive it, and the impact of this discovery on your life and society.

  12. Rewriting My Autobiography: If you were to write an autobiography, but with one significant event of your life changed, what would it be and why? Craft an essay that describes the event you chose to alter, its actual and revised outcomes, and how this change affects your life’s narrative.

  13. The Last Day: Imagine that it’s the last day on Earth due to an impending, unavoidable natural disaster. Compose a narrative detailing how you and those around you would spend this final day, the emotions running high, and the reflections on life this situation evokes.

  14. Emotional Photography: Assume you’re a photographer who has just invented a camera that captures the emotions of the people being photographed. Write a narrative about the experiences you have while using this camera, the stories you uncover, and the effect of seeing emotions so visibly on the viewer and the subject.

  15. The Unseen Helper: Picture yourself as an invisible being who can subtly influence events around you, helping others without them knowing. Craft a story about the lives you touch, the changes you make, and the satisfaction you derive from your unseen acts of kindness.

  16. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Imagine that you’ve found a mirror that doesn’t show your reflection but shows your personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses. Write an essay about your interaction with this magical mirror, how the encounter changes your self-perception, and the journey of self-improvement this revelation sparks.

  17. Door to the Past: Suppose you stumble upon a door that can take you to any period in history. You can only use it once for a 24-hour visit. Write a narrative about where you choose to go, your experiences in that time, and how it impacts your view of the present and future.

  18. The Uninhabited Island: Imagine being stranded on an uninhabited island with only five items of your choice. Craft a detailed survival story, focusing on your daily struggles, ingenious solutions, and the emotional journey of solitude and self-reliance.

  19. A Day in the Life of a Refugee: Step into the shoes of a refugee forced to leave their homeland due to conflict or disaster. Compose a poignant narrative about their journey, the challenges they face, their resilience, and their hopes for the future.

  20. The Unseen World: Picture a world existing parallel to ours, invisible to us, but inhabited by beings of a different dimension. One day, you gain the ability to perceive this world. Write a narrative exploring this new reality, your interaction with its inhabitants, and the understanding you gain about your own world.

  21. Embodying an Emotion: Imagine becoming the physical manifestation of an emotion for a day. You have the power to influence those around you with this emotion. Compose a story describing your experiences, how people react to you, and the lessons you learn about human nature.

  22. The Mysterious Letter: You receive a letter in the mail with no return address. The contents of the letter reveal a secret that changes your life forever. Write a narrative about the events that unfold after you read this letter, the quest it sets you on, and the revelations you encounter.

  23. The Turning Point: Think about a crucial turning point in your life. How would your life be different if you had made a different decision? Write an essay describing the alternate path your life could have taken, and how this reflection affects your current perspective on life.

  24. The Silent Protest: Imagine you live in a society where freedom of speech is suppressed. You decide to stage a silent protest that speaks volumes. Craft a story about your peaceful defiance, its impact on society, and the ripple effect it creates.

  25. The Art of Listening: Consider a world where people can only speak a limited number of words each day. As a result, everyone becomes a much better listener. Write an essay discussing the changes this limitation brings about in human interactions, relationships, and overall societal functioning.