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20 Creative Writing Prompts for Middle School

Creative Writing Prompts for Middle School

Middle school: the time when you’re figuring out who you are, what you think, and maybe even where you left your homework.

It’s a wild ride!

But hey, guess what can help with all that craziness?


Yep, spinning some stories can seriously boost your brainpower.

It helps you imagine awesome stuff, speak your mind like a champ, and think critically, which is basically detective work for ideas.

The tricky part?

Finding writing prompts that aren’t, well, boring.

That’s why we’ve got a whole bunch of cool ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

These prompts will light a fire under your writing and help you discover your inner superstar storyteller!

Creative Writing Prompts for Middle School

1. The Mischievous Squirrels’ Weekend Extravaganza

Imagine a world where squirrels are hyper-intelligent beings and humans are blissfully unaware of their clever schemes. The squirrels are planning a grand weekend adventure to steal the biggest acorn stash in town from Old Man Jenkins. 

What does their meticulous plan look like? 

What hilarious obstacles do they face and how do they overcome them? 

Write a hilarious adventure tale describing this unusual weekend extravaganza.

2. The Secret Kingdom Under My Bed

You discover a hidden, magical kingdom beneath your bed where lost objects come to life

How does this realm operate? 

What fantastical creatures reside there? 

What adventures await you in this newly discovered world? 

Pen a captivating story of this magical kingdom and your adventures within it.

3. The Last Dragon Whisperer

You are the last known dragon whisperer, able to communicate and control these majestic beasts. 

Describe your journey to the Dragon Isles, the heartland of all dragon-kind.

What challenges do you face and how do you overcome them? 

Write an enchanting tale of your extraordinary adventure.

4. The Alien’s Food Blogging Adventure

An alien lands on Earth and decides to blend in by becoming a food blogger. Except, it has no idea what food is and its taste buds work differently. 

Describe its experiences as it tries out foods like pizza, sushi, and even ice cream

How does it interpret these flavors? 

What crazy, nonsensical reviews does it write? 

Write a series of humorous food reviews from the alien’s perspective.

5. The Day Gravity Took a Holiday

One day, gravity decides to take a vacation. Everything and everyone starts to float. 

Describe the pandemonium that ensues – people flying around trying to hold on to lampposts, dogs chasing their tails in mid-air, and so on. 

Write a laugh-out-loud story detailing the day when gravity took a holiday and how your main character navigated this unexpected situation.

6. The Music Box of Time

You find an old music box at an antique shop. When you wind it up and play the melody, you can travel through time. 

Where do you go and what do you experience? 

What historical mysteries do you unravel? 

Craft a spellbinding story that resonates with the notes of time.

7. Invisible Island of the Enchanted Forest

Deep in the heart of an enchanted forest lies an invisible island only visible during a full moon

What secrets does it hold? 

What magical creatures inhabit it? 

Write a mesmerizing story about the wonders of this hidden island and the treasures you discover there.

8. When Shadows Come Alive

One night, the shadows come alive, each with its own unique personality reflecting the gothic nature of the object or person casting it. 

What is life like when your shadow can interact with you and the world around you? 

How do these living shadows change your everyday life? 

Weave a tale filled with mystery and magic.

9. When My Pet Became the School Principal

Imagine waking up one day to find out that your pet – whether it’s a dog, cat, or even a hamster – is now the school principal. 

How did this happen? 

How does your pet deal with school-related tasks and how do students and teachers react? 

Write a comical story about your pet’s tenure as the school principal.

10. The Unlikely Superheroes: A Spork and a Teacup

Inanimate objects come to life as superheroes! A humble spork and an elegant teacup become a crime-fighting duo, using their unique powers. 

What do their adventures look like? 

How do they use their unique abilities to save the day? 

Craft a funny superhero tale featuring these unlikely heroes.

11. The Spellbinding School of Lost Arts

You receive a letter inviting you to a secret school (similar to Hogwarts) that teaches lost arts like spell-weaving, potion-making, and star-naming. 

What does your school life look like? 

What intriguing subjects do you study

Write a compelling story about your magical education and the friends (and enemies) you make along the way.

12. Journey to the Center of a Storybook

You find an old, magical storybook. As you read it, you are sucked into the pages and become a character in the book. 

How do you navigate this fantastical world? 

How do you make your way back home

Craft an enchanting story filled with literary adventures and magical mishaps.

13. The Mysterious Library of Unwritten Books

Deep in a forgotten corner of your school library, you find a secret room full of books that haven’t been written yet. When you open one, you can interact with and influence the story. 

What tales do you encounter and how do you shape them? 

Pen a spellbinding tale of your experiences within this mystical library.

14. A Diary from the Fairy Realm

You stumble upon a diary from the fairy realm that chronicles unseen events of the human world. 

As you write in it, you can affect those events. 

What changes do you make? 

What unexpected consequences do they have? 

Write an enchanting tale about your interactions with the fairy realm.

15. Invasion of the Gummy Bears

Gummy Bears are not just a sweet treat anymore – they have come alive and are attempting to take over the world! 

What ridiculous mental strategies do they implement? 

What hilarious situations arise as humans try to deal with the delicious menace? 

Write a story that’s as sweet and funny as it is thrilling.

16. The Time-Traveling Caveman in New York City

A caveman accidentally activates a time machine and lands in the middle of New York City! 

Write a humorous story detailing his experiences. What things utterly confuse him? 

How does he interpret modern technologies like smartphones and electric cars

His first pizza slice

Write a funny tale of discovery and confusion.

17. Zombie Vegetables Attack the Supermarket

Imagine a world where uneaten vegetables become tiny zombies overnight and attack the supermarket. 

How do these villains plan their attack? 

What are their zombie abilities? 

How do humans try to manage the situation? 

Craft a funny narrative about the ultimate food fight.

18. The Day I Switched Bodies with My Biology Teacher

What if you swapped bodies with your bio teacher for a day? Think about the hilarious possibilities – misunderstandings, strange situations, and goofy accidents that occur as you try to navigate each other’s lives. 

Write a story about this ridiculously funny and chaotic day.

19. The Great Underwater Pizza Delivery Challenge

An entrepreneur decides to start a pizza delivery service…for mermaids

How does he make it work? 

What sort of problems does he face delivering pizzas underwater, and how does he solve them in funny, creative ways? 

Write a hilarious tale of business ingenuity and underwater antics.

20. The Mirror of Alternate Realities

In an abandoned attic, you discover an ancient mirror that shows alternate realities. 

By stepping into it, you can experience these other worlds. What realms do you visit? 

What strange and wonderful adventures do you have? 

Weave a magical story that reflects a myriad of fantastical possibilities.