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25 Funny Writing Prompts for Middle School

Funny Writing Prompts for Middle School

Feeling stuck in a creativity rut?

We all do sometimes, but fear not!

This post is your one-stop shop for laugh-out-loud writing prompts that will have middle schoolers (and maybe even you) cracking up.

Not boring essays but these ideas are all about silliness and sparking wild imaginations. So, whether you’re a teacher, a parent cheering on your kid’s writing skills, or a student up for a wacky challenge, this is the place to be.

So buckle up, grab your favorite pen (or keyboard), and get ready to unleash your inner comedian!

Funny Writing Prompts for Middle School

1. The Day the Principal Mistook the School for a Jungle

Imagine a day when the school principal starts believing that the school is an actual jungle, and he or she is the head of the animal kingdom. The principal starts acting like a wildlife explorer, making announcements over the intercom as if giving nature documentaries

How would a normal school day play out with this twist

Write a detailed account of that day’s events.

2. Operation: Homework-Free Week

What if a group of students from your school planned a secret mission to persuade all the teachers into giving no homework for a week?

They might use scientific evidence, emotional appeals, creative presentations, or some other clever methods. How would they plan their strategies and execute their mission? 

Write a story detailing their plans, interactions, and the ultimate outcome of not having to do these mentally debilitating tasks.

3. A Surprise Vegetable Uprising in the School Cafeteria

Imagine walking into your school cafeteria only to find that the vegetables have somehow taken over. They’re managing the kitchen, taking orders, serving food, and ensuring the cafeteria rules are followed. 

How did this happen? 

What was the reaction of the students and staff? 

Craft a comedic tale of this extraordinary day in school.

4. Election for the Best School Pet

The school decides to get a pet and the decision is to be made by a school-wide vote. The options are not your usual pets: perhaps a llama, a peacock, a raccoon, or even a lobster. 

Each pet candidate has a student campaign manager who has to convince the rest of the school why their choice is the best. 

Describe the election campaign strategies, the reactions of the students, and who ultimately wins the election.

5. The Epic Battle of School Bands

The school organizes a battle of the bands, but instead of just music, the competition involves creative outfits, unusual instruments, and funny song lyrics. The more bizarre and entertaining, the better. Chronicle this event from the formation of the bands, their practice sessions, the actual competition, to the aftermath. 

Write an entertaining account of this amusing day.

6. The Mysterious Case of the Teachers’ Lounge

Students always wonder what goes on inside the teachers’ lounge. Let’s say your character finds an unusual item – like a unicycle or a vintage poetry machine that writes poems on its own – that leads them to believe something unexpected and hilariously peculiar is happening inside. 

Write a story following your character as they try to uncover the mystery behind the teachers’ lounge.

7. The Extraordinary School Bus Journey

It’s a regular school day until the bus driver decides to make the journey to school an unforgettable adventure. Instead of the usual route, the bus driver takes the students through a scenic, unusual path that might include peculiar landmarks or funny incidents. 

Write a lively tale of this special school bus journey, detailing the reactions and interactions of the students and the bus driver.

8. The Unlikely Friendship: Janitor and the School Mascot

One day, you notice an unusual friendship blossoming between the school janitor and the school mascot. They seem to be planning something funny and interesting to surprise the whole school. What could it be? And why did they become friends in the first place? 

Write a story exploring this unlikely camaraderie and their surprising plan.

9. The Ultimate Prankster’s Championship

Your school has a tradition: an annual competition to determine the most ingenious prankster. But the pranks can’t hurt anyone physically or emotionally, and should not damage property. They should simply be fun, clever, and harmless. 

Write about the lead-up to this event, some of the standout pranks, and who eventually gets crowned as the Ultimate Prankster.

10. The Great School Bake-Off Disaster

Your school decides to host a bake-off competition among students, with one key rule: every recipe must include a bizarre secret ingredient, like pickles or hot sauce in a cake. Things take a hilariously disastrous turn as the dishes come out more eccentric than expected. 

Describe the event, the creations, and the reactions of the judges and participants.

11. A Day in the Life of Your School’s Oldest Book

Imagine your school library’s oldest book could talk and it decides to narrate its story. It might have witnessed many humorous incidents, secret study groups, or hilarious library moments.

Write a story as told by this old book, covering its most memorable and funny experiences.

12. The Outrageous Career Day

Career Day at your school takes an unexpected turn when parents show up with outlandish jobs like alien invasion strategist or dinosaur DNA analyst. 

Write a story about this Career Day, focusing on the funniest presentations and the students’ reactions.

13. Unforgettable School Announcement Bloopers

Imagine a day when the school announcement system is taken over by a well-meaning, but technologically challenged teacher, leading to a series of hilarious bloopers broadcasted throughout the school. 

Write a description of this day’s events, the bloopers, and how the students and staff react.

14. The Mystery of the Vanishing School Supplies

Suddenly, school supplies start disappearing from classrooms in a funny and harmless manner – erasers leave behind crumbs as clues, markers create colorful trails, and notebooks open to reveal mysterious messages. 

Write a fantasy story of how students become detectives, tracking down the missing items and uncovering the unexpected culprit.

15. The Day Your Principal Decided to Be a Student

Your principal decides to spend a day as a student for an unusual, hands-on experience of student life

Write about the principal’s hilarious attempts to fit in, their struggles with homework, and interactions with teachers and students from a student’s perspective.

16. The Unconventional Art Exhibit

Your art class is tasked with creating an art exhibition using only recycled materials from around the school. The results are more bizarre and comical than anyone expected. 

Write a story about the creation process, the art pieces, the exhibition day, and the reactions of the school community.

17. The Dramatic Debate Club Incident

During a serious debate competition in school, the topics become progressively funnier, from arguing about “Is Harry Potter scared of Severus Snape?” to “Do teachers’ pets make better pets?” 

Describe the event, the debates, the participants’ strategies, and the audience reactions.

18. The Unexpected Talent Show

Instead of traditional talents like singing or dancing, the school talent show features unexpected acts like speed sandwich-making, reverse spelling bee, or laugh-inducing standup comedy about school life. 

Write a humorous account of this unusual talent show.

19. The New School Rule Everyone Loved

The school comes up with a new rule that at first seems absurd but ends up being wildly popular with students – perhaps something like “Mismatched Shoe Day” every week, or “Backward Reading Time” in the library. 

Describe the introduction of this rule, how students adapt to it, and the overall impact on the school environment.

20. The School-Wide Search for a Lost Hamster

The school’s pet hamster escapes from its cage, prompting a school-wide search operation. The tiny creature is found in the most unexpected and funny situations across the school. 

Write a story about this adorable escape and rescue mission.

21. The Hilariously Failed Science Experiment

A group of students attempts a big, exciting science experiment for the annual science fair, but things go hilariously wrong. The result is not a disaster but rather an amusing spectacle. 

Write a detailed account of this experiment, from planning to execution.

22. Gym Class Turns into a Dance-Off

Gym class is typically about sports, but one day, it unexpectedly turns into a hilarious dance-off competition. Students and teachers get involved, showcasing their best, and often funny, dance moves. 

Describe the event, the dances, and the reactions from the audience.

23. Field Trip to a Tofu Factory

Instead of a usual museum or park, your school decides to take a field trip to a tofu factory. This strange choice leads to many funny situations and surprising discoveries. 

Write a story about this unique field trip, including the experiences and reactions of students and teachers.

24. The Great Lost and Found Mystery

The school’s lost and found box starts overflowing with the most absurd items – a single flip-flop, a rubber chicken, a lampshade. Where did all these items come from? 

Write a story about a student’s effort to enter a land of the mysterious and fight a villain to eventually find out what was actually happening inside the box.

25. Lunch Swap Day at School

The school initiates a “Lunch Swap Day” where students are encouraged to exchange lunches with others, leading to some strange and funny food combinations. 

Chronicle this event, the unusual food swaps, and the reactions of the students.