25 December Writing Prompts

December Writing Prompts

Imagine you are all cozied up by the fire with a mug of hot chocolate, watching the snow swirl outside.

Sounds perfect, right?

Now imagine trying to write something – anything! – and your mind goes totally blank.

Don’t worry, happens to the best of us!

That’s why I’ve got some awesome December writing prompts for you.

Think of them like a creativity kickstart. We’re talking stories about goofy elves, bustling Christmas markets… the sky’s the limit!

These prompts are here to get those creative juices flowing. It’ll be like playing in the snow with your imagination!

Alright, let’s get started!

December Writing Prompts

  1. Holiday Letter from the Future: Think about where you would like to see yourself in five years. Now, imagine it’s December and you’re writing a holiday letter from that point in your future life, sharing your achievements, experiences, and personal growth with your family and friends. Detail the changes you’ve undergone, the milestones you’ve achieved, and how your relationships have evolved over the years.

  2. A Day in the Life of a Snowflake: Imagine that you’re a snowflake falling on a chilly December day. Describe your journey from the sky to the ground, the landscapes you pass over, and the people you might encounter. Use this prompt to develop your descriptive writing skills and to explore themes of impermanence and beauty in the everyday.

  3. Charity During the Holidays: Reflect on the importance of giving during the holiday season. Think about a time when you contributed to a charity, volunteered at a local shelter, or did something meaningful for someone in need. Explain the situation, why you chose to get involved, and how it impacted you and those you helped. Focus on the emotions and life lessons involved.

  4. Unconventional Holiday Traditions: Not all holiday traditions are conventional. Write about a unique or unconventional tradition that you, your family, or someone you know observes during the holiday season. Elaborate on the origins of this tradition, its significance to you, and how it shapes your experience of the holiday season.

  5. Memory of a December Past: Think back on your past December memories and pick a particularly meaningful one. It might be a memorable holiday season, an important event, or a turning point in your life. Describe this memory in detail, explaining why it is important to you and how it has influenced your present life.

  6. The Gift of Experience: Imagine you’re tasked with giving a loved one a gift that is not a material possession, but an experience. What would this experience be and why would you choose it? Perhaps it’s a trip to a special location, a lesson in something they’ve always wanted to learn, or a shared adventure. Discuss the values and impact of experiential gifts over materialistic ones.

  7. Reimagining A Christmas Carol: Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ is a staple of December literature. Now, put a modern twist on this classic tale. Think about the main themes – redemption, compassion, and the spirit of Christmas – and reimagine them in a contemporary setting.

  8. December in a Non-Winter Wonderland: December is often depicted with snowy landscapes and chilly weather, but that’s not the reality for many places around the globe. If you live in or have visited a place where December is hot, rainy, or simply not winter-like, write about that experience. Describe the unique ways in which these places celebrate the holiday season, challenging the traditional winter imagery.

  9. Alternative December Holidays: Christmas often overshadows other holidays celebrated in December. Research a holiday that is new to you, whether it’s Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule, or something else. Write about its traditions, history, and significance. Dive deep into the cultural aspects and reflect on how learning about it broadens your understanding of December celebrations.

  10. The True Meaning of the Holiday Season: The holiday season means different things to different people. Write about what it truly means to you, going beyond the surface-level festivities. Perhaps it’s about family, gratitude, generosity, or rest. Explore your personal feelings and insights about the holiday season.

  11. Your December Bucket List: Think about all the things you want to accomplish in December, both big and small. These could be holiday-related, such as baking cookies or decorating the tree, or more personal goals, such as finishing a good book or spending time in nature. Describe your ideal December by detailing this bucket list and the significance of each item.

  12. An Unexpected December Event: Write about a time when something unexpected happened in December. It could be a surprise visitor, an unforeseen trip, or a sudden change in holiday plans. Describe the event in detail, how you reacted, and the impact it had on you and those around you. Reflect on how it changed your perspective on planning and control.

  13. Creating a New Holiday Tradition: Imagine that you have the chance to start a new holiday tradition for you and your family or friends. What would it be and why? Detail the steps of the tradition, its meaning, and how you believe it would enhance the holiday season for everyone involved.

  14. The Sounds of December: December has a distinct soundtrack, from holiday music to the sounds of nature preparing for winter. Write about your favorite December sounds and why they resonate with you. Use this prompt to explore the sensory experience of the season and its emotional impacts.

  15. Embracing Solitude in December: December is often a time of social gatherings and family get-togethers. However, for some, it can also be a time of solitude. Reflect on a time when you spent a portion of December alone. Discuss your activities, emotions, and any self-reflection that occurred during this time. Highlight the importance of solitude amidst the bustle of the holiday season.

  16. Reflecting on the Year’s End: As December marks the end of the year, it is a perfect time for reflection. Look back on the past year – your achievements, challenges, growth, and changes. Discuss what you’ve learned about yourself and others, and outline your goals and aspirations for the upcoming year.

  17. Adapting to a Different Culture’s December: Imagine you’ve moved to a country where December traditions are very different from what you’re used to. This could be due to climate, religious practices, or local customs. Describe your experiences, challenges, and joys in adapting to these new traditions. Highlight the importance of understanding and respecting diverse cultures.

  18. Rewriting a Holiday Song: Select a classic holiday song and rewrite it to reflect your own personal December experience or a contemporary issue you care about. Explain your choice of song, your version of the lyrics, and how they resonate with your own experiences or beliefs. This prompt encourages creative thinking and self-expression.

  19. A December without Technology: What would December look like if you decided to unplug from technology entirely? Consider how your traditions, activities, and interactions might change. Would you read more? Would you write letters instead of sending emails? Discuss the potential benefits and challenges of such an experience, focusing on the impact of technology on our lives.

  20. Fictional December Event: Write a short story set in December. Your story could revolve around an event like a community coming together to help a family in need, a holiday mix-up with a comedic twist, or a touching reconciliation between estranged family members. The key here is to use the December setting to enrich your narrative and evoke the spirit of the season.

  21. Embracing Change in December: December can often bring change – people move, relationships evolve, and life circumstances shift. Write about a time when you experienced a significant change during December. Describe the situation, your feelings, and how you navigated the change. Explore the concept of change within the context of a traditionally comforting and familiar time.

  22. A December Culinary Journey: Food is a significant part of December traditions worldwide. Write about your favorite December dish, whether it’s something your family always prepares, a dish you discovered on travels, or a recipe you’ve recently learned. Explain the preparation process, why you enjoy it, and how it contributes to your December experience. Focus on the intersection of food, culture, and tradition.

  23. Reconnecting with Nature in December: December is a great time to reconnect with nature, whether it’s a snowy hike, bird watching, or simply enjoying the quiet beauty of a winter landscape. Write about a time when you spent a part of December in nature. Describe your activities and reflections, and emphasize the role of nature in fostering peace and mindfulness.

  24. The December of a Historical Figure: Choose a historical figure and research how they might have spent their December. Based on their time period, location, and personal situation, create a detailed description of their December activities, challenges, and joys. This prompt encourages historical research and empathetic imagination.

  25. Expressing Gratitude in December: December is often a time of reflection and gratitude. Write a letter to someone who has had a significant impact on your life over the past year, expressing your gratitude for their role in your life. Describe how they’ve helped you, what you’ve learned from them, and how they’ve influenced your personal growth. Gratitude is the main theme of this prompt.