40 Drawing Ideas for Kids | Simple + Challenging

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Are you looking for ways to let your imagination run wild on paper? 

Maybe you’re bored on a rainy afternoon, or just want to try out some new creative skills. 

Well, grab those pencils, crayons, or markers, because drawing is a fantastic way to express yourself, improve your hand-eye coordination, and honestly, just have a whole lot of fun!

Now, I know sometimes the hardest part is figuring out what to draw. 

A blank page can be a little intimidating! 

That’s why I have come up with some awesome drawing ideas to jumpstart your next art adventure

We’ll have a mix of simple doodles for when you want to chill out and relax, plus some trickier challenges to help you level up those drawing superpowers!

Simple Ones

1. Draw Your Dream Home

Let’s start by building a cozy house! 

You can start with a basic square or rectangle shape for the main part of the house. Then, add a triangle on top for a pointy roof.

Now for the fun part – add windows and a door. You can even draw a little chimney with smoke curling out of it!

painting of a house

2. Bright and Shiny Sun

Start by drawing a big circle – that’s your super sunny center. 

Now add lots of lines around the circle, like rays of sunshine beaming out. 

If you want, give your sun a big happy smile!

painting of the sun

3. Tall and Leafy Tree

Time to draw a mighty tree

Start with a line for the trunk, making it thick and strong. 

Then, add some branches reaching up like arms. Finally, create a big, fluffy cloud of leaves on top. Your tree can be as big and leafy as you like!

painting of a tree

4. Bursts of Color in a Flower

First, draw a circle in the middle – that’s the flower’s heart. 

Now draw petals all around the circle. You can make them pointy, round, or any shape you like! 

Finally, add a long, thin stem and maybe even one or two leaves.

Get creative with colorful petals!

painting of a colorful petal

5. Cars that are Ready to Roll

Let’s draw a car that’s ready to go on an adventure! 

Start with a long rectangle shape for the car’s body. 

Don’t forget to add wheels – big circles for a sturdy car! 

Then add smaller rectangles for windows, and maybe even a driver peeking through!

painting of a red car

6. Fish Swimming in the Sea 

Start with a simple oval shape for the fish’s body. 

Now add fins – some on top and some on the sides. 

Give your fish a tail too, to help it swish through the water

Get creative and add colorful scales all over. Your fish can have stripes, spots, or all sorts of patterns!

painting of a fish

7. A Beautiful Butterfly

Start with a small oval for the body and then draw two big wings on each side. 

You can make the wings any shape you like – round, pointy, and maybe even with patterns! 

Finally, add two long, thin antennae on top of the butterfly’s head.

drawing of a butterfly

8. Purrfect and Playful Cats

Start with a circle for the head and a bigger circle for the body. 

Add pointy triangle ears on top of the head, long whiskers on the face, and a swishy tail. 

Your kitty can be sitting, laying down, or even ready to pounce!

painting of a cat

9. Dog – One’s Best Friend

Start with a circle for the head and a bigger circle for the body – just like the cat. Now, your dog needs some ears! 

They can be floppy or pointy, depending on what kind of dog you want to draw. Of course, every dog needs a wagging tail!

drawing of a dog

10. Birds Chirping in the Sky

Start with an oval shape for the bird’s body. 

Now draw wings on each side – they can be outstretched for flying, or tucked in if the bird is resting. Then add a small beak and tiny stick legs for perching on a branch.

painting of birds in the sky

11. Rainbows Showcasing a Solid Arc of Color

Start with a big curved line, like a smile in the sky. Then draw more curved lines right under it, each one a different color of the rainbow. 

You can add fluffy white clouds at the ends of your rainbow, or even a little pot of gold!

drawing of a rainbow

12. Ice Cream Cones

Time to make a yummy ice cream cone! 

Start by drawing a big triangle with the pointy side facing downwards – that’s your waffle cone. Now for the best part – add one, two, or even three big scoops of ice cream right on top! 

Pick your favorite flavors and add colorful sprinkles if you like.

two ice cream cones

13. A Robot Friend

Start with boxes and rectangles for the body and head. Your robot can be tall or short, wide or thin. 

Now the fun part – add antennas on top of the head, flashing lights for eyes, and maybe even buttons, gears, or wires all over its body.

image of a robot

14. Handprints

Let’s get those hands messy and make some art! 

Dip your hand in paint and carefully press it down on a piece of paper. Now use your imagination!

Your handprint can turn into a turkey with colorful feathers, a friendly fish, or even a spiky dinosaur.

drawing of a handprint

15. Googly-Eyed Monsters

There are no rules when it comes to monsters

Get silly and creative, and let those imaginations run wild. Your monster can have a fuzzy body, mismatched horns, googly eyes, or a long droopy tongue. The funnier it looks, the better!

image of a googly eyed monster

16. The First Letter of your Name or Your Whole Name

Let’s practice writing your name in a super cool way! 

Write your name in big letters and then decorate them with colors, patterns, stickers, and anything you like. You can turn your name into a work of art!

drawing of the letter t

17. Portrait of anything

Let’s start with a picture of YOU! 

Start with a simple circle for your head and then add your own special features. 

Draw your eyes, your nose, your mouth, and your awesome hair. Don’t forget to add a big smile!

And incase you don’t want to draw yourself – try drawing any random portrait of anyone – be it a person or a creature or a random character

portrait of a bald eagle

18. Stick figures

Stick figures might look simple, but they can go on amazing adventures! 

Draw a whole stick figure family or a group of stick figure friends.

Now give them a story – are they playing at the park, going to a party, or exploring a secret cave?

photo of a stick figure family

19. Favorite cartoon character

Who’s your favorite cartoon character? 

Let’s try to draw them! 

Think carefully about their shapes – do they have a round head, big eyes, or a special outfit? 

Study a picture of them and try to recreate your favorite hero on paper.

portrait of a cartoon

20. A scene from a book

Do you have a favorite storybook? 

Choose a special scene from it and imagine how it would look if you drew it. 

Is there a scary monster, a magical castle, or a brave adventurer? 

Let your imagination guide you as you bring that story scene to life.

cartoon image of a mountain

Challenging Ones

21. A cityscape

Time to be Bob The Builder and build a whole city! 

Start with tall rectangles and squares for the buildings – some short, some super tall. 

Make sure they have lots of windows and doors! 

To make it extra realistic, think about how things far away look smaller. Have some roads winding between the buildings, disappearing off into the distance. 

This is called pure perspective!

sketch of a cityscape

22. A winding road

Time for a road trip – on paper ofcourse! 

Start with a line curving all the way across your page – that’s your road disappearing off into the distance. 

Add trees lining your road, getting tinier the further away they are. 

You can even include hills, mountains, or a little house tucked far away!

color drawing of a winding road

23. Your Special Space i.e. Your Room

Let’s be architects and draw your very own room! 

Pick a spot to draw from – maybe in front of your bed or sitting at your desk. 

See how your furniture changes shape depending on where you’re looking from. 

Things further away look smaller, so pay close attention and get those details right!

water painting of a room

24. A Still Life Capturing Light and Shadow

Let’s set up a still life and draw what we see! 

Grab some simple objects– fruit, a vase, or some toys. 

Arrange them on a table and shine a light on them to see how the shadows fall

Now try to recreate their shapes and the way light and shadows make them look three-dimensional, almost like you could reach out and touch them.

color sketch of an apple

25. 3D Shapes

Let’s learn to draw shapes that pop out of the page! 

Start with a simple cube – it’s all about straight lines and getting those angles right. 

Then try a sphere, like a ball, focusing on making it round and smooth. Pyramids are super fun too – think of the pyramids in Egypt!

a color sketch of a random 3d shape

26. A Bird in Flight

Study pictures of birds to see the different shapes their wings make when they’re flying. 

Start with the body and then add the outstretched wings – are they wide and flat, or curved in like a swooping hawk?

color sketch of a flying bird

27. A Running Horse

Time to draw a majestic horse in action! 

Focus on those powerful muscles in the legs and shoulders. Think about the way its legs move when it runs full speed – some stretched forward, others pushing it along. 

Try to capture that feeling of power and movement.

color sketch of a horse

28. Animals Interacting With Each Other

Let’s draw a playful scene with animals

Imagine two kittens batting at a ball of yarn, or a squirrel being chased by a dog up a tree. 

Try to show their movements – one kitten might be pouncing, while the other is swiping its paw.

color sketch of a tiger and tigress talking with each other

29. Mythical Creatures

Let’s imagine a magical world! 

Think of a dragon with big, scaly wings and sharp claws. 

Or maybe a unicorn with a long, flowing mane and a sparkly horn. 

Focus on the details that make your creature extra special.

color sketch of a dragon

30. Closeup of an Insect

Time to zoom in for a closer look at the insect world! 

Pick a ladybug with its polka-dotted wings, or a butterfly with colorful patterns. 

Focus on the tiny details – how many legs it has, the shape of the head, the delicate patterns on its wings.

color sketch of the closeup of an bee's face

31. A Tiger’s Face With a Solid Expression

Let’s see if you can draw emotions that a tiger embodies! 

Go beyond a simple happy or sad face. What does someone look like when they’re really angry – furrowed eyebrows, wide eyes? 

Try drawing a surprise – maybe with raised eyebrows and an open mouth! 

Or what about concentration-focused eyes and a pursed mouth?

color sketch of a tiger's face

32. Hands In Different Positions

Hands can be tricky, but practice makes perfect! 

Let’s start with a simple fist. Then try an open hand with fingers spread out. 

Can you draw a hand holding a pencil, or giving a thumbs up? 

Think about how the shape of the hand changes with each different position.

color sketch of random hands

33. A Person Dancing To The Rhythm

Let’s draw a dancer in full swing! Pick a pose that shows lots of energy. 

Maybe they’re leaping across the page with arms outstretched or spinning with a big smile. 

Try to capture the feeling of movement and joy!

rough sketch of 2 people dancing

34. Portraits of a Forest on Fire

Let’s try drawing a tragedy.

Pick a place, most preferably a secluded one. Let’s say a forest.

Study the place carefully – the shape, the warmth and the silence.

Draw the fire engulfing the forest slowly.

Start with light pencil lines and slowly build up the features to capture a realistic painting in your mind.

color sketch of a forest fire

35. A Solid Time Travel Adventure

Imagine yourself dressed up as a brave knight with shiny armor, or a princess in a flowing gown. 

Maybe you’re a space pilot with a cool helmet and futuristic outfit! 

Draw yourself in a different time, imagining all the exciting details.

drawing of a space pilot with a cool helmet and futuristic outfit!

36. Design Your Own Superhero

Time to unleash your inner superhero

What special powers would you have – flying, super strength, talking to animals? 

Now design a costume – a cool cape, a special symbol, maybe even a mask! And don’t forget your superhero name!

color sketch of a space pilot with a black mask and a cape

37. An Optical Illusion

Let’s play some tricks with shapes and lines! 

You can draw a simple checkerboard pattern that makes your eyes see wobbles, or lines that seem to curve when they’re really straight. 

There are lots of fun ways to make optical illusions!

color sketch of an optical illusion

38. Draw Something With Your Eyes Closed

This one is a fun challenge! 

Close your eyes and try drawing a simple shape, like a house or a tree. 

Don’t worry about it being perfect, just feel the movement of your hand and the shapes you’re making. 

The result might surprise you!

painting of a mix of colors and patterns

39. Let the Sound Be Your Guide

Turn on some music and let it inspire your drawing! 

Does the music make you want to draw fast and wiggly lines or slow, smooth circles? 

Do the colors change depending on if the song is cheerful or mysterious

Let the music be your guide!

sketch of a forest

40. One-line Drawing

Ready for a super challenge? 

Try drawing something without lifting your pen from the paper! 

It forces you to focus on the overall shape and how everything connects. 

It might look a bit messy at first, but that’s part of the fun!

Painting of a random illustration

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