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34 Fantasy Writing Prompts for Middle School

Fantasy Writing Prompts for Middle School

Feeling that itch to write that epic fantasy tale?

These prompts are your key to unlocking a world of magic, weird creatures, and epic adventures.

Think of the coolest spells, amazing planets, and objects with hidden powers.

Basically, anything awesome you can dream up!

Let’s get started.

Fantasy Writing Prompts for Middle School

  1. In a world where dreams can be harvested and sold, young Alex discovers they have a unique talent: they can weave dreams together, creating never-before-seen experiences. As the demand for their dream-weaving grows, they must decide whether to use their gift for good or personal gain.

  2. A small seaside town hides a secret: every full moon, the water turns to glass for an hour. When young Jamie accidentally drops a cherished item into the sea during this time, they embark on a perilous journey beneath the waves to retrieve it, meeting submerged towns and underwater creatures.

  3. Every person has a spirit animal that represents their inner self. Most people never meet theirs, but 13-year-old Robin wakes up one day to find theirs—an unusually small elephant—sitting at the foot of their bed. Together, they embark on a journey to discover why the spirit world has breached reality.

  4. In a bustling medieval market town, the biggest event of the year is the Magical Craft Fair. Young artisan Mia is determined to win the grand prize with a creation she’s kept secret: a tapestry that can play back memories. But when it unveils a long-forgotten memory from the town’s elder, chaos ensues.

  5. Students at Riverrun Middle School were always told to avoid the enchanted forest behind the school. But when Lucas’s younger sister ventures in and doesn’t return, it’s up to Lucas and his friends to face the mysteries of the forest and find her before it’s too late.

  6. Every family in Elara’s village possesses a heirloom bell, said to ring on its own when danger is near. On Elara’s 12th birthday, every bell in the village begins to ring simultaneously. She and her friends set out to uncover the looming threat and find a way to silence the bells.

  7. The City of Sundown is named so because it’s in perpetual twilight, never seeing full daylight or nighttime. For her history project, Lena decides to uncover the reason for the city’s eternal dusk. Along the way, she discovers a plot to plunge the city into eternal darkness.

  8. Since she was little, Elsie has kept a peculiar stone that glows under the Northern Lights. On her 14th birthday, the stone begins to pulse, leading her on a journey into the Arctic wilderness where she encounters mythical creatures and learns of her own ancestral ties to the magic of the auroras.

  9. The Bookstore of Forgotten Stories is a place where unread tales find a home. When Neil enters out of curiosity, he’s surprised to find a story with his name on it. As he reads, he realizes it’s an account of his future. Faced with knowledge of what’s to come, he must choose whether to change his fate or embrace it.

  10. At the start of every spring, an old, mystical train appears on unused tracks, inviting kids for a ride. This year, Sam and a group of friends decide to hop on, only to find that the train travels through different realms. With each stop more enchanting and dangerous than the last, they must decide which realm to call home.

  11. In the town of Mirabelle, everyone’s shadows have personalities of their own. Young Rowan is startled to discover that his shadow has gone missing, replaced by one that’s unfamiliar. As he searches for his original shadow, he learns secrets about the shadow world and its desires to break free.

  12. On every child’s 12th birthday, they receive a mysterious package from an unknown sender. Inside is a puzzle tailored to their unique talents and passions. Kira, an avid botanist, gets a seed that, when planted, grows overnight into a labyrinthine garden full of riddles she must solve to find its heart.

  13. In a hidden village, the residents communicate only through music and song. Lila, who has always struggled with her vocal cords, feels isolated. But when she discovers an ancient instrument with magical properties, she realizes she has the power to connect her village in ways they never imagined.

  14. The Map of Forgotten Islands is said to chart lands unknown to any human. When young Leo stumbles upon this map in his grandmother’s attic, he and his friends set sail, encountering mythical beasts, enchanted weather, and secrets that challenge their understanding of the world.

  15. The Statues in the Park aren’t just ornamental. At midnight on the winter solstice, they come alive for a grand ball. Jane accidentally witnesses this magical event and befriends a statue prince. When dawn nears and the prince faces turning back to stone forever, Jane must decide whether to help him or keep the park’s secret.

  16. Every year, a misty portal appears in Willow’s backyard, beckoning her to step through. On her 13th birthday, she finally does, only to find herself in a world where seasons change daily, and time moves differently. As she seeks a way home, Willow learns that her family’s connection to this realm runs deeper than she imagined.

  17. The Carnival of Lost Memories visits once in a lifetime, showcasing forgotten moments from anyone’s past. Jonah attends, hoping to reclaim memories of his lost parents. Alongside new friends, he navigates maze-like tents filled with the past, but as the carnival prepares to leave, Jonah must decide which memories to keep and which to leave behind.

  18. Far beneath the earth in caverns unknown, there’s a city powered by bioluminescent creatures. Marla, a curious explorer, finds a tunnel leading to this glowing metropolis. As she delves deeper, she realizes that the city’s survival depends on a balance with the surface world, a balance that’s now under threat.

  19. In the kingdom of Lunaria, people are born with moons instead of shadows. These personal moons wax and wane, reflecting one’s emotional state. Nolan notices his moon behaving erratically, showing phases that don’t correspond with his feelings. As he investigates, he uncovers a conspiracy to control the emotions of the entire kingdom.

  20. Once every decade, the Wandering Library appears in a random location. This mobile repository holds books from different realities and timelines. Maya, a budding bibliophile, stumbles upon it and borrows a peculiar diary. As she reads, the events of the diary begin manifesting in her world, and she must figure out how to stop the merging realities.

  21. In a village where people communicate through colored flames, Ivy has always been special with a flame that shifts colors too rapidly. On her 14th birthday, her flame turns a color no one has seen before, and she is sent on a quest to understand its meaning, revealing a long-lost prophecy.

  22. Every summer solstice, children participate in the Feathered Race, where they’re given magical feathers allowing them to fly for a day. Cora, participating for the first time, is swept away by a rogue wind into a floating island in the sky, where she discovers a civilization unknown to those below.

  23. The Mirrors of Marrowville don’t show one’s reflection but instead a glimpse into an alternate self from another universe. Elliot buys an old mirror at a garage sale and realizes he can communicate with his other self. Together, they must warn each other of impending dangers that only the other can see.

  24. Each family in Elowen’s town has a Guardian Stone, a magical gem that protects its owner from harm. Elowen’s stone is stolen, and she embarks on a journey to retrieve it, only to learn that these stones have sentience and some choose to leave their owners in search of greater purpose.

  25. Every winter, residents of Nora’s village build a Mystical Snowman, believing it watches over them during the cold months. One year, the snowman beckons Nora and shares tales of the village’s history and forewarns of an impending blizzard. With this knowledge, Nora must rally her village to prepare and confront the storm’s mysterious origins.

  26. All residents of Celestia have a personal star in the night sky, which shines brighter during their proudest moments and dims during their lows. On the night of Lysander’s most significant achievement, he’s devastated to see his star go dark. Guided by ancient lore, he embarks on a celestial journey to reignite his star and self-worth.

  27. In the heart of Emberbrook, there’s a mysterious Clock Tower that no one ever enters. However, every hour, it releases a multitude of colorful butterflies. On a dare, 13-year-old Avery sneaks inside and discovers that the tower controls time itself. As the gears malfunction, Avery must navigate a constantly shifting timeline to set things right.

  28. The town of Oceanside is known for its endless rain, but what’s more curious is that the raindrops are colors of the rainbow. As young Riley collects these droplets, they find that each color bestows a different emotion or memory. But when a new, never-before-seen shade starts falling, it brings with it memories from a future yet to come.

  29. Every student at Faelight Academy is assigned a magical inkwell that captures their most vibrant thoughts and brings them to life. But when Leo’s drawings begin acting against his will, causing chaos in the school, he must dive into the lore of the inkwells and find a way to control or undo his creations.

  30. In the realm of Sylvan, trees have heartbeats, and forests are vast, sentient entities. Lila, a girl who’s always felt a deep connection with trees, discovers she can communicate with the ancient woods. When loggers threaten her forest home, Lila becomes the mediator between humanity and nature, seeking a harmonious resolution.

  31. The Lost Bazaar only appears during a lunar eclipse and is filled with artifacts from different dimensions. During one such eclipse, Finn acquires a peculiar hourglass that seems to house a miniature desert world. The more he observes, the more he realizes there’s an entire civilization within, seeking escape.

  32. The villagers of Stonehaven live harmoniously with gargoyles who, by day, are statues and by night, fierce protectors. Teenager Mia befriends a young gargoyle and learns of a brewing conflict between older gargoyles and a rival clan. Together, they must find a solution to avoid an all-out stone battle.

  33. Whispering Willows Park has a bench where it’s said if you sit long enough, the wind will share the park’s secrets. On a lonely afternoon, Noah sits on the bench and hears a plea for help from a spirit trapped within the park’s oldest tree. Compelled by the spirit’s story, Noah sets out to free it.

  34. In the land of Nocturne, daylight lasts only an hour, and the rest is night. Bioluminescent creatures and starlit oceans are the norms. But when young explorer Selene finds a hidden Valley of Eternal Day, she grapples with the decision to share her discovery or protect the valley from those who might exploit its never-ending light.