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30 Spooky Halloween Writing Prompts and Story Ideas

Halloween Writing Prompts

The leaves are changing, there’s a chill in the air… you know what that means – Halloween’s almost here! It’s that awesome time of the year when everything feels a little more mysterious and exciting.

Whether you’re a pro writer or just love to get your creative juices going, Halloween is the perfect inspiration for all kinds of spooky stories.

So without further ado, let’s get those writing gears turning with these ideas for a perfect Halloween story.

30 Halloween Writing Prompts and Story Ideas

  1. Haunted House Renovation: Imagine you’ve just moved into an old house that’s said to be haunted. As you begin to remodel and renovate, strange things start to happen – tools disappear, noises echo through the house, and you even see figures out of the corner of your eye. Explore the psychological tension of working in a haunted space and the human tendency to rationalize the unexplainable.

  2. The Pumpkin Farmer’s Curse: Every year, the most coveted pumpkin at the local Halloween festival is grown by a farmer rumored to have made a deal with dark forces. Write a story from the perspective of this farmer, detailing the costs and benefits of this supernatural partnership. What price does the farmer pay for his unusually perfect pumpkins?

  3. The Lost Trick-or-Treater: You’re a young child lost in a maze of unfamiliar streets on Halloween night. As you try to find your way home, you encounter strange and frightening characters. But as the night wears on, you start to realize these characters might not be wearing costumes. Convey the fear, wonder, and confusion of being lost on Halloween night.

  4. Halloween Night in a Sleepy Town: It’s Halloween in a quiet, uneventful town where nothing ever happens. This year, however, the tranquility is broken as eerie events unfold. The town’s people discover their own houses tricked and themselves treated to a night of horror. Explore the transformation of the ordinary into the extraordinary on Halloween night.

  5. Halloween Costume Switch: Write about a Halloween party where a magical event causes everyone to become their costumes for the night. How do they handle this unexpected transformation, and what challenges do they face? Focus on the characters’ struggle to return to their normal selves.

  6. The Fading Spirit of Halloween: In a world where the spirit of Halloween is fading and less people are celebrating the holiday, one character decides to restore its magic. This person embarks on a quest to reignite the enthusiasm and fear associated with the holiday, in adults and children alike. Describe this journey and its impact on the community.

  7. Haunted By The Past: A character is visited by a ghost from their past every Halloween. This ghost brings up old memories and unresolved issues. Examine the protagonist’s journey of self-discovery and healing through these supernatural visits.

  8. Unusual Halloween Tradition: Every year, a family has an odd, possibly supernatural, Halloween tradition that has been passed down through generations. This year, a family member decides to break the tradition, resulting in unforeseen consequences. Explore the familial and supernatural fallout of challenging a long-held tradition.

  1. The Halloween Carnival: Every Halloween, a seemingly magical carnival appears on the outskirts of town, bringing with it an air of mystery and enchantment. This year, you decide to investigate its origins and reveal the secrets behind the supernatural phenomena occurring there. Dive deep into the secrets of the mysterious Halloween carnival.

  2. The Tale of a Halloween Hero: In a world where monsters, ghouls, and all other Halloween creatures exist, your character is a protector of humanity, ensuring the night of Halloween doesn’t descend into chaos. Narrate the challenges they face, the fears they overcome, and the victories they secure on this dangerous night.

  3. The Ghostly Muse: You are a writer suffering from writer’s block. On Halloween, a friendly ghost starts to visit, inspiring you with stories from its lifetime. Explore the unique, spooky friendship and how it impacts your writing and personal life.

  4. The Vanishing Halloween Candy: All over town, Halloween candy is mysteriously disappearing. As a local detective, you’re tasked with solving the case before Halloween night. Chronicle your character’s investigative journey and their interactions with the town’s increasingly nervous residents.

  5. Halloween Night at the Cemetery: You are a night watchman at a cemetery where, according to local folklore, the dead come alive every Halloween. Write about your experiences as you keep watch on this extraordinary night. Describe the eerie yet fascinating experiences the night watchman undergoes on Halloween.

  6. Mysterious Halloween Town: Imagine a town where it’s Halloween every day. Explore the quirks, characters, and traditions that exist in such a place, and tell the story of a newcomer experiencing their first perpetual Halloween.

  7. An Unwanted Halloween Gift: Every Halloween, your character receives a gift from an unknown sender. This year, the gift has a curse attached to it. Write about how your character uncovers the sender’s identity and breaks the curse.

  8. Halloween Rescue Mission: Your character’s beloved pet has been captured by a known witch on Halloween. Write an adventure story about your character’s daring rescue mission. Focus on the hurdles faced and their bravery in overcoming them.

  1. A Halloween Transformation: Every Halloween, under the full moon, your character turns into the creature they fear the most. Describe their preparation for this transformation and how they navigate through this nightmarish evening.

  2. The Haunted Classroom: Your character is a school teacher who discovers that their classroom is haunted by the spirit of a former student. Narrate the journey of unravelling the mystery of this student’s past and helping the spirit find peace.

  3. The Halloween Portrait: An antique shop sells you a portrait painted on a Halloween night centuries ago. It is said that the spirit of the person in the portrait visits the owner every Halloween. Explore the dialogue and connection between the spirit and the present-day owner.

  4. The Haunting Melody: A haunting melody plays in your character’s house every Halloween night. This year, they decide to figure out its source. Write about the secrets uncovered and the stories heard as they trace the origin of this melody.

  5. Halloween Festival Gone Wrong: Your character is part of the organizing committee for the town’s biggest Halloween festival. But this year, real supernatural events start happening, throwing the festival into chaos. Chronicle the trials and tribulations of managing a festival amidst unexpected ghostly happenings.

  6. Uninvited Halloween Guest: An uninvited guest crashes your character’s Halloween party, claiming to be a real vampire. As the night unfolds, events occur that make your character question whether the claim might be true. Describe the suspenseful interactions and the ultimate revelation.

  7. Halloween from the Afterlife: Write from the perspective of a ghost experiencing Halloween in the afterlife. Describe the otherworldly celebrations and the unique viewpoint of being a ghost on a night dedicated to the spirits.

  8. The Halloween Mirror: Your character finds an old mirror in the attic that shows not their reflection, but that of a young woman dressed in Victorian-era clothing. On Halloween, the woman steps out from the mirror. Detail the ensuing interaction and the truths that are revealed.

  1. The Ancient Halloween Prophecy: Your character is a historian who discovers an ancient prophecy that suggests Halloween is a portal to a parallel universe. This year, they decide to test the prophecy. Detail the exciting and potentially dangerous events that unfold as they attempt to bridge two worlds.

  2. The Ghostly Houseguest: Your character lives alone in a house that is haunted by a benign spirit. This spirit, however, becomes more active on Halloween night. Explore the unique relationship between the character and the spirit, particularly their interactions on Halloween.

  3. Halloween Superstitions Come True: In your story, all Halloween superstitions are real. Black cats do bring bad luck, witches do fly on brooms, and mirrors can trap souls. Write about a character who tries to navigate this reality and survive the night.

  4. The Halloween Time Capsule: Your character discovers a time capsule from the 1800s that’s only supposed to be opened on Halloween night. When they do, they release a spirit trapped inside. Detail the character’s quest to understand the spirit’s history and help it find peace.

  5. Mysterious Halloween Ritual: Your character witnesses a peculiar Halloween ritual being performed at midnight in their normally quiet neighborhood. Write about their journey to uncover the truth behind the ritual and its participants.

  6. The Halloween Heist: In a town where Halloween decorations are taken very seriously, there’s a notorious thief who steals the most impressive decorations each year. Your character, a private investigator, is hired to catch the thief. Detail the cat-and-mouse chase that ensues.