30 Holiday Writing Prompts

Holiday Writing Prompts

The holidays are more than just decorations and presents!

They’re about the fun stories we tell, the warm memories we make, and the way those experiences spark creativity.

These prompts are here to kickstart your holiday writing so whether you’re reminiscing about past celebrations, dreaming up new traditions, or just want to add some holiday cheer to your work, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s begin.

Holiday Writing Prompts 

  1. The Forgotten Tradition: Every family has its holiday traditions. Some are passed down through generations, while others are born out of unexpected circumstances. Dive into the history of a fictional family’s long-forgotten holiday tradition and the adventure that ensues when the youngest generation decides to resurrect it.

  2. The Gift’s Perspective: We often talk about the excitement of receiving gifts, but what if gifts had feelings? Write a story from the perspective of a holiday gift that’s been sitting on a store shelf, waiting to be chosen, and its journey after it finds a home.

  3. Winter’s Magic Night: Every hundred years, on a particular winter night, something magical happens that transforms the world. This isn’t just any festive event; it’s a night where the natural world and holiday spirits intertwine. Dive deep into the tale of a character who discovers the secrets and stories behind this enchanted evening.

  4. Holidays in the Future: Imagine a holiday season 500 years in the future. How have traditions evolved? Do we still celebrate with trees, lights, and gifts? Or have new customs emerged, influenced by technological advancements and cultural shifts? Explore a day in the life of a family celebrating in this futuristic world.

  5. The Lost Letter to Santa: A young child writes their most heartfelt letter to Santa, detailing not just their wish for a toy, but a deeper desire for their family. However, the letter gets lost and is discovered decades later by someone else. How does this finder respond, and what chain of events does the discovery set into motion?

  6. Holiday on Another Planet: Humans have established a colony on another planet, and they’re gearing up to celebrate their first holiday season there. Detail the struggles and joys as they attempt to recreate Earth’s holiday atmosphere in a foreign land. Highlight the importance of unity, traditions, and the essence of the holiday spirit in this unfamiliar setting.

  7. Recipe of Memories: Every family has that one holiday recipe that carries a story. Write about a character who discovers an old family recipe, and as they prepare it, they are transported through memories of past holidays, experiencing the joys, sorrows, and lessons learned from generations before.

  8. The Silent Holiday Town: One morning, a town wakes up to find that all its holiday sounds – the carolers singing, bells ringing, and festive chatter – have disappeared. Dive into a narrative where the community comes together, not only to find the lost sounds but also to rediscover what the holiday spirit truly means to them.

  9. The Holiday Heirloom: A delicate ornament has been passed down in a family for centuries, and every generation adds something to its story. When it unexpectedly breaks one holiday season, the family goes on a quest not only to repair it but to understand its deep-rooted significance. Unravel the tales and emotions linked to this heirloom, emphasizing the strength and connectivity of familial ties.

  10. A Day of Giving: In a world where the true essence of the holiday spirit has been forgotten, a character decides to celebrate by giving back to others in unique ways for 24 hours. Describe their journey and the various people they meet, showcasing how small acts of kindness can reignite the magic of the season.

  11. The Diary of December: An old diary is found, detailing a month in the life of an individual during a past holiday season. Through its pages, explore the highs and lows, the hopes and dreams, and the simple moments that made their holiday unforgettable. Delve deep into the personal growth and revelations that December brought for the diary’s writer.

  12. Mismatched Traditions: Two families from starkly different cultural backgrounds come together for the holidays due to their children’s relationship. Narrate the amusing, touching, and enlightening experiences as they attempt to merge their traditions and create a new shared celebration.

  13. Strangers at the Feast: Due to a mix-up, a character finds themselves spending the holiday dinner with a completely unknown family. Detail the awkwardness, the revelations, and the unexpected bonds formed during this accidental gathering. Focus on the idea that sometimes, the holiday spirit can be found in the most unexpected company.

  14. The Wandering Caroler: A lone caroler, possessing the voice of an angel, travels from town to town every holiday season, bringing joy and stirring emotions. Delve into the mystery of their origins and the reason behind their travels, uncovering tales of love, loss, and redemption.

  15. The Town That Didn’t Celebrate: There’s a town where holidays aren’t celebrated – no lights, no decorations, no festivities. A newcomer to the town is puzzled by this and takes on a mission to reintroduce the holiday spirit to the residents. Detail their struggles, the town’s hidden history, and the power of resilience and hope in reigniting lost traditions.

Holiday Writing Prompts for Elementary Students

  1. Gift of Kindness: Imagine if the most special holiday gift you could give wasn’t something you could wrap. Instead, it’s an act of kindness. Write a story about a time when you performed a kind deed during the holidays and how it made you and the other person feel.

  2. Holiday Traditions from Around the World: There are numerous ways people celebrate the holidays worldwide. Choose a country and research one of their unique holiday traditions. Describe the tradition, how it is celebrated, and how it might feel to take part in it.

  3. A Day in the Life of a Snowman: Imagine you woke up one day and discovered you had turned into a snowman. Describe your day from morning until night. What would you see, feel, and experience?

  4. The Magic Sleigh Ride: Suppose you’re given the chance to ride on Santa’s sleigh for one night. Describe the journey, the sights you’d see, the sounds you’d hear, and the people or creatures you might meet.

  5. Creating a New Holiday: Think about what it would be like to invent a brand new holiday. What would it celebrate? How would people mark the occasion? Describe the traditions, food, and activities associated with it.

  6. Holiday Time Machine: If you had a time machine and could visit a holiday from the past or future, when and where would you go? Describe the setting, the people, and how the holiday was or will be celebrated differently.

  7. An Unexpected Guest: Imagine a character from one of your favorite books or movies decided to join your family’s holiday celebration. Who would it be, and how would the day unfold? Describe the interactions and the festive activities you’d enjoy together.

  8. The Mysterious Holiday Package: One day during the holidays, a mysterious package arrives at your doorstep with no name or return address. What’s inside it? Write a story about discovering the package, opening it, and the adventures that follow.

  9. The Perfect Snow Day: Describe your idea of a perfect snow day during the holidays. What activities would you engage in, both indoors and outdoors? Who would be with you, and what special memories would you create?

  10. A Different Perspective: Think of an object associated with the holidays, such as a Christmas tree ornament or a menorah candle. Write a story from that object’s point of view, describing the holidays and its experiences each year.

  11. Lost Toy’s Adventure: Think of a beloved holiday toy that gets accidentally left behind at a public place, like a park or a store. Write a story about the toy’s adventure trying to get back home. Describe the challenges it faces, the friends it makes, and its feelings along the way.

  12. Secret Santa’s Helper: Imagine you’re selected to be a helper for a Secret Santa at school or in your neighborhood. Instead of giving a physical gift, your task is to do something kind for your assigned person without them knowing. Describe the kind deed, how you managed to keep it a secret, and the reaction when it was discovered.

  13. Holiday on Another Planet: Imagine if you were to celebrate the holiday season on a different planet. What would it look like? What unique traditions might aliens have, and how would you share your own traditions with them?

  14. The Magical Holiday Forest: Deep in a forest, animals celebrate the holidays in their special way. Choose an animal and write a story about how it prepares for and celebrates the festive season with its woodland friends.

  15. The Holiday Recipe Adventure: There’s a special holiday recipe that’s been passed down in your family for generations, but one key ingredient is missing this year, and it’s not sold in stores. Describe your adventure to find this rare ingredient, the people or creatures you meet along the way, and the importance of preserving traditions.