34 How Characters Meet Ideas

How Characters Meet Ideas

You know those scenes that stick with you forever?

Like the first time Elizabeth Bennet met Mr. Darcy (swoon!), or Harry and Ron becoming best buds on the Hogwarts Express?

Those aren’t just random moments, they’re the foundation of a great story.

A killer first meeting can set the mood for the entire adventure, crank up the tension, and make you race through the pages because you just gotta see what happens next.

Today, we’re getting into the nitty-gritty of crafting those epic first encounters, the kind that stay with readers long after they finish your story.

Let’s go.

30 Epic Ideas on How Characters Meet

  1. One character accidentally texts a wrong number, believing they are messaging a friend or acquaintance. The person on the other end turns out to be someone intriguing and unexpected. A friendship or even a romance may blossom from this initial misstep.

  2. Due to a natural disaster, transportation breakdown, or other unforeseen event, two complete strangers find themselves stranded together. Forced to cooperate in order to survive or find their way out, they must find common ground despite their potential differences.

  3. One character is an interviewee, the other an interviewer – but this is no ordinary interview. Perhaps the interviewer is incredibly eccentric or intimidating, or maybe the interview takes a series of bizarre turns. The intense, odd experience bonds them in an unusual way.

  4. Two individuals frequently cross paths at a niche event or location – a rare book club, a unique crafting workshop, etc. Their shared passion is obvious, but they discover a much deeper personal connection with time.

  5. One character inadvertently witnesses an act of kindness, vulnerability, or something surprising that completely changes their perception of the other character. This secret, shared only between them, creates an instant bond of understanding.

  6. In a classic comedic twist, one character is mistaken for someone else – a celebrity, an old friend, or even someone in trouble. The ensuing chaos and awkwardness force them to interact in unusual ways, leading to a potential hilarious and unexpected friendship.

  7. Years later, two people realize they knew each other in a past life – maybe as childhood neighbors or summer camp buddies. Reconnecting as adults leads to reminiscing but also reveals how much they’ve both changed, creating a compelling dynamic.

34 How Characters Meet Ideas
  1. A shared goal, whether grand (saving the environment) or more personal (finding a lost family heirloom), throws two unlikely allies together. Their necessity to work together to achieve their aim forges a bond between them.

  2. Two individuals clash in an online forum, game, or social media debate. Their fierce rivalry grabs the attention of others, eventually leading to a face-to-face encounter where they discover mutual respect despite their disagreements, sparking an unlikely relationship.

  3. A passionate activist and someone strongly opposed to their cause are forced to interact unexpectedly – perhaps they’re assigned to debate each other or end up volunteering at the same event. Despite their conflicting beliefs, their interactions reveal more nuance and common humanity than they anticipated.

  4. One character works in a particularly unique or strange retail job (unusual pet shop, odd antique store, etc.). A consistently eccentric customer comes in with outlandish requests, starting a bizarre yet endearing interaction that grows over time.

  5. One character is in dire need of help (broken-down car, locked out of their house, etc.). A complete stranger goes above and beyond to assist them. This act of kindness leaves both feeling affected and could be the start of a special connection.

  6. Something odd is happening in their shared community – strange noises, recurring symbols, or small-scale disturbances. Two people, each initially investigating the mystery on their own, join forces and uncover a surprising connection between them.

  7. A sudden and traumatic event (a crisis, an accident) forces very different people to work together in the aftermath. Having endured the same hardship creates an understanding and camaraderie that they wouldn’t have found otherwise.

34 How Characters Meet Ideas
  1. Two people unexpectedly become the joint guardians of something – a child, a pet, an inheritance, etc. They are thrust into cooperation regardless of their initial opinions on each other, potentially leading to a heartwarming dynamic.

  2. They strike up a connection via an online platform like a language-learning app, a fandom forum, or even a wrong email address. This virtual interaction leads to a surprisingly deep bond, leaving them curious about the real person behind the screen.

  3. Each character is reluctantly set up on a blind date by well-meaning friends or family. While the dates themselves might be disastrous, the two characters instead find a spark while commiserating or even escaping their dates together.

  4. Due to a ticketing error or miscommunication, two characters end up in each other’s assigned seats at a concert, sporting event, or on an airplane. This awkward mix-up leads to an initial argument but could resolve into an unexpected connection.

  5. One character is a street performer, musician, or magician. The other is completely drawn into the performance and volunteers to participate. This staged situation brings out a genuine and playful side of both individuals.

  6. They consistently find themselves sharing the same bus, train, or even elevator route. The regularity of their encounters creates a sense of familiarity, prompting initial small talk that could deepen over time.

  7. Their dogs become best friends at the dog park, forcing the initially reluctant owners to interact. Or perhaps one person finds the other’s lost pet, sparking introductions and gratitude.

34 How Characters Meet Ideas
  1. One character is house-sitting for a friend or relative when the second character unexpectedly arrives, mistakenly believing they have the right place. The resulting confusion and need to sort out the situation could be both comedic and endearing.

  2. Two individuals with very different skillsets are assigned together for a school project, work task, or even a community service obligation. Their contrasting approaches could create friction but also unexpected success and mutual understanding.

  3. One person’s striking social media post, photo, or comment catches the attention of another. A direct message starts a conversation that reveals a deeper connection than surface-level social media typically suggests.

  4. Both characters have the same peculiar, vivid dream. When one of them describes it in a public setting (or posts about it online), the other is shocked to find someone else experienced the exact same thing.

  5. They reach for the same last copy of a coveted book, or accidentally bump into each other in the labyrinth of bookshelves. A friendly debate about the book or a shared interest in literature kicks off a connection.

  6. Both characters are rivals in a specific field — sports, a creative contest, a scholarship race, etc. Their initial rivalry and drive to succeed might ignite mutual respect or even an unexpected attraction.

  7. One character is noticeably struggling with a task (fixing a bike, deciphering a difficult recipe, etc.). The other person, a natural at the task, unexpectedly offers help. This act of guidance could lead to a friendship or a more formal mentorship dynamic.

34 How Characters Meet Ideas
  1. One character speaks a language the other doesn’t understand. Through gestures, translations, and a willingness to learn, they establish a unique connection that transcends language differences.

  2. One character brazenly crashes a party or event they weren’t invited to. The other character catches them in the act but instead of outrage, there’s amusement or even intrigue, creating an unlikely bond.

  3. One character is in a service-oriented profession (firefighter, police officer, paramedic) and the other witnesses them in action during a crisis. This demonstration of bravery or skill sparks an admiration that could lead to a connection.

  4. One character loses something important; the other finds it. The returned item and subsequent “thank you” could blossom into a deeper interaction.

  5. One person spots the other struggling in a social situation (a bad date, an awkward conversation). They sweep in as a playful wingman/wingwoman, rescuing the situation and forming a bond with the person they helped.

  6. One character is lost or out of their element in a new city or location. The other is a long-time resident who offers unsolicited but surprisingly helpful advice. The tourist’s lost moments lead to a connection with the local expert.
34 How Characters Meet Ideas
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