30 Hyperbole Writing Prompts

Hyperbole Writing Prompts

Get ready because we are about to unleash the awesome power of, well, total exaggeration.

You know those times you say something so dramatic it’s gotta be fake?

That’s hyperbole, and it’s been making stories hilarious for ages.

Ever said “I’ve told you a million times”? Yeah, that’s hyperbole.

We’re talking wild exaggerations that turn ordinary stuff into crazy, unforgettable tales.

Imagine it being so cold even polar bears needed a jacket!

That’s the kind of funny we’re going for.

Ready to write a story that’s way over the top and insanely entertaining?

Let’s do this!

Hyperbole Writing Prompts

  1. The Most Excruciatingly Long Wait: Recall a time when waiting felt like an eternity, even if it was just for a few minutes. Dive deep into the emotions and thoughts that accompanied the experience. How did time seem to stretch endlessly, and what kind of mental gymnastics did you perform during the wait?

  2. An Appetite Larger Than the Universe: Think about a moment when you were so hungry that you felt like you could eat everything in sight. Describe this hunger as if it were an insatiable beast. How did the world around you transform when seen through the eyes of this immense hunger?

  3. The Loudest Silence Ever Heard: Reflect on a situation where silence was deafening. Maybe it was after delivering important news, a surprising revelation, or a moment of heightened tension. Explore the weight and volume of that silence and how it resonated more than any sound.

  4. Mountains Out of Molehills: Consider a time when a small inconvenience or problem seemed to grow into an insurmountable challenge in your mind. Delve into the progression of emotions and thoughts, emphasizing the vastness of the perceived issue. How did this molehill become a mountain before your eyes?

  5. The Ocean in a Teardrop: Remember a moment when a single tear held a multitude of emotions – pain, joy, relief, sorrow. Dive deep into that teardrop and pull out stories and memories it might contain. How could one tiny droplet contain the vastness of the ocean of your feelings?

  6. Heaviest Heart in the Galaxy: Reflect on an instance when your heart felt so heavy that it seemed to pull everything around it. Narrate this experience, focusing on the gravity of your emotions and how they influenced your perception of the world. Was there a specific event that caused such profound sadness or grief?

  7. A Laugh That Shook the World: Recall a time when laughter was so contagious that it felt as if the entire world was vibrating with joy. How did this mirth transform the atmosphere? Describe the event leading up to it and the infectious nature of such overpowering laughter.

  8. Eyes That Saw Forever: Imagine looking into someone’s eyes and feeling like you saw their entire life story, their dreams, pains, and joys. Narrate this intimate moment, making the depth of their eyes seem like an endless abyss of emotions and memories. How did this gaze affect your relationship with that person?

  9. The Sneeze That Triggered a Storm: Reflect on a time when a minor action or comment unintentionally led to a much larger reaction or consequence. Maybe a small misunderstanding erupted into a big argument. How did that minor incident create such a massive domino effect?

  10. A Yawn as Wide as the Grand Canyon: Think back to a moment when you were so exhausted that every action felt monumental. Dive deep into that feeling of fatigue where even the act of yawning seemed like a grand endeavor. How did your perception of the world change due to your extreme tiredness?

  11. A Hug That Melted Glaciers: Recollect a time when a simple embrace felt incredibly warm and comforting during a challenging period. Explore the emotions tied to that hug and how it provided solace. How did that singular gesture carry so much warmth and power to heal?

  12. Whispers Louder Than Thunder: Consider an instance where a soft-spoken word or rumor had an impact more powerful than any shout or proclamation. What made this whisper so potent, and how did it reverberate in your world or community?

  13. The Day That Lasted a Lifetime: Reflect on a particular day that was packed with so many events and emotions that it felt like an entire lifetime was lived in those 24 hours. How did time seem to expand and contract simultaneously, and what made this day so densely packed with experiences?

  14. Jumping Over Skyscrapers in a Single Bound: Think about a time when you achieved something you initially thought was impossible. Dive into that feeling of accomplishment and exaggerate the magnitude of your feat. How did overcoming this challenge feel like leaping over the world’s tallest buildings?

  15. Tears That Formed Rivers: Revisit a deeply emotional moment when the weight of your feelings was so intense that crying felt like a release of pent-up rivers. Describe the depth of those emotions and how the act of crying provided a cathartic release. How did the world around you seem to respond to your outpour?

  16. The Feather That Weighed a Ton: Consider a situation where a seemingly trivial matter or responsibility weighed heavily on your conscience. Delve into why this “feather” felt so significant and how it influenced your decisions and actions. How did such a small matter become such a colossal burden?

  17. The Blink That Lasted a Season: Think about a time when so much changed in what felt like a mere blink of an eye. Perhaps it was a sudden realization or a rapid turn of events. How did this short span of time seem to encompass a much longer, transformative period?

  18. Footsteps That Echoed Across Continents: Reflect on a journey or decision that had ramifications far beyond what you initially imagined. How did a single step or choice resonate and affect not only you but others across vast distances or in different aspects of your life?

  19. The Dream That Painted the Sky: Consider a night when a dream was so vivid and intense that waking up felt like emerging from a world as real as the one you live in. Describe the hues, emotions, and narratives of that dream. How did it color your thoughts and feelings for days afterward?

  20. Breaths That Moved Mountains: Contemplate a moment when you felt incredibly empowered, to the extent that even your mere breathing felt powerful and transformative. Dive into that sensation of might. What led to this feeling, and how did it influence your actions and surroundings?

  21. The Whisper That Became a Symphony: Reflect on an idea or inspiration that started as a faint thought but grew into something much grander and more influential. How did this tiny seed of a concept evolve into a full-blown orchestration of plans, emotions, or creations?

  22. A Drop of Hope in an Ocean of Despair: Revisit a challenging period in your life when even the tiniest bit of positivity felt magnified amidst overwhelming negativity. How did this minuscule glimmer of hope stand out and guide you through the vast waters of difficulty?

  23. The Hourglass With Infinite Sands: Think of a task or challenge that seemed never-ending, as if you were working against an hourglass that kept refilling itself. How did the weight of this never-ceasing effort affect you, and what did it take to finally see progress or resolution?

  24. The Flame That Outshone the Sun: Recall a person or moment that, despite its seemingly small presence, had a brightness and intensity that overshadowed everything else in your life. Dive into the brilliance of this flame. What made it so powerful, and how did its light change your perspective or path?

  25. The Sigh That Birthed a Tornado: Recount a time when a mere expression of your emotions had unexpected and far-reaching effects. Perhaps a sigh of frustration or a groan of disappointment led to bigger reactions from those around you. How did this simple, passive act create a whirlwind of events or emotions?

  26. Sleep So Deep, It Rivaled Hibernation: Think of a period when you were so exhausted that sleep seemed to take over completely. Describe that level of fatigue and how the ensuing rest felt like a months-long slumber. What dreams, if any, filled this profound sleep, and how did you feel upon waking?

  27. The Love That Could Fill a Thousand Libraries: Reflect on a love so profound and multifaceted that words could hardly describe it. How would you chronicle this emotion if each facet of it could fill a book? Dive into the vastness of this love, whether it’s romantic, familial, or platonic, and explore its depth and breadth.

  28. A Mistake Bigger Than the Universe: Recall a time when a blunder felt so massive that it seemed to overshadow everything else. Describe the initial incident and how its repercussions felt unending and expansive. How did you navigate this feeling of overwhelming error?

  29. The Fear That Cast Shadows on the Moon: Consider an instance when a fear or phobia felt so intense that it seemed to darken even the brightest and most joyous aspects of your life. Explore the roots of this fear and how it stretched its tendrils into various corners of your existence.

  30. The Memory That Echoed Through Centuries: Revisit a past event or memory so impactful that its reverberations felt timeless. Even if it’s a personal memory, describe it with the weight and significance of a historical event. How did this recollection shape your understanding of time, legacy, and personal history?