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32 Medieval Writing Prompts and Story Ideas

Medieval Writing Prompts

Imagine this: knights rocking out all over Europe, castles chilling on every hilltop, and whispers of fire-breathing dragons still floating around.

That’s the Middle Ages, baby!

It was a wild time filled with brave warriors, mysterious magic, and seriously cool legends. Basically, reality and make-believe were BFFs.

Feeling the itch to write a story set in this awesome era?

We’ve got your back!

These prompts are like magic portals, ready to whisk you away to a world where clanging swords and fantastical creatures aren’t just make-believe.

Whether you’re a writing whiz or just starting out, these ideas will launch you onto cobblestone streets and into secret corners of your imagination.

So ditch the keyboard, grab a pen (or a feather quill if you’re feeling fancy!), and get ready to explore this wild time period through your own storytelling magic!

Medieval Writing Prompts and Story Ideas

  1. The Peasant’s Uprising: Driven to desperation by unfair taxes and brutal serfdom, a group of peasants plans a revolt against their oppressive lord. The protagonist, a simple farmer, becomes an unwilling leader of this revolt. Write about the formation of this uprising, the strategy behind it, the moral dilemmas faced, and the resolution, focusing on the struggle and humanity of the characters involved.

  2. A Healer’s Dilemma: In a time where diseases were often misunderstood, a wise healer in a medieval town possesses knowledge of a cure for a mysterious and deadly illness that’s begun to spread. However, the cure involves a controversial method that goes against the Church’s teachings. Detail the healer’s internal and external conflicts and how she or he navigates societal pressure, faith, and the desperate need to save lives.

  3. The Lost Heir’s Identity: A devastating war ends with a treaty, but a key to lasting peace is finding the lost heir to a throne. A humble soldier, who was once a member of the royal guard, knows the secret identity of the heir but struggles with whether or not to reveal it. Write about his journey, the choices he must make, and the impact on the kingdom.

  4. Knight’s Redemption: A once-celebrated knight falls from grace after a mistake that costs lives. Living in shame, he is presented with an opportunity to redeem himself by undertaking a perilous quest. Focus on the knight’s internal struggles, his path to redemption, and the physical and moral obstacles he must overcome.

  5. The Guild’s Stranglehold: In a bustling medieval city, various guilds control all aspects of life. One of these guilds has grown corrupt and powerful, exploiting the people. A young artisan becomes aware of this corruption and must decide whether to fight against it or become part of it. Detail the character’s battle against corruption, and how it impacts him and the city.

  6. The Castle’s Hidden Chamber: Legends speak of a hidden chamber within the castle that holds a treasure or secret known only to the old kings. A newly appointed young lord stumbles upon clues to this chamber’s whereabouts. The prompt involves describing his pursuit of the truth, the clues he follows, the people he trusts or mistrusts, and what he finds in the hidden chamber.

  7. Festival of the Moon: Once in a generation, a grand festival is held in the kingdom where alliances are forged, and futures are decided. A young noblewoman attending the festival has her destiny laid out by her family but wants to follow her own path. Detail the festival’s traditions, the political intrigues, and the noblewoman’s struggle to find her own way in a world bound by tradition and expectation.

  8. The Hermit’s Prophecy: In the dense forest beyond the kingdom’s boundary, a hermit known for his wisdom and foresight has prophesied a great calamity. A curious scribe decides to investigate, only to find himself entwined in a complex web of political and mystical events. Detail his journey, the unraveling of the prophecy, and how he becomes a key player in either preventing or contributing to the foreseen disaster.

  9. The Silent Plague: A medieval town is struck by a strange ailment that slowly renders its victims mute. The local alchemist is summoned to find a cure but uncovers something far more sinister. Write about the scientific and magical journey to find a cure, the mystery behind the plague, and how the alchemist must confront his own past to save the town.

  10. The Oathbreaker’s Trial: A renowned knight is accused of breaking a sacred oath, leading to a complex trial that could result in his execution. His former squire takes it upon himself to uncover the truth. Detail the investigation, the trial, and the political machinations that surround it, focusing on themes of justice, loyalty, and honor.

  11. The Merchant’s Voyage: In an era of exploration, a bold merchant embarks on a perilous journey to discover a new trade route. Along the way, he faces not only natural dangers but the schemes of rival traders and pirates. Write about the adventure, the discoveries made, and the economic and political impact of the new trade route on the merchant’s homeland.

  12. The Witch of the Wilds: Rumors circulate about a powerful witch living in the wilderness who can grant wishes but at a terrible price. A desperate young farmer seeks her out to save his ailing wife. The prompt should detail his journey, the moral quandaries he faces, and the true nature of the witch and her powers.

  13. The Siege of Stonehold: The fortified city of Stonehold is under siege by a relentless enemy. Within the city, the inhabitants struggle with dwindling supplies, despair, and internal strife. Write about the strategies of the siege, the decisions made by the commanders, and the daily life and struggles of the civilians trapped inside the city.

  14. The Bard’s Tale: A wandering bard arrives at a court, carrying with him a tale that holds a secret connection to the kingdom’s past. His story begins to unravel hidden truths that some would rather keep buried. Focus on the storytelling, the reaction of the court, and how the tale becomes a catalyst for change or revelation within the kingdom.

  15. The Abbot’s Choice: In a secluded monastery, the wise old abbot faces a difficult decision when he discovers a hidden text that could challenge the fundamental beliefs of his order. Detail his internal struggle, the implications of the text, and the choice he must make between faith and truth, with far-reaching consequences for himself and his brethren.

  16. The Falconer’s Bond: A young falconer in the royal court forms a unique bond with a majestic bird that is said to have mystical properties. When a power-hungry noble learns of the bird’s abilities, he will stop at nothing to possess it. Explore the falconer’s relationship with the bird, the intrigues of the court, and the battle to protect something pure from corruption.

  17. The Last Sanctuary: In a land ravaged by war, an ancient sanctuary is the last haven for the wise and the learned. However, the approaching army seeks to seize it for strategic advantage. Detail the scholars’ debates on whether to defend or abandon the sanctuary, the ethical dilemmas involved, and the final stand or surrender of a place devoted to peace.

  18. The Sellsword’s Oath: A seasoned mercenary is hired to protect a village from marauding bandits but discovers that the situation is not as simple as it seems. Caught between conflicting loyalties and moralities, the mercenary must decide where his true allegiance lies. Write about his internal conflict, the battles he fights, and the realization of what it means to truly serve and protect.

  19. The Maiden’s Disguise: A noble maiden disguises herself as a commoner to escape an arranged marriage, only to find herself in the middle of a peasant revolt against her own family. Detail her experiences living among the common folk, her change of perspective, and the decisions she must make when her true identity is discovered.

  20. The Architect’s Dream: A brilliant architect is commissioned to build a cathedral that will stand as a symbol of unity in a divided land. Facing opposition, sabotage, and his own personal demons, he strives to create a masterpiece. Focus on the architectural challenges, the symbolism of the building, and how it reflects the societal issues of the time.

  21. The Forest’s Curse: A village near a cursed forest lives in fear of an ancient evil that lurks within. When the protagonist’s loved one goes missing in the forest, they must venture into the unknown. Explore the myth of the curse, the journey into the forest, and the revelations that challenge the beliefs and fears of the village.

  22. The Queen’s Diplomacy: A newly crowned queen must navigate a precarious political landscape, facing rival factions, foreign threats, and a possible betrayal from within her own court. Her first test comes in the form of a diplomatic mission that could either forge a vital alliance or plunge the kingdom into war. Detail her diplomatic strategies, her insights into human nature, and the high-stakes game of power she must play.

  23. The Forgotten Library: Deep beneath a ruined castle lies a library filled with lost knowledge and forbidden texts. A scholar stumbles upon this treasure trove and becomes obsessed with unlocking its secrets. Detail the discovery, the hidden wisdom, and the dangerous truths that threaten to undermine the established order of the kingdom.

  24. The Assassin’s Conscience: A master assassin, known for his cold efficiency, is assigned to eliminate a popular and benevolent leader. As he studies his target, he begins to question his mission and his own morals. Write about his internal struggle, his decision to act or not, and the consequences of challenging the very people who trained him.

  25. The Steward’s Loyalty: The trusted steward of a noble house finds himself caught in a power struggle when his lord is killed in a suspicious accident. With the heir still young and inexperienced, the steward must navigate political intrigue to protect the house. Focus on the steward’s loyalty, his strategies to outmaneuver rivals, and the growth of the young heir under his guidance.

  26. The Watchtower’s Keeper: In a remote watchtower, a lone keeper is charged with warning the kingdom of incoming threats. A series of mysterious events leads him to suspect a danger closer to home. Detail the keeper’s solitary life, the investigation into the mysterious occurrences, and the unraveling of a plot that could threaten the entire realm.

  27. The Alchemist’s Apprentice: A young apprentice to a renowned alchemist discovers a formula that could grant eternal life. The promise of immortality, however, attracts dangerous attention. Write about the creation and temptation of the formula, the moral and ethical dilemmas faced, and how the characters grapple with a power that could change the very nature of existence.

  28. The Prince’s Tutor: A humble scholar is appointed as the tutor to a rebellious and headstrong prince. Through their interactions, the prince learns valuable lessons about leadership, compassion, and wisdom. Focus on the relationship between the tutor and the prince, the challenges of teaching someone destined to rule, and the transformation of both characters.

  29. The Siege of Mercy: During a brutal siege, a convent becomes a refuge for those fleeing the violence. The nuns must decide whether to remain neutral or take sides in the conflict. Detail the daily struggles, the impact of war on faith and humanity, and the choices made by those devoted to a life of peace in the face of violence.

  30. The Traveler’s Chronicle: An itinerant traveler journeys through various medieval towns and villages, documenting the diverse cultures, traditions, and stories of the people he meets. His chronicle becomes a rich collection of multiple human experiences. Write about his travels, the stories he uncovers, and how his own perspective changes as he witnesses the complexity and beauty of a world in transition.