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25 Mermaid Writing Prompts and Story Ideas

Mermaid Writing Prompts

Mermaids have been splashing around in stories forever, and for good reason!

They’re the perfect mix of mystery and magic, with sparkly scales and maybe even a hidden seashell palace.

But where do you find ideas for writing stories about these awesome humanoid creatures?

Right below.

Check them out for writing the next best mermaid story.

Mermaid Writing Prompts and Story Ideas

  1. The Mermaid’s Pact with a Local Fisherman: In a small coastal village, a mermaid forms an unlikely alliance with a local fisherman, helping him catch fish in exchange for protection. The mermaid must remain hidden, her existence a secret to the townsfolk. The writing prompt revolves around the growing relationship between the mermaid and the fisherman, exploring themes of trust, friendship, and the moral dilemma faced by both characters. How will they navigate this secretive relationship, especially when the village faces hardship and suspicion grows?

  2. The Siren’s Song Turned Healing Melody: Traditionally, a siren’s song has been known to lure sailors to their doom. In this scenario, however, a siren learns to use her song to heal rather than harm. Her melody becomes a cure for ailments in a nearby coastal town. The prompt explores her transformation from feared creature to beloved healer, the skepticism she faces, and the balance she must find between her natural instincts and her newfound purpose.

  3. The Mermaid Scholar’s Quest for Knowledge: A mermaid with a thirst for knowledge leaves her undersea kingdom to study human ways and integrate their wisdom into her aquatic realm. Posing as a human, she enrolls in a coastal university and begins her academic journey. This prompt delves into her experiences, struggles, and growth as she balances her mermaid identity with her human life, forging connections with humans while preserving her secret.

  4. The Coral Guardian’s Dilemma: A mermaid, known as the guardian of a precious coral reef, faces a crisis when human activities threaten to destroy her home. She must decide whether to intervene and reveal herself or watch the reef die. The prompt focuses on her internal struggle, the moral choices she faces, and the potential alliances or conflicts with human conservationists trying to protect the same reef.

  5. A Mermaid’s Love Beyond the Shore: This prompt explores a love story between a mermaid and a human. The mermaid saves a sailor during a storm, and they fall in love. They must navigate the challenges of a relationship divided between two worlds, understanding each other’s cultures, and deciding whether to stay on land or at sea. The core of this story is the love and sacrifice they must endure to be together.

  6. The Mermaid Ambassador’s Peace Mission: In an alternate world where merfolk and humans coexist but are on the brink of war, a mermaid is chosen as an ambassador to broker peace. The story explores her journey into the human world, the political intrigue she faces, the prejudices on both sides, and her ability to bring two drastically different cultures together.

  7. A Young Mermaid’s Coming of Age Ceremony: In merfolk tradition, a young mermaid must undertake a challenging quest as a coming of age ceremony. This prompt follows her journey, filled with trials, growth, and self-discovery, as she learns about her strengths, weaknesses, and her role in the underwater community. It’s a story of personal growth and finding one’s place in both the merfolk world and the larger ecosystem.

  8. The Mermaid’s Secret Cove and a Child’s Promise: A child stumbles upon a secret cove where a mermaid lives, forming a unique and deep friendship. They share stories, dreams, and play together, but the mermaid makes the child promise never to reveal her secret. This prompt centers on the child’s innocence, the magical bond they form, and the challenge of keeping a promise that becomes increasingly difficult as the child grows and the outside world begins to intrude.

  9. The Mermaid Detective’s Mystery: In a coastal city where merfolk and humans coexist, a mermaid detective takes on a case that bridges both worlds. Someone is stealing valuable underwater artifacts, and she must find out who and why. The prompt explores her investigations both under the sea and on land, her interactions with human detectives, and the unraveling of a mystery that leads to a surprising connection between the two realms.

  10. The Forbidden Mermaid Technology: A mermaid scientist discovers a technology that can transform merfolk into humans temporarily. The prompt explores the ethical implications, the societal reactions, and the personal stories of those who use or abuse this technology. The key question revolves around identity and the price one is willing to pay for a fleeting taste of another world.

  11. The Mermaid’s Survival in a Polluted Ocean: Pollution has ravaged the ocean, and a mermaid struggles to survive in this altered environment. The prompt examines her fight for survival, the adaptation to new challenges, and her unexpected alliance with human environmentalists fighting the same battle. The story’s crux lies in overcoming differences and uniting for a common cause.

  12. The Mermaid Queen’s Diplomatic Marriage: A marriage is arranged between a mermaid princess and a prince of a neighboring coastal kingdom to secure peace. The prompt delves into the complex emotions, political intrigue, and cultural clashes, as well as the blossoming relationship between the two. The focus is on their ability to find common ground and genuine love amidst political pressure.

  13. The Undersea Rebellion: The merfolk are ruled by a tyrannical king, and a group of rebels is rising to challenge him. A young mermaid warrior finds herself at the forefront of the rebellion. The story explores her growth as a leader, the battles they must fight, and the sacrifices made for freedom. The narrative’s core lies in fighting oppression and the courage to stand up for what’s right.

  14. A Human Child Raised by Merfolk: A shipwreck leaves a human baby in the care of merfolk. The child is raised in the undersea kingdom, knowing only the ways of the mermaids. As the child grows and the truth about his origin is revealed, a quest to rediscover his human heritage begins. The intersection of identity, belonging, and the choice between two worlds forms the central theme.

  15. The Mermaid’s Gift of Voice: A mute girl finds a shell on the beach that carries the voice of a mermaid. The mermaid offers her voice to the girl, enabling her to speak. The prompt explores the relationship that develops between them, the girl’s new life with a voice, and the mermaid’s sacrifice. The focus of this story is the power of voice and the true meaning of giving and receiving.

  16. The Mermaid’s Forbidden Library: In a hidden underwater library, forbidden knowledge is kept by an ancient mermaid librarian. A young mermaid stumbles upon this place and begins to learn secrets that could change her world. This prompt explores the dangers and allure of forbidden knowledge, the wisdom and warnings from the librarian, and the young mermaid’s choices in using or ignoring what she learns. The crux of the story revolves around knowledge, power, and the responsibility that comes with them.

  17. The Mermaid’s Struggle with Human Technology: A mermaid becomes entranced by human technology and gadgets discarded in the ocean. She collects them, tries to understand them, and even starts integrating them into her undersea life. The prompt delves into the intersection of natural magic and human innovation, exploring the consequences and ethical dilemmas of merging two very different worlds.

  18. The Mermaid Artist’s Inspiration: An artistic mermaid is fascinated by the beauty of the land and the humans who walk on it. She creates art inspired by what she observes from the water’s edge or the objects that float down to her underwater realm. The prompt focuses on her artistic journey, the challenges she faces in interpreting another world, and the unique perspective she offers through her otherworldly creations.

  19. The Mermaid and the Storm Goddess: A mermaid who has the power to control weather has a special connection with a storm goddess who resides in the clouds. They communicate and influence each other’s domains. This prompt explores their symbiotic relationship, the balance they must maintain, and the crises they must face when a powerful storm threatens both the sea and land. Their partnership and the wisdom of working in harmony with nature is the core of this story.

  20. The Time-Traveling Mermaid Historian: A mermaid discovers a magical current that allows her to travel through time. She becomes a historian, documenting the unseen history of the oceans and coastal cultures. The prompt centers on her adventures through different eras, the wisdom she gains, and the impact her knowledge has on her present time. The focus is the exploration of history and the understanding of how the past shapes the present.

  21. The Mermaid’s Call to the Whale Song: A mermaid has the unique ability to communicate with whales and becomes a mediator between whale pods and other sea creatures. The story explores her role in maintaining peace and understanding among different species, her relationship with the majestic whales, and the challenges she faces when humans threaten this delicate balance. The theme of communication and empathy across species forms the heart of this prompt.

  22. The Mermaid Warrior’s Sacrifice: In a battle between undersea creatures and a sea-monster threatening their realm, a mermaid warrior rises as the key to victory. The prompt follows her training, her growth as a leader, the battles she must fight, and the ultimate sacrifice she may have to make. The focus is on courage, leadership, and the moral questions faced in warfare.

  23. The Mermaid’s Friendship with a Lonely Lighthouse Keeper: A mermaid becomes friends with a reclusive lighthouse keeper. They share stories, dreams, and create a unique bond. The story explores their relationship, the lessons they learn from each other, and the ultimate test of their friendship when a dangerous storm approaches. The value of companionship, even in the most unlikely places, is at the core of this prompt.

  24. The Underwater School of Magic: A mermaid with a talent for magic is invited to an underwater school where sea witches and wizards are trained. The prompt explores her adventures in this magical world, the friends and enemies she makes, and the greater destiny she discovers she’s part of. This Harry Potter-like story’s essence lies in the journey of self-discovery, the mastery of magic, and the battle between good and evil underwater.

  25. The Mermaid’s Connection with the Moon: A mermaid discovers that she has a mystical connection with the moon that grants her unique powers during different phases. The story explores her discovery of these powers, how she learns to control them, and the responsibility that comes with such a gift. The underlying theme revolves around self-control, understanding natural cycles, and the mysterious bond between the celestial and the aquatic realms.