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30 Narrative Writing Prompts for 2nd Grade

Narrative Writing Prompts for 2nd Grade

Ready to unleash the storytelling beast inside your awesome 2nd graders?

To do that, we have got some super cool writing prompts that will blast them off to imagination stations where anything goes!

These prompts will have your kiddos’ pencils flying and their brains buzzing with ideas.

They will be giggling as they write about wacky adventures and amazing characters. It’s basically like a story explosion waiting to happen!

So, get ready for some epic tales and prepare to be amazed by the creative power of your little wordsmiths!

30 Narrative Writing Prompts for 2nd Grade

  1. Imagine you were playing in the park and found a magical key glowing in the bushes. How did you feel when you found it? What could it open, a secret door, a treasure chest, or maybe a mysterious box? Describe the adventure you would go on to find out what this key unlocks.

  2. Think about a time when an unexpected visitor came to your house, like a stray puppy, a lost bird, or even a new neighbor. Describe how you felt when you saw them. What did you do to help them or welcome them? Try to explain the events of the day in as much detail as you can.

  3. Imagine you could be your favorite animal for a day. How would life be different? Would you be living in a jungle, or in a pond, or maybe even in someone’s house? What kind of adventures would you have, and what sort of problems would you face?

  4. Your teacher announces a surprise field trip. Where do you go? Maybe it’s a museum, a zoo, or a chocolate factory. Talk about the excitement and anticipation on the bus ride there. When you arrive, what do you see, smell, and hear? Share your experiences throughout this thrilling day.

  5. You just lost a tooth and you’re excited for the Tooth Fairy to visit. But oh no! You’ve misplaced your tooth! Detail the adventure that ensues while you search for the missing tooth in your house. How do you feel, and who helps you in your quest?

  6. Remember the best birthday you’ve ever had. What made it so special? Was there a unique gift, or a surprise party, or a visit from someone you love? Describe your emotions, the gifts you received, and the people you celebrated with.

  7. One morning, you wake up to find that your backyard has turned into a magical garden overnight. There could be plants that talk, flowers that glow, or even a tiny fairy hidden amongst the leaves. What would you do first? Who would you tell, and what adventures would you have in this magical garden?

  8. Imagine you’re the only one who can help when a problem arises in your town. Maybe there’s a cat stuck up a tree, or someone’s kite is trapped on a rooftop. How would you go about solving the problem? How would you feel when everyone in town is cheering for you?

  9. Imagine one day, your parents let you take over the kitchen and you become the chef. What would you cook? A delicious pizza or maybe some yummy cupcakes? Describe how you would prepare the food, the mistakes you might make and how you would feel when your family tasted your creation.

  10. Think of a fun, exciting vacation you would like to go on. It could be a trip to the beach, a safari adventure, or a visit to Disneyland. Describe your journey, the sights you would see, and the activities you would enjoy.

  11. You discover a magical toy shop in your town. In this shop, the toys come alive. They talk, play, and have their own little adventures. Who do you meet? A teddy bear pirate, a fairy doll, or maybe a robot who tells jokes? Share the adventure you would have in this toy shop.

  12. One morning, you wake up and discover you have a superpower. What is it? Can you fly, become invisible, or maybe talk to animals? How would you use your power? Would you save the day, play pranks, or explore new places?

  13. Everyone else thinks your best friend is imaginary, but you know they’re real. Describe your friend – what do they look like and what are their favorite games? Do they have magical abilities? What adventures do you two have together?

  14. What if your pet had a secret life that you suddenly discovered? Perhaps your dog is a secret agent or your cat is a famous singer in the animal world. Describe how you discover their secret and what happens next.

  15. Your teacher assigns a strange homework assignment one day. Maybe it’s to build a spaceship from recyclable materials, or write a letter to an alien. Describe how you tackle this peculiar task, the challenges you face, and your classmates’ reactions.

  16. You check out a book from the library, and it turns out to be extraordinary. It could be a map to hidden treasure, a guide to speak with animals, or a book that can predict the future. What do you do with the book and what adventures ensue?

  17. One day, your school bag starts talking to you. It tells you about all the things it carries, and the adventures it has while you’re in school. Maybe it’s friends with the pencil case or it plays hide and seek with the books. What stories does your bag share with you?

  18. Imagine your bicycle is a time machine that can take you to any period in history. Where would you go? To the time of dinosaurs, to meet a famous historical figure, or see what the future looks like? Describe the journey you would have on your bicycle.

  19. While playing hide and seek in your house, you discover a hidden room that no one knew existed. What’s in this room? An old treasure chest, a secret lab, or perhaps an entrance to a magical world? Share the adventure that follows your discovery.

  20. Imagine your school at night, when everyone’s gone home. What if the school has a nighttime secret, like the statues come alive, or the paintings can talk? Describe what you would see, feel, and do if you discovered this secret.

  21. One day, you receive a letter from an alien who wants to be your pen pal. How did the alien get your address? What do they say in their letter? Do they want to learn about Earth, or do they want to share about life in their planet?

  22. You find an incredible treehouse in your neighborhood park. What makes this treehouse special? Does it have a telescope that can see into outer space, or a machine that can create any ice cream flavor? Describe the adventures you have in this treehouse.

  23. Your favorite toy comes to life and decides to explore the world outside. Describe how you discover this, what the toy gets up to, and how you feel. Do you help it in its adventure, or do you try to get it to return home?

  24. While cleaning your room, you find a mysterious map hidden under your bed. The map could lead to a secret cave, a hidden treasure, or a magical realm. How do you decipher it, who accompanies you on this quest, and what do you find at the end?

  25. Imagine waking up one day to find that the weather in your town is behaving strangely. It could be snowing in summer, raining colorful raindrops, or maybe the clouds are different shapes, like animals or flowers. How would you react? What would you do on this day?

  26. One night, the stars begin to fall from the sky and land in your backyard. They’re tiny and glowing, and they have the power to grant wishes. What would you wish for and why? How would this event change your life?

  27. What if one day, everything at school is upside down and silly? Pencils try to write on you, your teacher starts speaking gibberish, or the school bell makes animal noises. Describe your day at this silly school and how you and your friends handle the situation.

  28. You find an old, enchanted music box in your attic. When you open it, it plays a melody that can make your toys dance or transport you to a magical kingdom. Describe the music box, the melody it plays, and the magical experiences it brings.

  29. Your class is hosting a pet show where everyone can bring their pets to school. What pet would you bring? It could be your real pet or an imaginary one. How would your pet impress your classmates and what funny incidents might happen at the pet show?

  30. Imagine waking up one day and discovering you’ve turned into a book. What would the story inside you be? How would you feel if someone read you? Describe your adventure and how you change back into a human again.

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