24 Point of View Writing Prompts

Point of View Writing Prompts

Ever mess around with a kaleidoscope?

Twist that little thing and BOOM – totally new pattern from the same old beads and mirrors.

Cool, right?

Writing is kind of like that. We can take the same basic story and totally flip it on its head depending on who’s telling it. It’s not just about getting the words down, it’s about picking whose eyes we see it through.

Point of view, that’s the magic trick that lets us see these different sides.

So, buckle up!

We’re about to jump into some awesome point-of-view writing prompts.

Get ready to twist that story kaleidoscope and see what kind of storytelling fireworks we can create!

Point of View Writing Prompts

  1. Post-War Homecoming: After years of battling on the front lines, a soldier returns home to find the landscape of their hometown transformed by time, technology, and societal views. The soldier struggles to find their place in a world they no longer recognize. How will they come to terms with their past and find peace in this unfamiliar present?

  2. The Last Bookstore: In a future where digital content has all but taken over, a determined individual opens the last physical bookstore. They face challenges from the digitalized society, contrasting views on the relevance of paper books, and the difficulties of maintaining a business that seems obsolete. Will this venture rekindle a love for tangible literature or mark the end of an era?

  3. Space Immigrant: A character from another planet migrates to Earth, escaping from some disaster on their home planet. They look human and understand our ways, but deep down, they feel the weight of the lost world they once knew. How do they find belonging and identity in a world not truly their own?

  4. First Artificially Intelligent Mayor: In a progressive city, the first AI is elected mayor. Though highly efficient, it struggles with the emotional and unpredictable nature of its human constituents. While it aims to make the best decisions for the majority, ethical dilemmas arise. What happens when logic clashes with the human heart?

  5. The Forgotten Artist: An old artist who never achieved fame in their youth discovers that a piece of their art is suddenly popular and in demand. As they navigate this unexpected turn of events, they grapple with feelings of bitterness from the past and the pressures of newfound fame. Is it too late for them to enjoy the limelight, or will they find a renewed purpose?

  6. Life Without Modern Technology: Imagine a world where modern technology suddenly ceases to work. Your protagonist is someone who was deeply dependent on technology for work, communication, and entertainment. How will they adapt to this sudden change and find meaning in the simpler, analog ways of living?

  7. Perspective of Nature: Write from the perspective of a centuries-old tree in a bustling city. The tree has witnessed countless changes: buildings rising and falling, families coming and going, and the world speeding up around it. Yet, it stands still and strong, offering shade and solace. What wisdom and stories does this ancient sentinel have to share?

  8. The Silent Observer: Your character is a barista in a busy urban coffee shop. Every day, they observe snippets of countless lives — from budding romances to business deals gone awry. While they remain silent and in the background, their perspective offers a unique look at the microcosm of city life. How does this quiet observer interpret the world around them, and what stories unfold in front of their eyes?

  9. The Heirloom’s Tale: A family heirloom, passed down for generations, holds memories of all its previous owners. The current recipient, not appreciating its history, considers selling it. The heirloom, if it could talk, would have countless tales to share. What are the stories this object could tell, and will they change the owner’s mind?

  10. The Abandoned Theme Park: Once a place of joy and laughter, a decrepit theme park stands forgotten. But a journalist, on a whim, decides to document its history. As they delve into its past, they unearth stories of hope, dreams, success, and eventual decline. How do the echoes of the past resonate with the present, and what mysteries lie buried there?

  11. Digital Ghost: In a world where one’s digital imprint lasts forever, a person discovers they can interact with the “digital ghosts” or remnants of individuals who have passed away. These fragments of personalities, trapped in the cloud, offer insights, regrets, and unfinished business. How does our protagonist navigate the digital afterlife, and what truths will they uncover?

  12. Retired Superhero: Having hung up their cape years ago after a life-altering incident, a former superhero now leads a quiet life away from the limelight. However, when a new threat emerges, the world looks to its old hero for guidance. Torn between a peaceful present and a tumultuous past, what path will our hero choose?

  13. Unseen Helper: From the perspective of a stray dog in a big city, every day is about survival. But this dog has a unique routine: it secretly helps people in subtle ways, like guiding a lost child or comforting a lonely elder. What drives this animal to aid those around him, and will his silent acts of kindness ever be recognized?

  14. Parallel Lives: An individual starts experiencing glimpses of a parallel universe where they made different life choices. These flashes are both fascinating and disorienting, offering a life of “what could have been.” Faced with the contrast of two realities, how will they come to terms with their decisions and learn to value their actual life?

  15. The Curator of Lost Letters: In a hidden nook of the post office, there’s a curator responsible for letters that were never delivered. Each letter holds a story, an emotion, a regret, or a confession. As the curator delves into these undelivered messages, what insights will they gain about human nature and missed connections?

  16. Guardian of the Lighthouse: Isolated on a remote island, the keeper of a lighthouse has the crucial job of guiding ships safely. Their only company is the sea, the sky, and the occasional letters dropped off by supply ships. In this solitude, how does the keeper perceive the world, and what lessons do they learn from the ever-present ebb and flow of the sea?

  17. Whispers from the Museum: A night security guard at a historical museum starts hearing hushed voices after hours. It soon becomes clear that the artifacts are communicating, each sharing tales from their eras and origins. As the guard becomes the confidant of ages past, how do these nightly conversations reshape their understanding of history and humanity?

  18. The Silent Mountain: Deep in the heart of a mountain range, a peak untouched by climbers narrates its story. It has observed civilizations rise and fall, witnessed climatic changes, and protected countless secrets beneath its rocky exterior. What are the tales and mysteries this age-old mountain yearns to share with the first adventurer who scales its heights?

  19. Through the Eyes of a Coin: A coin minted centuries ago has changed hands numerous times, experiencing the ebb and flow of economies, cultures, and personal stories. From the purse of a monarch to a child’s treasure box, its journey is vast. How have the various stops on its winding journey through time and space shaped its “understanding” of value and human desire?

  20. Life Aboard a Space Junk: In the future, a retired spacecraft floats as space debris around Earth. Inside its abandoned corridors, an old onboard AI observes the universe, recalling the heydays of space exploration and human adventures. As it drifts in cosmic solitude, what memories and longings occupy this lonely AI’s circuits?

  21. Diary of the Ocean: The vast and mysterious ocean begins to keep a diary, detailing its interactions with marine life, its feelings during storms and calm, and its viewpoint on human activities that have affected its depths. As the guardian of life and secrets, what does the ocean wish to convey to the terrestrial world?

  22. Memoirs of a Forgotten Alley: Tucked away behind bustling streets, an old alley has been a silent witness to countless dramas, romances, and tragedies. From whispered secrets to children’s games, it has seen it all. If walls could talk, what tales of human spirit and resilience would this alley share?

  23. The Wanderlust of a Cloud: A playful cloud wanders the Earth, observing landscapes, cultures, and moments from a lofty perspective. From casting shadows on deserts to bringing rain to thirsty forests, it has an ever-changing role. Floating on whims of the wind, what insights does this ethereal traveler gather about Earth and its inhabitants?

  24. Chronicles of a Bench in the Park: An ordinary bench in a city park has offered rest to numerous souls over the decades. Lovers, loners, old friends, and strangers — each has left an imprint. In the silent interludes between visits, how does the bench reflect on the myriad of human emotions it has supported?