30 Writing Prompts About Revenge

Writing Prompts about Revenge

Do you ever get that feeling?

You know, the one where someone does you dirty and all you can think about is payback?

Yeah, revenge. It’s a juicy topic, full of anger, betrayal, and that oh-so-satisfying “evening the score” bit.

But hold on, is revenge just pure rage, or is there more to it?

We’re gonna peel back the layers and explore why people plot revenge in the first place. Maybe it’s just primal instinct, or maybe there’s some deep-seated psychology driving this whole thing.

Get ready to dive into a world of raw feelings, tough choices, and classic tales of getting even.

We’ve got some writing prompts to spark your creativity, whether you’re a wordsmith looking for inspiration or just someone curious about the twists and turns of the human mind.

These prompts will make you think, squirm, and maybe even learn a little something along the way.

Writing Prompts About Revenge

  1. Sibling Rivalry Turned Deadly: Siblings Sarah and Jason have been competitive since childhood. Growing up, the two constantly tried to outdo one another, be it in academics, sports, or social popularity. As they matured, Sarah’s envy spiraled after Jason received a multimillion-dollar inheritance from a distant relative. In an unexpected twist, she plots an elaborate scheme to discredit and sabotage Jason’s life, pushing the boundaries of familial love.

  2. The Jilted Lover’s Manuscript: Rebecca, a successful author, discovers her partner’s affair with her best friend. Betrayed and broken, she uses her talent to craft a bestselling novel that thinly veils the sordid details of the affair, twisting the narrative in her favor. Determined to expose them, her book becomes a cathartic journey of revenge, casting her ex and friend as the immoral villains.

  3. A Vow Across Generations: In 1947, Eliza’s family was wronged by the prominent Whitman family, leading to their eventual ruin. Now, decades later, Eliza’s granddaughter discovers old letters detailing this betrayal. Fueled by a desire to right the past’s wrongs, she starts a strategic game to take down the now-powerful Whitman empire.

  4. The Anonymous Blogger’s Expose: Corporate executive Thomas has built his empire through manipulation and underhanded deals. An unknown figure starts a blog detailing all of Thomas’s secrets, and with each post, the empire teeters closer to destruction. Behind the keyboard, a betrayed former employee meticulously plans each revelation, ensuring Thomas pays for his treachery.

  5. The Stolen Masterpiece: Lina, a passionate artist, has her groundbreaking painting stolen just before her debut exhibition, and it is credited to a renowned artist instead. Heartbroken but determined, Lina infiltrates the elite art world. She crafts a plan to publicly reclaim her work, unmasking the thief and the corrupt system that enables them.

  6. In the Wake of an Accident: After her daughter is left paralyzed from a hit-and-run, Maria discovers the culprit is a wealthy celebrity who used their influence to escape justice. Battling the disparity of power and wealth, Maria meticulously gathers evidence, vowing to bring the star down and ensure justice is served.

  7. Betrayal in the Heart of Espionage: Secret agents Lydia and Mark were once a formidable duo, until Mark betrayed Lydia during a critical mission, resulting in her imprisonment. Years later, Lydia escapes, but instead of seeking immediate revenge, she plays a long game. She infiltrates Mark’s personal and professional life, aiming to dismantle everything he holds dear, piece by piece.

  8. From Patient to Predator: Dr. Hannah is renowned for her groundbreaking medical treatments. However, when one of her experimental procedures goes wrong, leaving a patient, Alex, with irreversible side effects, she covers it up. Discovering the truth, Alex devises a calculated plan to expose and discredit the doctor who ruined his life, turning from a trusting patient to a vengeful adversary.

  9. The Shadow Behind the Throne: In a contemporary kingdom, Princess Eleanor is sidelined from the throne due to a scandal orchestrated by her ambitious cousin, Victor. Exiled but not defeated, Eleanor cultivates allies from beyond the kingdom’s borders. Determined to reclaim her birthright, she masterminds a plot to unseat Victor and expose his treacheries to the world.

  10. Whispers from the Walls: Upon moving into a historic mansion, Ava uncovers the diary of a woman betrayed by her husband and his mistress in the 1800s. The diary details the woman’s unfulfilled quest for revenge. Intrigued and empathetic, Ava takes it upon herself to right this past injustice. Using the diary as her guide, she tracks the descendants of the betrayers, aiming to ensure karma isn’t overdue.

  11. A Symphony of Revenge: Maestro Ruben is known for his genius in music but also for stealing compositions from his students. Elara, one of his protégés, watches as her masterpiece is claimed by Ruben and wins worldwide acclaim. Embracing her genius, she composes a new “cursed” symphony, designed to ruin the Maestro when he inevitably claims it as his own.

  12. The Secret Ingredient: Renowned chef Damien stole his most famous dishes from Clara, a lesser-known culinary talent. Heartbroken but determined, Clara opens a rival restaurant across town. With each dish, she reveals the stories of their shared past, leading to a culinary showdown that serves revenge on a silver platter.

  13. Echoes of War: Two war veterans, Aidan and Blake, return from the battlefield with contrasting reputations. Blake, hailed as a hero, had secretly betrayed his comrades, leading to a massacre, while Aidan, the sole survivor, is mistakenly branded a deserter. Haunted by memories and the quest for truth, Aidan embarks on a journey to reveal Blake’s true colors and vindicate himself.

  14. The Deceptive Facade of Charity: Philanthropist Morgan LeClaire is celebrated for her generosity. However, Bianca, a journalist, discovers Morgan’s funds come from exploiting vulnerable communities. Risking everything, Bianca delves deeper, aiming to expose the hypocrisy of a woman who profits from pain while posing as a savior.

  15. Lost in the Pages: In a small town, librarian Nora finds out her colleague Beth has plagiarized a story Nora wrote as a young girl, leading to Beth’s successful writing career. Determined to rewrite her own narrative, Nora crafts a new story filled with clues and secrets, drawing Beth into a real-life mystery with revenge at its core.

  16. The Green-Eyed Anchor: News anchor Julian, out of jealousy, spreads a fabricated scandal about his co-anchor, Isabelle, leading to her downfall. Unbeknownst to Julian, Isabelle uncovers the truth and instead of confronting him, starts leaking his personal indiscretions and secrets through anonymous tips. As the world watches, Julian’s life unravels live on air, orchestrated by the colleague he once betrayed.

  17. The Silent Partner: In a thriving tech startup, software engineer Marla discovers that her partner, Keith, has been removing her contributions from their joint projects and labeling them as his own. Instead of leaving, Marla secretly develops an innovative software, embedding a trigger she controls. When Keith inevitably claims it, Marla holds the power to make or break the company’s future at her fingertips.

  18. From the Depths: After a tragic boating accident caused by the negligence of a wealthy boat owner, a father, Gregory, loses his only child. The boat owner manages to escape any legal consequences due to his connections. Desperate and consumed by grief, Gregory becomes an avenger from the shadows, slowly dismantling the boat owner’s lavish lifestyle and reputation.

  19. Shadows in the Ballroom: During a high-society gala, heiress Helena overhears a group of socialites mocking her late mother. To unmask their hypocrisy, Helena throws a series of events, manipulating circumstances to reveal their darkest secrets. As the elites play her dangerous games, the ballroom becomes a stage for revenge, where masks of deception fall one by one.

  20. The Forgotten Apprentice: In the world of magic and illusion, magician Arthur steals a revolutionary trick from his apprentice, Lara, becoming the star of the magic community. Lara, under a new identity, starts performing a series of unexplainable illusions, gaining mysterious fame. Challenging Arthur to a magical duel, she aims to expose him and reclaim her stolen spotlight.

  21. A Toast to the Past: Years after high school, Mira attends a reunion only to confront painful memories of bullying led by a now-successful entrepreneur, Calvin. Using her own success and connections, Mira orchestrates business deals that seem too good for Calvin to pass up. Yet, each deal is a trap, leading him closer to a professional and personal downfall crafted by a ghost from his past.

  22. Twins Divided: Identical twins, Sophie and Clara, once shared everything until Clara betrayed Sophie in pursuit of a love interest. Clara’s life flourishes while Sophie’s shatters. Years later, using their identical appearance, Sophie begins to impersonate Clara, making choices that jeopardize Clara’s perfect life. In a twisted game of identity, Sophie seeks to reclaim what she believes was stolen from her.

  23. Behind the Silver Screen: Rising actress Elodie gets a breakthrough role, but soon after, a series of leaked scandals ruins her reputation. Suspicious of the timely leaks, she investigates, discovering her manager, out of envy and spite, orchestrated her downfall. Determined to regain control, Elodie plots a comeback, using the media and her acting skills to turn the narrative and spotlight onto her scheming manager.

  24. The Disgraced Scientist’s Redemption: Dr. Lyle, after unveiling a groundbreaking environmental solution, is falsely accused of fabricating his research by a rival scientist, Dr. Rhea. Blacklisted from the scientific community, Lyle goes undercover, gathering undeniable evidence of his findings. With a new discovery that can change the world, Lyle plans a public demonstration, aiming to vindicate himself and expose Rhea’s deception to the world.

  25. The Echoing Mines: After whistleblowing on unsafe practices at a coal mine, Ethan loses his job and is shunned in his small town, where the mine is the main employer. His family’s history is deeply intertwined with the mine’s legacy. In a bid for justice, Ethan starts secretly documenting the mine’s ongoing violations, planning to expose the truth in a way the town cannot ignore.

  26. Scents of Betrayal: In the competitive world of perfumery, Isolde has a unique ability to create mesmerizing fragrances. When her mentor, Celeste, steals her most captivating scent and gains global acclaim, Isolde is left in obscurity. Plotting a fragrant revenge, she crafts a perfume that’s irresistible but has a hidden, sinister effect, intending to offer it to Celeste for her next big launch.

  27. Among the Vines: Julia inherits a vineyard that’s on the brink of bankruptcy due to her late father’s business partner’s mismanagement and embezzlement. Discovering his deceit, she doesn’t confront him immediately. Instead, under the guise of naivety, Julia lures him into a business venture designed to entrap him and restore her family’s legacy and honor.

  28. Lost Voices of the Opera: Once the star of the opera, Isabella’s voice was sabotaged by a jealous understudy, resulting in a disastrous performance and the end of her career. Years later, with a masked identity, she becomes the mysterious patron of a rising star. Guiding this protégé to the pinnacle of success, Isabella orchestrates a grand performance to unmask her betrayer from the shadows.

  29. The Masquerade of Time: In a town where age is wealth, an age-altering elixir is the most sought-after commodity. Eleanor, the elixir’s creator, is betrayed by her lover who commercializes the elixir for his gain, leaving her aging rapidly and impoverished. Armed with one last dose and knowledge of its true power, Eleanor plots a grand masquerade ball, aiming to reverse her fate and age her betrayers.

  30. Bridges and Battlefields: In a war-torn country, two childhood friends, Leo and Adrian, find themselves on opposing sides. Adrian, now a high-ranking officer, betrays Leo, leading to the capture and torture of Leo’s comrades. Escaping captivity, Leo becomes a ghostly saboteur, targeting Adrian’s operations, turning their personal feud into a strategic game of cat and mouse amidst the chaos of war.