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23 Summer Writing Prompts for Kids

Summer Writing Prompts for Kids

Summer’s here!

That means no more school for a while, and loads of time to use your imagination. Writing is an awesome way to let your creativity loose, and summer is the perfect time to get started.

We’ve put together a bunch of fun writing ideas to get you started.

Think of them like little adventures for your imagination – they’ll take you to all sorts of cool places and help you write amazing stories!

You can write short stories, poems, or even a whole summer journal.


Let’s dive in!

Summer Writing Prompts for Kids

  1. A Lost Treasure at the Beach: You’re at the beach, building the biggest sandcastle ever, when suddenly you find a mysterious old map. It leads to a hidden treasure buried somewhere nearby. What does the treasure map look like? Who might have left it behind and why? Write an adventure story detailing your quest to uncover the hidden treasure.

  2. Invent a New Summer Sport: The Olympics are introducing a new event – but it’s up to you to invent it. It has to be a summer sport, something fun and refreshing, perfect for the hot weather. Describe the sport, how it’s played, the rules, the necessary equipment and why it would be a big hit during summer.

  3. The Day Summer Became Winter: Imagine one summer morning, you wake up and everything has turned into winter. It’s snowing outside and all your summer plans are ruined. How would you feel? How would you adapt your summer activities to this unexpected winter? Write a story about your experiences on this unusual day.

  4. My Magical Summer Vacation: Pretend you went on a magical vacation during the summer. This could be anywhere – a fantasy world, an underwater city, or even a journey to the center of the Earth. What did you do there? Who did you meet? What was the most magical part of your trip? Make sure to describe the details of your magical destination.

  5. A Summer from the Perspective of a Wild Animal: Think of a wild animal that you would be interested in learning more about. Now imagine how they would spend their summer. What challenges would they face? How would they stay cool, find food and take care of their families? Write a day in the life of this wild animal during summer.

  6. Summer Camp Surprise: You’re at summer camp and you find a secret door hidden behind a bush. You open it and walk inside. What do you find? A secret club, a hidden treasure, or maybe an underground tunnel leading to a mysterious place? Craft a story about the secret and exciting adventures you have as a result of finding this secret door.

  7. If I Were a Lifeguard: Imagine being a lifeguard at a busy beach or pool during the summer. What responsibilities would you have? How would you ensure everyone’s safety? Would there be any challenges or exciting rescues? Write a diary entry as if you were a lifeguard for a day.

  8. The Extraordinary Summer Fair: Your town is hosting a summer fair, but it’s not just any ordinary fair – it’s filled with magical, fantastical, and unbelievable attractions. Think of all the stalls, rides, and activities that might be at this extraordinary fair. What would be the most exciting attraction? What kind of food would be sold there? Describe this unusual summer fair and your adventures there.

  9. The Underwater City: While swimming in the ocean, you discover an entrance to a hidden underwater city. What does it look like? What kind of creatures live there? What kind of buildings and structures exist in the city? How does their society function? Write a detailed account of your exploration of this underwater world.

  10. The Super Sunny Superhero: One day during your summer vacation, you gain a superpower that only works when it’s sunny. What is this power and how do you discover it? How do you use this power? Does it get you into any kind of trouble or do you use it to help others? Write a story about your adventures as a sunny superhero.

  11. A Day Without Technology: Imagine if there was a day in summer where all technology stopped working. No TV, no internet, no video games. How would you spend your day? Would it be boring, or would you find it interesting and exciting? Describe your experience on this technology-free day.

  12. The Best Summer Festival Ever: You’ve been given the task of planning the biggest summer festival your town has ever seen. What kinds of music and performances would you feature? What food and drinks would you have? What would be some fun and engaging activities for kids and adults alike? Create a detailed plan for your ideal summer festival.

  13. The Unusual Visitor on a Hot Summer Day: On a very hot summer day, an unusual visitor comes to your neighborhood. It could be an alien, a mythological creature, a talking animal, or anything else you can think of. How do your neighbors react? How do you interact with the visitor? Write a story about this extraordinary day.

  14. Summer Mystery at the Library: On a typical summer day, you head to your local library to escape the heat and find a new book. However, you stumble upon a secret message hidden in one of the books. Where does the message lead you? What mystery does it unfold? Write a thrilling mystery adventure based in your local library.

  15. The Summer of Change: Summer is a time of growth and change. Write a story about a significant change that happens to you or your character during the summer. It could be moving to a new town, making a new friend, discovering a new hobby, or anything else that signifies growth. Describe how this change affects your life throughout the summer.

  16. A Friendly Alien’s Summer Visit: Imagine an alien from another planet decides to visit Earth, and their first stop is your backyard. They’re friendly and curious about human customs, especially those relating to summer. What activities would you show them? How would they react to things like swimming, ice cream, and sunbathing? Write about this unusual friendship and the adventures you share together.

  17. A Special Summer Recipe: You’ve been invited to a summer cook-off and your task is to create a unique and delicious summer dish. What ingredients would you use? How would you prepare it? Write a detailed description of the process, and don’t forget to describe the taste and why it’s perfect for summer.

  18. My Favorite Summer Memory: Think back to a summer that held a particularly special memory for you. It could be a family trip, a fun adventure with friends, or even a quiet moment that made you appreciate the season. Describe this memory in detail, including the sights, sounds, and emotions you experienced.

  19. The Ultimate Water Balloon Fight: Your neighborhood has decided to organize the biggest water balloon fight ever to cool off during the summer heat. Describe the event, the strategies you and your friends devise, and the hilarious aftermath.

  20. The Abandoned Summer Cabin: While exploring the woods, you discover an old, abandoned cabin. You decide to spend a day exploring it. What do you find inside? Are there any secrets or interesting items that tell a story about the people who used to live there? Write an adventure story about your day in the abandoned summer cabin.

  21. The Mystery of the Sunken Ship: During a snorkeling trip at the beach, you stumble upon a sunken ship. Intrigued, you decide to explore it. What treasure or mysteries does it hold? How does it feel to uncover a piece of history? Write a detailed account of your underwater adventure.

  22. A Day at the Summer Market: Your town holds a special summer market where local vendors sell handmade goods, food, and unique trinkets. You decide to spend a day there. Who do you meet? What items catch your eye? What delicious foods do you taste? Describe your experiences at the summer market.

  23. If I Could Fly: One summer day, you wake up and realize you can fly. Where would you go? What would you see from up above? How would this change your usual summer activities? Write a story about your experiences. Make sure to describe the sensations and views you encounter during your flight.