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30 Thanksgiving Writing Prompts

Thanksgiving Writing Prompts

Thanksgiving is coming up, which means yummy food, family time, and reflecting on what makes us happy. We want to help you express yourself with some writing prompts about this special day.

Even if you’re a brand new writer, these prompts will get your creative juices flowing and help you capture the spirit of Thanksgiving.

So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Thanksgiving Writing Prompts

  1. Imagine you’re the President of the United States and it’s your duty to write a Thanksgiving Proclamation for the nation. In a year that has seen its fair share of challenges, your message needs to unite and uplift the country. Write your Thanksgiving Proclamation, touching upon the essence of the holiday, acknowledging the nation’s trials, and inspiring a sense of hope and unity.

  2. Thanksgiving is a time to appreciate all that we have, and nature provides us with many essential things like food, water, and air. Write a thanksgiving letter to Mother Nature, expressing your gratitude for the things you often take for granted. Discuss the ways that natural processes contribute to your daily life and well-being, and reflect on how you can give back to nature.

  3. Imagine that you’re an immigrant celebrating your first Thanksgiving in a new country. This is a tradition you’ve never experienced before, so everything from the dishes served to the customs practiced are entirely new to you. Write about your feelings, observations, and experiences of this first Thanksgiving. What surprises you? What do you find intriguing or confusing?

  4. The story of Thanksgiving we usually hear is largely from the perspective of the pilgrims. However, Native Americans played a significant role in this event too. Craft a story from the perspective of a Native American present at the first Thanksgiving feast in 1621. Try to capture their thoughts, feelings, and hopes for the future.

  5. Imagine a world where the more gratitude people express, the more prosperous they become. Now, you’re a struggling individual who has just discovered this secret. Write a narrative about how you use this newfound knowledge to transform your life, touching on the challenges you face and the joys you experience along the way.

  6. Think about three historical figures you admire. They can be from any period in history. Now, envision that you’re hosting a Thanksgiving dinner and these three individuals are your guests. Write a conversation between you and these figures, discussing their lives, achievements, and your reasons for admiring them over the Thanksgiving meal.

  7. Imagine a world where all technology suddenly disappears on Thanksgiving Day. No phones, no television, no internet, no gadgets at all. Your family has to celebrate Thanksgiving without any technological aid. Write about how this experience changes your family’s Thanksgiving celebration, and the challenges and surprises that come along with it.

  8. Consider Thanksgiving from an unusual point of view — the turkey’s. Turkeys are an essential part of Thanksgiving celebrations, but what would it be like to be a turkey during this time? Write a creative story about Thanksgiving from a turkey’s perspective, incorporating elements of adventure, empathy, and humor.

  9. Imagine you are a modern person who somehow time-traveled to the very first Thanksgiving in 1621. Everything around you is vastly different from what you’re accustomed to in the 21st century. Write about your experiences, comparisons, and learnings from attending the first Thanksgiving, and how those experiences might change your perspective once you return to your time.

  10. You are an astronaut aboard a spacecraft, and it’s Thanksgiving. You’re millions of miles away from home, and it’s impossible to have a traditional celebration. However, you and your fellow astronauts decide to celebrate Thanksgiving in your own unique way. Write about how you celebrate Thanksgiving in space, discussing the challenges, surprises, and moments of joy.

  11. Thanksgiving is a special day when we express our gratitude for what we have. But what if you were to express this gratitude every day for a year? Write a journal entry for each month, describing something unique you were thankful for, reflecting on how this consistent practice of gratitude impacts your life.

  12. Your family has a traditional dish that’s been prepared every Thanksgiving for generations. This year, it’s your turn to make it, but the recipe is lost. With only your memories and vague family lore to guide you, write about your journey to recreate this family recipe and the reactions of your family when they taste your version of the dish.

  13. Children often have a unique way of looking at things. As a child, the Thanksgiving holiday may be seen as a day of eating lots of good food, playing with cousins, and maybe a bit of mystery about what adults are thankful for. Write about Thanksgiving from a child’s perspective, capturing their innocence, curiosity, and amusement.

  14. Thanksgiving is a day for showing gratitude and sharing what we have with others. You decide to spend your Thanksgiving volunteering at a local community center, serving meals to those less fortunate. Write about your experience and interactions, the stories you hear, and how this experience changes your understanding of Thanksgiving.

  15. Every family has its unique traditions and stories. Write a fictional story based on your family’s Thanksgiving traditions that can be passed down from generation to generation. Include the quirky characters, memorable incidents, laughter, and even any family arguments, capturing the love and warmth that make your family unique.

  16. Imagine an unexpected guest shows up at your family’s Thanksgiving dinner. It could be anyone – a long-lost relative, a famous personality, or even an alien! Write about the surprise and reactions of everyone present, the interactions with the unexpected guest, and how this event changes your typical Thanksgiving celebration.

  17. In a post-apocalyptic world, resources are scarce and life is tough. Yet, humans still hold on to the tradition of Thanksgiving to remember the past and foster hope. Write a story about how Thanksgiving is celebrated in this dystopian future, focusing on the adaptation of traditions and the resilience of the human spirit.

  18. You are participating in the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for the first time. However, things don’t go quite as planned and it turns into an unforgettable misadventure. Write a story about your unique Thanksgiving parade experience, detailing the incidents, reactions, and how the mishap ends up becoming a cherished memory.

  19. Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude and reflection. You decide to use this opportunity to mend a relationship with someone you’ve been estranged from. Write about your journey towards forgiveness, detailing the courage it takes to initiate the process, the conversations, and the eventual outcome.

  20. Life has been particularly challenging this year, and as Thanksgiving approaches, you’re finding it hard to feel grateful. On Thanksgiving Day, however, something miraculous happens that changes everything. Write a story about your Thanksgiving miracle, describing how it influences your perspective and rekindles your spirit of gratitude.

  21. Imagine Thanksgiving is celebrated worldwide, and each culture adapts it based on its traditions and customs. Choose a non-American culture and write about how they might incorporate and celebrate Thanksgiving in their own unique way, detailing the fusion of traditions, foods, and communal activities.

  22. You’ve been given the honor to deliver a speech at your family’s Thanksgiving gathering. Write your speech, reflecting on the year’s challenges and victories, expressing your gratitude, and inspiring hope for the future. Make sure to include personal stories that highlight the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

  23. Often, the people who work tirelessly to ensure that others can enjoy their Thanksgiving are overlooked. These can be workers at grocery stores, food banks, hospitals, and emergency services who work even on holidays. Write a tribute to these unsung heroes of Thanksgiving, bringing to light their contributions and expressing your gratitude.

  24. Imagine that Thanksgiving leftovers in your fridge come to life at night. There’s an entire world in there with the turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and other dishes having their personalities and adventures. Write a whimsical story about a night in the life of these Thanksgiving leftovers, exploring their interactions, conflicts, and celebrations.

  25. Your family has an artifact that is only brought out on Thanksgiving Day. It could be anything — a centuries-old recipe, a peculiar tablecloth, an antique turkey platter, or even an odd-looking fork. This artifact has a rich history and is considered to be a good luck charm for your family. Write about the history and significance of this Thanksgiving artifact in your family, detailing the traditions and stories surrounding it.

  26. Your family decides to break away from the traditional Thanksgiving celebration this year. Instead of a turkey and all the usual trimmings, you decide to celebrate in an entirely different way. Write about your family’s non-traditional Thanksgiving celebration, detailing the new customs, the reaction of your family members, and the memories you create.

  27. Imagine that during Thanksgiving dinner, you could invite any historical figure to your home. This year, you’ve invited a figure whose actions have deeply influenced your life. Write a conversation between you and this historical figure, reflecting on their contributions, discussing their regrets and triumphs, and gaining insights from their life experiences.

  28. During your family’s Thanksgiving celebration, an unexpected mystery unfolds — an important family heirloom has gone missing, an uninvited guest arrives with a puzzling agenda, or a surprising revelation is made during dinner. Write a thrilling narrative about this Thanksgiving mystery, detailing how it’s solved and the impact it has on your family gathering.

  29. It’s the time of a major war, and Thanksgiving has a different feel. It’s a glimmer of normalcy and comfort in a world filled with turmoil. Write about how soldiers, their families, or civilians might celebrate Thanksgiving during wartime, detailing the emotions, the celebration, and the longing for peace.

  30. Choose your favorite fairy tale and imagine how the characters would celebrate Thanksgiving in their magical world. Perhaps Snow White and the seven dwarfs have a feast, or Cinderella gives thanks at the stroke of midnight. Write a fairy tale themed Thanksgiving story, incorporating elements of magic, gratitude, and festive celebration.