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24 Werewolf Story and Writing Prompts

Werewolf Story and Writing Prompts

Ever stare up at a full moon and just get the creeps?

Like maybe there’s a giant wolf-man out there itching for a midnight run?

Yeah, werewolves.

There’s something about the whole man-beast thing, right?

It taps into our wild side, that primal fear of things that go bump in the night. Maybe it’s the full moon’s fault, maybe it’s just the mystery.

Whatever it is, werewolf themes are pure gold when it comes to storytelling.

We’re here to give you some howl-worthy werewolf ideas that will make your readers go crazy.

So without further ado, get ready to unleash the beast of your imagination!

Werewolf Story Ideas and Writing Prompts

  1. The Lunar Scientist: Dr. Eleanor Locke, a prominent astronomer, finds herself slowly turning into a werewolf after an accident during an experiment related to lunar radiation. As she races against time, Eleanor learns of ancient rituals that can control the transformation. As the full moon approaches, she must choose between embracing her newfound power or using science to revert the changes.

  2. Pastoral Protection: Set in the 1700s, a small European village’s crops and livestock are mysteriously decimated every month. Young shepherd, Tomas, discovers it’s due to a werewolf and sets out to protect his village. However, he discovers the werewolf is his long-lost brother, and must navigate the conflict of love, duty, and loyalty.

  3. Modern Metropolis Wolf: In a bustling city, prominent businessman Alex struggles with a secret – he’s a werewolf. Every full moon, he retreats to a secret sanctuary in the heart of the city. But when a journalist catches a glimpse of the transformation, Alex is thrust into the limelight. He must navigate the duality of his existence, all while the city grapples with the reality of the supernatural amidst them.

  4. The Wolf’s Therapist: Dr. Lydia Turner, a therapist specializing in trauma, gets a mysterious new patient who suffers from severe amnesia and episodes of rage. As she delves deeper, Lydia realizes she’s treating a werewolf, struggling with his dual nature. The therapy sessions transform both patient and therapist as they explore humanity’s primal side and the idea of acceptance.

  5. Guardian of the Forest: In a secluded forest, the balance of nature is preserved by a werewolf guardian, Alaric. However, when a logging company threatens to destroy his territory, Alaric must rally the creatures of the forest to defend their home. Along the way, he forms an unlikely alliance with a young environmentalist, bridging the gap between human and beast.

  6. Werewolf of War: During WWII, a soldier named Viktor gets bitten by a werewolf while on a mission in Eastern Europe. His transformation enhances his abilities, making him a lethal weapon for his battalion. However, his humanity is tested when he’s ordered to lead a covert operation against innocent civilians. Viktor must choose between orders and his remaining human morals.

  7. Resurrected Romance: Anna, an archaeologist, uncovers the tomb of an ancient warrior and the curse that turned him into a werewolf. Awakening the warrior, Lysander, their worlds collide as she becomes his guide in the modern world. Amidst the chaos, they fall in love. But as the next full moon approaches, Anna searches for a way to break the centuries-old curse and save their budding romance.

  8. Silver Lining Detective Agency: Mike and Elara, private detectives with a twist—Mike is a werewolf, use their unique skills to solve supernatural mysteries. When children in the city start disappearing during the full moon, the duo dives into the case. Along the journey, they uncover dark secrets about the city’s elite and a cult that wishes to harness werewolf powers for nefarious purposes.

  9. The Last Lycanthrope: In a world where werewolves have been hunted to near extinction, Maya, believed to be the last of her kind, embarks on a journey to find any remaining werewolves. Along the way, she confronts hunters, secret societies, and her own inner demons, discovering that her existence might be key to a prophecy foretelling the return of the werewolf age.

  10. Moonlit Sonata: Leonard, a talented pianist, finds that his musical abilities become extraordinary after being bitten by a werewolf. However, the catch is he can only play his mesmerizing music during the full moon. As his fame grows, he must conceal his secret, especially from an obsessive fan who starts to suspect the truth.

  11. Shadows of the Past: An old mansion, inherited by Sarah, comes with legends of a werewolf curse. As she explores, she finds hidden diaries of an ancestor detailing their struggle with the transformation. As Sarah delves deeper, she starts experiencing the same symptoms, realizing that the curse is more real than legend.

  12. The Wolf’s Attorney: In a society where supernatural beings have rights, werewolves often face discrimination and false accusations. Enter Aiden, a human attorney who specializes in defending them. But when a high-profile case turns personal, Aiden has to wrestle with his biases, realizing that his own family’s history is intertwined with the very creatures he defends.

  13. Moonstruck Academy: Hidden from the human world, an academy exists that trains young werewolves in harnessing their abilities. When a forbidden romance between a teacher and student threatens the academy’s stability, secrets start to unravel, exposing a conspiracy that could end werewolf existence.

  14. Frostbite: In the icy landscapes of Northern Europe, a unique werewolf pack exists that can transform at will, regardless of the moon’s phase. When a documentary crew stumbles upon them, they get caught in the pack’s internal power struggles and the conflict between tradition and modernity. At the heart is Freya, a young wolf torn between her duty to her pack and her love for a human.

  15. Full Moon Chef: Gordon, a renowned chef, discovers that every full moon, any dish he prepares becomes enchantingly delicious. Trying to keep his new power a secret, he opens a monthly pop-up restaurant. However, as its popularity grows, rival chefs and supernatural hunters are drawn to him, all aiming to uncover and exploit his unique ability.

  16. The Night Librarian: The city library is renowned for being haunted. But what most don’t know is that it’s guarded by a werewolf librarian, Eloise. For decades, she’s protected ancient and magical texts. When a thief seeks a particular book that could spell disaster for werewolves everywhere, Eloise must navigate the modern world and old adversaries to retrieve it.

  17. The Alpha’s Journalist: Emma, an investigative journalist, infiltrates a mysterious community only to discover it’s a haven for werewolves. As she delves deeper, she forms a bond with the pack’s alpha, Daniel. Torn between exposing the truth and her growing affection for Daniel, Emma finds herself in a moral dilemma, especially when the pack’s existence is threatened by external forces seeking to exploit them.

  18. Lunar Lighthouse Keeper: On a remote island stands a lighthouse whose light has a unique ability to suppress werewolf transformations. Neil, the lighthouse keeper, is a former werewolf seeking atonement for past deeds. As modern technology threatens the need for lighthouses, Neil faces the potential resurgence of his curse and must fight to keep the lighthouse operational.

  19. The Artist’s Muse: Adrian, a struggling artist, is bitten and turned into a werewolf. To his surprise, the transformation enhances his artistic vision. Every full moon, his paintings come alive, revealing glimpses of the past and future. As he gains popularity, a collector becomes obsessed, aiming to control Adrian’s prophetic artworks.

  20. Celestial Canine: In a futuristic society on a lunar colony, an experiment to adapt humans to moon conditions accidentally creates the first extraterrestrial werewolf. This lunar werewolf, unlike its Earth counterpart, transforms with the Earth’s phases as viewed from the moon. As fear grips the colony, engineer Ava befriends the werewolf, embarking on a mission to find a cure and coexistence.

  21. The Therianthropic Heiress: Wealthy heiress Isabella discovers that her family’s fortune came from their secret werewolf heritage. With every generation, one member is chosen as the “Guardian” to protect the family secret. As she navigates high society, Isabella must balance her responsibilities and keep her dual identity hidden, especially from enemies within her own family.

  22. Silent Howl: In a post-apocalyptic world, werewolves are not myths but humanity’s saviors. Their enhanced abilities make them the best hunters, providing food and protection to human settlements. When one settlement’s resident werewolf goes missing, scout Riley is sent on a rescue mission, only to find a sinister plot to overthrow the balance of power.

  23. The Wolf’s Ballad: In a world where magic and music intertwine, bard Lysandra’s melodies can calm even the wildest of beasts. When a tyrant king uses a cursed werewolf as a weapon of war, Lysandra is the kingdom’s only hope. Armed with her lyre, she embarks on a quest to compose a ballad that can free the werewolf from the king’s control.

  24. Constellations & Canines: An ancient tribe believes that their werewolf nature is a gift from the stars. Every fifty years, a celestial event strengthens their power. But as modernity threatens their traditions, young warrior Tala is chosen to journey to the “City of Lights.” There, she discovers a plot to harness the tribe’s power during the event and must meld tradition and technology to save her people.