32 Writing Prompts About Ghosts

Writing Prompts about Ghosts

Ever get the itch to write a tale that sends shivers down your readers’ spines?

Maybe you’re a horror aficionado, or perhaps you just enjoy a good dose of the spooky. Whatever your reason, there’s nothing quite like a chilling ghost story to capture the imagination.

But where do you even begin?

Sometimes, staring at a blank page can be the scariest part and thus to get your creative juices flowing, here are a bunch of ghost story prompts to spark that next spooky masterpiece.

Writing Prompts About Ghosts

  1. The Haunted Heirloom: In a small village, an ancient family heirloom is rumored to hold the spirits of all the past family members. Every night, these spirits provide wisdom and guidance to the current owner, but there’s a catch: the spirits also bring with them the unresolved conflicts and secrets of the past. Write a story where the protagonist must resolve these ancestral issues to free the spirits and themselves.

  2. The Ghost of the Abandoned Theater: A once-famous theater, now abandoned and in ruins, is said to be haunted by the ghost of a former actress who never got her chance to shine. Her spirit lingers, performing her unfinished play each night. Create a tale where a group of curious explorers discovers the ghost’s story and helps her find peace.

  3. Spectral Love: In this world, when someone dies with a deep, unfulfilled love, they return as a ghost tied to their beloved. This story revolves around a character who unexpectedly becomes tethered to a ghost and must navigate this complex, supernatural relationship. Craft a narrative exploring the challenges and emotions of loving someone from the other side.

  4. The Ghostly Guide: Imagine a city where each resident is assigned a ghost guide at birth. These guides are invisible to everyone except their charge and are responsible for protecting and advising them throughout their life. Write a story about a person whose ghostly guide has a mysterious and troubled past, affecting their guidance.

  5. Phantom of the Forest: Deep in an ancient forest, a spectral entity guards a forgotten secret. The protagonist, an intrepid explorer, encounters this ghost and learns of a hidden treasure or ancient knowledge protected by the entity. Devise a tale where the protagonist must earn the ghost’s trust to uncover the forest’s secret.

  6. The Ghost Writer: A struggling writer discovers they can communicate with a ghost who was once a famous author. The ghost offers to help them write a best-selling novel, but at a cost. Explore the moral and ethical dilemmas the writer faces in this partnership with the spectral author.

  7. Echoes of the Past: In a futuristic society, ghosts are scientifically proven to exist as echoes of people’s past lives. The protagonist is a scientist trying to communicate with these echoes to understand history better. Write a story where the protagonist uncovers a shocking truth about history through these ghostly echoes.

  8. The Haunting Melody: A mysterious melody haunts a small town every night, and those who hear it are compelled to follow it, never to return. The protagonist, whose family member was taken by the melody, sets out to uncover the source and save their loved one. Craft a suspenseful narrative about the protagonist’s journey to unravel the mystery of the haunting melody.

  9. The Ghost Ship of the Arctic: A legendary ghost ship is said to sail the icy waters of the Arctic, appearing only to those facing peril. The protagonist, stranded after a shipwreck, encounters the ghost ship and its spectral crew. Write a story where the protagonist learns the ship’s history and the fate of its crew, finding a way to either join them or escape their fate.

  10. Whispers in the Walls: An old, seemingly ordinary house is purchased by a young couple, who soon discover that the walls whisper secrets of the house’s past inhabitants. These spirits are not malevolent, but they desperately seek closure for their unresolved earthly affairs. Craft a narrative where the couple helps each spirit find peace, uncovering the house’s rich history in the process.

  11. The Ghostly Guardian of the Library: In an ancient library, a ghostly librarian guards the knowledge of centuries. A young scholar seeking forbidden knowledge encounters this spectral guardian and must prove their worth and intentions. Write a story about the scholar’s quest for knowledge and the lessons they learn from the ghostly librarian.

  12. Spirits of the Storm: In a small coastal town, the spirits of those lost at sea return during stormy nights, visible only to the families they left behind. The protagonist, who lost a loved one to the sea, seeks to communicate with them during a particularly violent storm. Devise a tale of love, loss, and the protagonist’s quest for closure amidst the tempest.

  13. The Forgotten Phantoms of the Old Hotel: An abandoned hotel is set to be demolished, but it is inhabited by the ghosts of its former guests and workers, trapped in time. A group of paranormal investigators enters the hotel, uncovering stories of the past and reasons why the spirits cannot move on. Write a story where the investigators attempt to help these lost souls find peace before the hotel’s imminent destruction.

  14. The Apparition Artist: In a quaint town, a mysterious artist known for their hauntingly beautiful paintings is rumored to be a ghost, capturing the essence of the afterlife in their art. An art enthusiast, intrigued by these rumors, sets out to find the truth behind the artist’s identity and their otherworldly inspirations. Craft a narrative exploring the intersection of art, the supernatural, and the artist’s true nature.

  15. Echo of the Battlefield: On the site of an ancient battlefield, the ghosts of soldiers are said to reenact their final battle each year. A historian, obsessed with this battle, camps at the site to witness and document the phenomenon, encountering the spectral soldiers firsthand. Write a story about the historian’s experience, the soldiers’ stories, and the truths revealed about the battle.

  16. The Culinary Ghost: A famed but now-closed restaurant is said to be haunted by the ghost of its renowned chef, who still prepares ethereal dishes at night. A young aspiring chef, seeking inspiration, breaks into the restaurant and encounters the ghostly gourmet. Devise a tale where the protagonist learns unique recipes and cooking techniques from the ghost, along with life lessons about passion and dedication to one’s craft.

  17. The Midnight Train to Nowhere: Every night at midnight, a ghostly train appears at an abandoned station, waiting for passengers who never seem to arrive. The protagonist, driven by curiosity, decides to board the train one night. Write a story about their journey on this spectral train, the mysterious passengers they meet, and the destination they never expected.

  18. The Phantom of the Old Bookshop: An old, dusty bookshop is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of its original owner, who appears only to true lovers of literature. A young bibliophile visits the shop and encounters the ghost, leading to a series of literary adventures. Craft a narrative about their bond and the magical events that unfold within the walls of the bookshop.

  19. Ghosts of the Forgotten Asylum: An abandoned asylum is the site of numerous paranormal activities, believed to be haunted by the spirits of former patients. A team of paranormal investigators explores the asylum, uncovering the dark history and the tragic stories of those who once lived there. Write about their encounters with these restless spirits and their quest to understand the asylum’s past.

  20. The Spirit of the Old Lighthouse: A solitary lighthouse keeper begins to experience unexplainable occurrences in an old lighthouse, rumored to be guarded by the ghost of a previous keeper. The protagonist must unravel the mystery of the ghost’s presence and what it’s trying to communicate. Devise a tale of isolation, mystery, and the revelation of a long-kept secret by the ghostly keeper.

  21. The Ghostly Maestro: A once-famous concert hall, now in ruins, is said to be haunted by the ghost of a brilliant but unrecognized composer. A young musician, intrigued by the legend, visits the hall and encounters the spirit, leading to a supernatural musical collaboration. Craft a story about their musical journey together, exploring themes of recognition, legacy, and the power of music beyond life.

  22. The Vanishing Village Ghosts: A village is known for its friendly ghosts, who coexist peacefully with the living residents. One day, the ghosts start disappearing, causing concern among the villagers. The protagonist, a resident with a special connection to the ghosts, investigates the mystery. Write a story about the protagonist’s quest to find out why the ghosts are vanishing and their attempts to bring them back.

  23. The Ghost in the Machine: In a futuristic world where technology and the supernatural intersect, a scientist creates a device to communicate with ghosts. The first ghost they contact claims to have information about a forgotten scientific discovery. Devise a tale about the scientist’s journey to uncover this discovery, aided by the ghost through the realms of science and the supernatural.

  24. The Haunting of the Old Bridge: An ancient bridge in a small town is said to be haunted by a ghost who appears only on foggy nights, leading lost travelers to safety. The protagonist, a local historian, decides to uncover the story of this ghost and why it protects travelers. Write a story about the historian’s discoveries, the ghost’s origins, and the bond formed between the past and the present.

  25. The Spectral Garden: In a forgotten corner of the city lies a garden where the plants are rumored to be tended by ghosts. The protagonist, a botanist, discovers this place and begins to explore its mysteries, uncovering the stories of the spirits who care for the flora. Write about the protagonist’s interaction with these gardening ghosts and the secrets they reveal about the garden’s past.

  26. The Ghost of the Ancient Library: Deep within an ancient, sprawling library, a ghostly librarian is said to protect a section of lost knowledge. An eager scholar, seeking forbidden texts, ventures into this hidden part of the library and meets the spectral guardian. Craft a narrative about their quest for knowledge, the wisdom of the ghost, and the ethereal secrets hidden in the library.

  27. Echoes in the Manor: A grand, old manor is known for its nightly echoes, believed to be the voices of its former inhabitants. A descendant of the manor’s original family returns to uncover the truth behind these haunting sounds. Write a story about their discoveries, the family’s hidden history, and the resolution of a centuries-old mystery.

  28. The Phantoms of the Lost Ship: A sunken ship, lost for centuries, is rumored to be haunted by the spirits of its crew, still manning their posts in the depths. A team of underwater archaeologists discovers the wreck and begins to encounter the ghostly crew. Devise a tale about their underwater exploration, the interaction with these spectral sailors, and the ship’s tragic history.

  29. The Apparition on the Moor: A mysterious figure is seen wandering the moors at night, known to the locals as a benign but sorrowful spirit. A traveler, intrigued by the legend, decides to investigate and encounters the ghost, learning of an unrequited love from centuries ago. Craft a story about their encounter, the ghost’s tale, and the traveler’s attempt to bring peace to the restless spirit.

  30. The Ghost’s Diary: While renovating an old house, the protagonist finds a diary belonging to a ghost who once lived there. The diary entries reveal the ghost’s life story and the circumstances of their untimely death. Write a narrative about the protagonist’s journey to solve the mystery of the ghost’s death and their attempt to bring closure to the spirit.

  31. Spectral Symphony: An abandoned opera house is home to the ghost of a once-famous composer, who continues to write and play music after death. A young musician, hearing about this spectral composer, sneaks into the opera house and experiences a supernatural musical performance. Devise a tale of their encounter, the ghost’s unfinished symphony, and the collaboration that transcends the boundary between life and death.

  32. The Guardian Ghost of the Museum: A museum is said to be protected by the ghost of its first curator, who ensures the safety and preservation of the artifacts. A new curator, skeptical of the supernatural, starts to experience strange occurrences that lead them to believe in the guardian spirit. Write a story about their interaction with the ghost, the protection of the museum’s treasures, and the revelation of the ghost’s dedication to history.

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