24 Writing Prompts To Describe Eyes

Writing Prompts to Describe Eyes

Hey there, writers!

We’ve all been there.

You’ve crafted the perfect character, their wit sharp, their backstory tragic, but then you hit a wall.

The Eyes.

Those soulful portals that can convey a universe of emotions with a single blink. But how do you put that into words?

With the help of these prompts.

Let’s check them out.

Writing Prompts To Describe Eyes

  1. The Mirror of Souls: In a mystical land, there’s a belief that a person’s eyes are windows to their past lives. Your character has the rare ability to see these past lives reflected in the eyes of others, revealing secrets, ancient mysteries, and forgotten truths. The story unfolds as they meet someone whose eyes show a past life intertwined with theirs, hinting at a shared destiny. Write a story where your character navigates this revelation and the ensuing journey of discovery.

  2. Eyes of the Storm: Your protagonist lives in a world where eye color changes with emotions. These color changes are not just cosmetic; they bestow certain powers or weaknesses depending on the emotion felt. Your character discovers they possess a unique eye color that appears only during the rarest and most intense emotions, granting them extraordinary abilities. Craft a narrative exploring how this discovery affects their life and the challenges they face.

  3. The Gaze of Eternity: In a futuristic society, technology has advanced to the point where people can have their eyes replaced with cybernetic implants that grant various abilities, like seeing different spectrums, zooming in on distant objects, or even recording memories. Your main character, however, chooses to keep their natural eyes for personal reasons. Delve into a story that explores the implications of this choice in a tech-dominated world.

  4. Eyes That Remember: Your character has the unique ability to remember everything they see in perfect detail. This photographic memory is both a blessing and a curse, as they struggle to cope with the onslaught of visual information and the secrets they inadvertently uncover. Write about how they navigate a world where they cannot forget a single sight.

  5. The Color Thief: In a fantasy realm, there exists a creature that steals the colors from people’s eyes, rendering them colorblind. Your protagonist is afflicted by this curse and embarks on a quest to restore their sight. Along the way, they discover the deeper significance of the colors in their eyes, which are tied to their identity and power. Explore their journey to reclaim what they’ve lost and the lessons learned along the way.

  6. Windows to Another World: Your protagonist has a peculiar condition: whenever they lock eyes with someone, they momentarily see through that person’s eyes, experiencing their thoughts and feelings. This ability brings both empathy and turmoil, as they are often overwhelmed by the emotions and secrets of others. Craft a tale about how they cope with this overwhelming gift and the connections they forge.

  7. The Blind Seer: In a world where everyone relies heavily on visual cues, your main character is born blind. However, they possess an extraordinary gift of foresight, seeing future events in vivid detail. This paradoxical situation of a blind seer puts them in a unique position in their society. Write about the challenges and triumphs they experience as they navigate a world that underestimates their abilities.

  8. Eclipsed Eyes: During a rare celestial event, your character gains the ability to see hidden truths and lies, but only when the event is occurring. As the next event approaches, they prepare to uncover a truth that has been haunting them for years, related to a personal mystery or a larger conspiracy. Delve into their preparation and the revelations that unfold under the celestial phenomenon.

  9. The Lighthouse Eyes: In a coastal village shrouded in fog, there’s a legend of a person born every generation with lighthouse eyes. These eyes, glowing and guiding like beacons, can see through the thickest fog and darkness, leading lost souls to safety. Your character, born with this gift, faces the challenge of balancing a normal life with the duty of guiding ships and people through life’s metaphorical and literal fogs. Write a story exploring the burdens and joys of this unique responsibility.

  10. Eyes of the Zodiac: In a world where eye color determines one’s alignment with a Zodiac sign, your character is born under a rare planetary alignment, giving them a unique eye color linked to all Zodiac signs. This grants them the ability to harness different powers and traits from each sign, but also brings uncertainty about their true identity. Delve into their journey of self-discovery and the challenges they face in a society governed by astrological norms.

  11. The Unseen Spectrum: Imagine a character who can see colors beyond the normal spectrum, perceiving hues that no one else can. This ability allows them to uncover hidden messages and patterns in the world around them, leading to discoveries both wonderful and dangerous. Craft a narrative about how this extraordinary vision impacts their perception of the world and their place in it.

  12. The Weaver of Visions: In a mystical land, your character has the rare ability to weave illusions and visions through their gaze. However, the more they use this power, the more their own vision fades, presenting a risk of eventual blindness. Write about the moral and emotional dilemmas they face as they choose when and how to use this gift.

  13. The Shattered Sight: After a mysterious event, your character’s vision fractures, allowing them to see multiple timelines simultaneously. This fragmented sight reveals potential futures and pasts, but deciphering the truth among these possibilities is a daunting task. Explore their struggle to find reality in a sea of what could have been and what might be.

  14. The Guardian’s Gaze: In a realm guarded by celestial beings, your character is chosen as a Guardian, bestowed with eyes that can detect any form of evil or corruption. This sacred duty requires them to be ever-vigilant, but the constant exposure to darkness takes a toll on their psyche. Write about their journey of upholding their duty while maintaining their own sanity and morality.

  15. Echoes in the Iris: Your protagonist has a unique condition where their eyes change patterns based on the sounds they hear. These visual echoes create a beautiful, ever-changing tapestry in their eyes but also make them sensitive to the cacophony of the world. Delve into a story where they learn to navigate a world overwhelming both in sight and sound.

  16. The Frost Gaze: In a world where winter reigns supreme, your character possesses eyes that can freeze anything they gaze upon. Initially seen as a curse, they learn to harness this power to protect their community from external threats. However, they must also confront the internal struggle of isolation due to their fearsome ability. Explore their journey towards finding a balance between fear and acceptance, both within themselves and from those around them.

  17. The Ember Eyes: In a land ravaged by perpetual conflict, your character is born with ember eyes, which ignite into flames when witnessing injustice or falsehood. This gift compels them to seek and confront societal ills, but also makes them a target for those who wish to maintain the status quo. Write a story about their crusade for truth and the challenges they face in a world rife with deception.

  18. Eyes of the Deep: Your protagonist is a deep-sea diver who discovers they can see in the darkest depths of the ocean without any artificial light. This ability unveils a hidden underwater world, filled with ancient secrets and unknown dangers. Craft a narrative exploring their underwater adventures and the mysteries they uncover in the abyss.

  19. The Starlit Sight: In a realm where people’s eyes reflect the night sky they were born under, your character’s eyes are a tapestry of constellations, holding the power to navigate by the stars and predict celestial events. This unique connection to the cosmos brings both reverence and fear from others. Delve into their journey as they grapple with their connection to the universe and their place on Earth.

  20. The Whispering Glance: Your character possesses eyes that can hear whispers, catching fragments of thoughts and secrets just by looking at someone. This ability opens doors to unsought truths and hidden desires, but also exposes them to unwanted knowledge and ethical dilemmas. Write about their struggle with the power of knowing too much and the choices they make with this information.

  21. The Clockwork Eyes: Set in a steampunk world, your character has mechanical eyes, intricately designed with gears and cogs. These eyes grant enhanced vision, allowing them to see minute details and distant objects with clarity. However, they also require regular maintenance and are susceptible to malfunction. Explore the challenges and adventures they face in a world of machinery and innovation.

  22. The Healing Gaze: In a world plagued by illness and injury, your character has the rare ability to heal with their sight. Their gaze can mend wounds and cure ailments, but each use drains their own vitality. Craft a tale about the moral implications of their gift and the decisions they face in choosing whom to heal.

  23. The Doppelgänger Vision: Your protagonist can see people’s doppelgängers – spectral images of their alternate selves from different choices and paths. This ability unveils the complexities of destiny and free will, as they witness the multitude of lives one could lead. Write a story exploring the impact of this insight on their understanding of people and their own life decisions.

  24. The Canvas Eyes: Your character’s eyes are like ever-changing canvases, reflecting their innermost thoughts and dreams in vivid, moving images. This rare condition makes them an object of fascination and fear, as their eyes reveal more than they intend. Delve into their journey of self-discovery and the challenges of living with such a transparent window into their soul.

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