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32 Elementary Writing Prompts

Elementary Writing Prompts

Ever stare at a blank page, willing a story to magically appear?

Or maybe your kiddo comes home with a writing assignment that leaves them scratching their head?

We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

But fear not, because today we’re here to bust writer’s block and get those creative juices flowing!

This blog is all about sparking imaginations with some super fun writing prompts for elementary schoolers. We’ll cover everything from silly scenarios to heartwarming adventures, so grab a notebook, pencil (or crayon, we don’t judge!), and get ready to write!

Elementary Writing Prompts

  1. A Day in the Life of a Pencil: Imagine you are a pencil in a classroom. Write about your day from the moment you are picked up in the morning to when you are put away at night. Describe the things you draw or write, the conversations you hear, and how you feel about your role in the classroom. Think about what exciting or unusual events might happen to a pencil during a school day.

  2. The Secret Garden Adventure: Pretend you’ve found a hidden garden behind your school. Describe what it looks like, the plants and animals you see, and any magical elements it might have. Imagine you meet a talking animal or find a mysterious object. Write about your adventure in this secret garden and the discoveries you make.

  3. The Time-Traveling History Book: Imagine a history book that can take you back in time to any event you read about. Choose a historical event you would like to visit. Describe the sights, sounds, and people you encounter. Explain what you learn from this experience and how it felt to be a part of history.

  4. Space Explorer for a Day: Pretend you are an astronaut exploring a new planet. Describe the planet’s environment, including the weather, landscape, and any alien creatures or plants you discover. Think about the challenges you face and how you overcome them. Write about your mission and what makes this planet unique.

  5. My Imaginary Pet: Invent an imaginary pet with unique features and abilities. Describe what it looks like, what it eats, and where it lives. Write about a day you spend with your pet and the adventures or activities you do together. Share how your imaginary pet helps you or teaches you something important.

  6. The Superhero in My Neighborhood: Imagine there’s a superhero living in your neighborhood. Describe what they look like, their superpowers, and how they help the community. Think about a specific problem in your neighborhood and write a story about how the superhero solves it. Focus on the impact the superhero has on the people around them.

  7. When I Became President for a Day: Imagine you are the President for a day. Write about the decisions you make, the places you visit, and the people you meet. Think about a special law or change you would like to implement. Describe how you would make a difference in just one day as President.

  8. The Mystery of the Haunted Library: You discover that your school library is rumored to be haunted. Write a story about you and your friends investigating the mystery. Describe the clues you find, the spooky moments, and the ultimate revelation of what’s really happening in the library. Create a surprising twist or a logical explanation for the haunted library.

  9. Lost in a World of Books: Imagine you get lost inside your favorite book. Describe the world you find yourself in, the characters you meet, and the challenges you face. Think about how you would interact with the story and change it. Write about how you would find your way back to the real world.

  10. The Talking Tree in the Playground: There’s a tree in your school playground that can talk and share stories. Write about your conversations with the tree and the tales it tells about past events, secret treasures, or hidden places. Explore the wisdom and secrets the talking tree shares with you.

  11. A Journey to the Center of the Earth: Pretend you and your friends discover a tunnel that leads to the center of the Earth. Describe the creatures and landscapes you encounter on your journey. Write about the challenges you face and how you overcome them. Share the most exciting part of this incredible adventure.

  12. The Magic School Bus Ride: Imagine going on a field trip in a magic school bus that can travel anywhere. Choose a destination (like the bottom of the ocean, inside a volcano, or to another galaxy). Describe what you see, learn, and experience. Write about how this extraordinary trip changes your perspective on the world.

  13. The Chef Competition in the Cafeteria: Your school cafeteria holds a cooking contest, and you decide to participate. Invent a unique dish you would create, describe the ingredients and cooking process, and the reaction of the judges and your classmates. Focus on the creativity and fun of cooking something new.

  14. A Night at the Museum: Imagine spending a night in a museum where exhibits come to life. Write about the historical figures, animals, or art pieces you interact with. Describe your adventures and the challenges of keeping everything under control until morning. Tell the story of your night and what you learn from these living exhibits.

  15. The Lost City Under the School: Discover a lost city beneath your school during a class project. Describe the ancient buildings, artifacts, and the civilization that once lived there. Write about the mystery you solve or the treasure you find. Explore the connection between the past and your school’s history.

  16. The Day I Swapped Places with My Teacher: Imagine you and your teacher swap roles for a day. Write about your experience teaching the class, the lessons you plan, and how you handle your classmates. Also, describe what your teacher does as a student for the day. Reflect on what you learn from seeing the world through your teacher’s eyes.

  17. The Invention That Changed the World: Imagine you invent something that changes the world. Describe your invention, how you came up with the idea, and its effects on everyday life. Write about the challenges you face in creating it and how people react to it. Think about how your invention could positively impact the future.

  18. A Visit to a Fantasy Land: Pretend you find a portal to a fantasy land in your backyard. Describe this magical place, its inhabitants, and the adventures you have there. Write about the challenges you face and the friends you make. Share how this journey changes or inspires you.

  19. The Mystery of the Vanishing Socks: Investigate the mystery of socks that keep disappearing from your home. Write about your detective work, the clues you find, and the suspects you consider. Imagine a humorous or surprising reason for the missing socks. Solve the mystery and reveal the truth behind the vanishing socks.

  20. The Day Everything Turned Blue: Imagine waking up one day to find that everything in the world has turned blue. Write about your experiences, how people around you react, and the changes in everyday life. Think about the challenges and the fun aspects of a blue world. Describe how you and others adapt to this colorful change.

  21. My Journey on a Flying Carpet: Imagine you find a flying carpet and take it on a journey around the world. Describe the places you visit, the sights you see, and the people you meet. Write about the adventures and challenges you encounter on your journey. Reflect on what you learn from exploring different cultures and places.

  22. The Animal Olympics at the Zoo: The animals at the zoo decide to hold their own Olympic Games. Write about the different events, the animal participants, and the exciting competitions. Imagine the fun and chaos of animals competing in sports. Describe the lessons of teamwork and friendship that emerge from these games.

  23. The Superpower School Lunch: Imagine your school lunch gives you a superpower for a day. Describe the power you get, how you discover it, and what you do with it. Write about the challenges of having a superpower in school and how you use it to help others. Explore the responsibilities and fun of having a temporary superpower.

  24. The Underground Kingdom of Insects: Discover an underground kingdom inhabited by intelligent insects. Describe their society, the way they live, and the surprising things they teach you about nature. Write about how you help them solve a problem or learn from their wisdom. Share the insights you gain from this unique perspective on the insect world.

  25. The Great School Time Capsule Discovery: Imagine your class discovers a time capsule buried by students from 100 years ago. Describe the items you find inside, the letters or messages, and what they tell you about the past. Think about how you and your classmates react and what you would put in a new time capsule. Reflect on the connection between the past and the future through this discovery.

  26. The Enchanted Rainforest in the Park: A regular park in your neighborhood transforms into an enchanted rainforest at night. Write about your adventure exploring this rainforest, the magical creatures you meet, and the mysteries you uncover. Describe the sights, sounds, and magical events that happen. Tell the story of your magical night in the enchanted rainforest.

  27. The Robot that Joined Our Classroom: A robot becomes a new student in your class. Write about how the robot tries to fit in, the lessons it learns, and the friendships it forms. Think about the funny situations and challenges a robot might face in a school setting. Explore the themes of acceptance and learning from differences.

  28. The Lost Island of Dinosaurs: You discover a hidden island where dinosaurs still exist. Describe the different types of dinosaurs you see, the landscape of the island, and the adventures you experience there. Write about how you survive and what you learn from these ancient creatures. Share the excitement and discoveries of living among dinosaurs.

  29. The Magic Paintbrush: You receive a paintbrush that brings anything you paint to life. Describe the first few things you bring to life, how you use this power, and the consequences of your creations. Write about the lessons you learn about creativity and responsibility. Explore the balance between imagination and reality with the magic paintbrush.

  30. A Trip to the Moon on a Homemade Rocket: You and your friends build a rocket and travel to the moon. Describe the building process, the journey through space, and what you find on the moon. Write about the challenges you face and how you overcome them together. Illustrate the power of teamwork and imagination in this space adventure.

  31. The Secret Underground City Beneath the School: You find a secret entrance to an underground city beneath your school. Describe the city, the people or creatures living there, and the culture you discover. Write about how you interact with this hidden world and the adventures you have. Share the experience of uncovering a secret world right under your feet.

  32. The Book that Writes Back: You find a mysterious book in your library that writes back to you when you write in it. Write about the conversations you have with the book, the advice or stories it shares, and the mysteries it helps you solve. Explore the magic and wisdom found in this unique interaction with a book.

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