24 Writing Prompts about Gods

Writing Prompts about Gods

Feeling the itch to craft a story with epic stakes, a pantheon of powerful beings, and enough drama to make Zeus blush?

Then you might be interested in diving into the world of gods!

Whether you’re a mythology buff or just fascinated by the idea of all-powerful beings walking among us, writing about gods can be a fantastic way to explore themes of power, faith, and the human condition.

Plus, it’s just plain fun to invent your own divine characters or reimagine the classics!

Let’s then begin, one at a time.

Writing Prompts about Gods

  1. The Forgotten God: In a world where gods gain power from the belief and worship of mortals, explore the story of a forgotten god who has lost all followers. This god embarks on a journey among humans, concealing their divine identity, to understand the changing world and find a way to become relevant again. Your task is to write about this god’s journey, the challenges they face, and how they adapt to a world that has moved on.

  2. The God of Small Things: Imagine a deity who is not in charge of grand concepts like love or war, but rather the god of small, everyday occurrences – lost keys, found coins, brief encounters. This deity meticulously orchestrates these tiny moments to create significant impacts on human lives. Write a story that weaves together several seemingly insignificant events orchestrated by this god that lead to a life-changing moment for a character.

  3. The Twin Deities of Time: In your narrative, there are twin gods of time – one governing the past and the other the future. These twins are in constant conflict, affecting the flow of time in unpredictable ways. Their rivalry has major consequences for mortals, who experience time anomalies and paradoxes. Your challenge is to create a story that illustrates the chaos and resolution brought about by these twin deities.

  4. The God Who Walks Among Us: In your world, one of the gods has chosen to live permanently among humans, hiding their divine nature. This god experiences human emotions, relationships, and struggles, gaining a unique perspective on humanity. Write about the experiences and revelations of this god, and how their time among humans changes them and their approach to divinity.

  5. The Silent God: This prompt revolves around a deity who has taken a vow of silence, communicating only through actions and signs. This god is revered for their wisdom and the mysterious ways they influence the world. Your story should focus on how followers interpret the god’s silent messages and the impact of these interpretations on their lives.

  6. The Artisan God: Here, you have a god who is a master craftsman, creating artifacts with divine properties. These artifacts are highly sought after but come with unforeseen consequences for their users. Write about the journey of a character who seeks out one of these artifacts, detailing the challenges they face and the ultimate impact of the artifact on their life.

  7. The Dreamweaver God: In this world, there’s a deity responsible for weaving the fabric of dreams, influencing mortals through their subconscious. This god subtly guides destinies and fates through dreams, but their intentions are not always clear. Your task is to create a narrative that delves into the intricate and mysterious ways this god shapes lives through dreams.

  8. The Nature’s Judge: Envision a god who serves as the judge and protector of nature, balancing the needs of the natural world against human encroachment. This deity intervenes when the balance is threatened, often in unpredictable ways. Your story should focus on how this god’s interventions impact both the natural world and the lives of the humans involved.

  9. The God of Lost Souls: This deity presides over individuals who feel lost or forgotten by society. They offer guidance and comfort to those who are overlooked or marginalized, working in subtle ways to uplift these individuals. Write about how this god helps a particular person find their purpose and the ripple effects this has on the community.

  10. The Weaver of Secrets: In your world, there is a deity who knows all secrets and hidden truths. This god is both feared and revered, as their knowledge can either liberate or destroy. Craft a story where a character seeks out this god’s knowledge, facing moral dilemmas and unexpected truths along the way.

  11. The Patron of Wanderers: This god blesses those who travel and seek adventure. They watch over nomads, explorers, and all who wander, offering protection and occasionally intervening in mysterious ways. Your task is to narrate a journey of a wanderer under this god’s watch, highlighting the trials, lessons, and divine encounters on their path.

  12. The Guardian of Memories: Imagine a god who safeguards all memories, ensuring they are not lost to time. This deity can grant access to long-forgotten memories but at a cost. Write a story about someone who seeks to recover a crucial memory, exploring the consequences of delving into the past.

  13. The Harbinger of Change: This god is the embodiment of change and transformation, both feared and welcomed. They bring about significant shifts in the world, whether through subtle influence or cataclysmic events. Create a narrative that showcases the dual nature of this deity, through the eyes of those who experience their changes.

  14. The Lord of Misfortune: This deity is often misunderstood, as they preside over misfortune and hardship. However, their role is to test resilience and foster growth through challenges. Your story should explore how a character’s encounter with misfortune leads to unexpected strength and wisdom.

  15. The Muse of Creation: This god inspires creativity and innovation in all forms, from art to science. They spark the imagination of mortals, often leading to groundbreaking discoveries or masterpieces. Write about an artist or inventor who is touched by this muse, detailing their creative process and the impact of their work.

  16. The Sentinel of Nightmares: In a stark contrast to the Dreamweaver God, this deity governs the realm of nightmares, using fear and anxiety as tools for teaching important lessons. Your challenge is to depict how a person’s encounter with a prophetic nightmare from this god leads to a profound personal revelation or change.

  17. The Echo of the Forgotten: This deity embodies the collective memory and legacy of civilizations and cultures that have been lost to history. They strive to keep these memories alive in subtle, often unrecognized ways. Write a story about a historian or archaeologist who, guided by this god, uncovers a significant piece of forgotten history.

  18. The Patron of the Unseen: This god watches over the unnoticed aspects of life – the small, everyday miracles and the beauty in the mundane. They encourage people to find joy and meaning in the ordinary. Your task is to craft a narrative that highlights how a character, influenced by this deity, discovers happiness in simple, everyday experiences.

  19. The Keeper of Oaths: This deity is the guardian of promises and vows, ensuring that they are kept and holding accountable those who break them. They are revered for their unwavering commitment to truth and integrity. Write about a character who breaks a significant promise and faces the consequences imposed by this god.

  20. The God of Crossroads: This deity governs choices and the paths that people take in life. They appear at pivotal moments, offering guidance or challenges to those facing important decisions. Create a story centered around a character at a life-changing crossroad, detailing the influence of this god on their choice.

  21. The Whisperer of Hopes: A deity who instills hope in the hearts of the desperate and downtrodden. They work quietly, giving people the strength to endure and overcome their struggles. Your story should focus on how this god helps a character in a moment of deep despair, leading them towards a hopeful future.

  22. The Guardian of Endings: This god oversees the end of things – lives, eras, relationships. They ensure that endings come at the appropriate time and are respected. Write about a situation where this deity intervenes to bring an appropriate and meaningful end to a significant event in a character’s life.

  23. The Sower of Discord: In stark contrast to many benevolent deities, this god thrives on creating chaos and conflict. They are not inherently evil but believe that through strife and turmoil, true character is revealed. Craft a narrative that shows how the chaos instigated by this god leads to unexpected growth or resolution for the characters involved.

  24. The Steward of Seasons: This deity controls the changing of seasons, ensuring the natural cycle continues harmoniously. They are deeply connected to nature and its rhythms. Your challenge is to depict how a drastic change in seasons, caused by this god, affects a community and how they adapt to this change.

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