24 Writing Prompts About Obsession

Writing Prompts about Obsession

We’ve all been there, right?

Stuck on a thought, idea, or maybe a crush that just won’t quit. It’s like a catchy tune stuck in your head, only way more intense.

This crazy pull, this gotta-have-it feeling, that’s obsession. Sure, sometimes it leads to cool inventions or epic romances, but let’s be real, it can also drag you down a dark rabbit hole.

So, what’s the deal with obsession?

Why can’t we just let it go?

We’re about to take a deep dive into this fascinating (and sometimes scary) world with these prompts themed around obsession.

Get ready, it’s gonna be a wild ride!

Writing Prompts About Obsession

  1. Ever since childhood, Alex had an insatiable need to collect things, from stamps to vintage toys. As an adult, this obsession only grew, leading Alex to spend vast amounts of money and time on rare artifacts. Write a story about the moment when Alex’s obsession pushes them to a point of no return, jeopardizing relationships, finances, and personal well-being.

  2. Music has a way of touching our souls, but for Jamie, one particular tune became an obsession. Every waking moment, Jamie would hum, sing, or think about this melody, even dreaming about it. Craft a tale where Jamie’s fixation on this tune leads to unexpected consequences and revelations.

  3. In the age of social media, Clara became obsessed with presenting a flawless image of her life online. Every post, every photo, every story was meticulously curated. Narrate a day when Clara’s obsession with perfection starts to unravel, revealing the cracks in her seemingly perfect world.

  4. Dr. Lewis, a historian, stumbles upon a minor mystery in his field of study. But instead of treating it as a minor footnote, he becomes consumed by it, spending years trying to unravel it. Write about the moment when Dr. Lewis realizes that his obsession has cost him more than he ever imagined.

  5. Sarah and Mark had a whirlwind romance, but after a year, Mark’s love turned into an obsession. He wanted to know every detail of Sarah’s life, every thought, every movement. Pen a story where Sarah confronts Mark, leading to a pivotal moment in their relationship.

  6. Chef Elaina heard rumors of a legendary recipe that promised unparalleled flavors. She became obsessed with finding it, traveling the world and diving into ancient culinary texts. Describe the moment when Elaina realizes that the true value might not be in the recipe itself, but in the journey she undertook.

  7. Tom was a promising athlete, but an injury set him back. Instead of accepting his limitations, he became obsessed with surpassing his previous records, pushing his body to extreme limits. Craft a narrative where Tom’s obsession leads to a dramatic showdown during an important event.

  8. For years, the old house on Maple Street stood vacant. Local resident, Jenna, became obsessed with the idea that the house held a secret from her past. Write a story where Jenna’s relentless pursuit of the house’s mysteries unveils more about herself than she ever expected.

  9. Growing up, Emily always heard tales of a lost letter that held a family secret. As she delved into her family’s history, her curiosity transformed into an obsession. Narrate Emily’s journey as she uncovers layers of her family’s past, leading to an unexpected revelation.

  10. Renowned for his diverse styles, painter Victor suddenly became fixated on painting only one specific scene: a desolate beach at twilight. His patrons and peers were baffled. Write a story that unravels the reason behind Victor’s obsessive focus and its impact on his life and legacy.

  11. While cleaning the attic, Sam discovers a diary from a century ago. The more he reads, the more he becomes obsessed with the life of its author, drawing eerie parallels to his own life. Craft a tale where Sam’s obsession with the diary starts blurring the lines between past and present.

  12. Master perfumer, Isabelle, once encountered a scent that she couldn’t replicate. It haunted her dreams and waking hours, pushing her to the brink of her sanity. Describe Isabelle’s relentless quest to recreate the elusive fragrance and the toll it takes on her personal and professional life.

  13. For reasons unknown, David started seeing the number 27 everywhere: on billboards, in books, on clocks. It became an obsession, leading him to believe it held a message for him. Pen a narrative where David’s fixation with the number leads him to a crossroads, forcing a life-altering decision.

  14. Every time Lila danced, she felt a presence, a shadow dancing alongside her. This sensation became an obsession, making her question her reality and sanity. Write a story where Lila’s pursuit to understand this shadowy figure reveals a deep-seated truth about herself.

  15. In the heart of a vast botanical garden, caretaker Owen heard whispers of a flower that bloomed once in a lifetime. His obsession to witness this bloom consumed him. Craft a tale that follows Owen’s journey, as the garden reveals secrets both wondrous and unsettling.

  16. In a city of bustling technology, there stood an old, unused phone booth. Jane, a tech journalist, became obsessed with the idea that this booth held stories from another era. Narrate Jane’s adventures as she dives deep into the booth’s history, unearthing tales of love, loss, and serendipity.

  17. Every evening, like clockwork, Anna noticed a silhouette of a person standing by a window in the building across from hers. The figure never moved, just stood there, watching. Her curiosity soon turned into an obsession. Write a story that delves into Anna’s quest to uncover the identity and story of the mysterious watcher.

  18. While browsing an old bookstore, Leo stumbled upon a peculiar book that hinted at a hidden passage within the store. The more he searched, the more obsessed he became with finding this secret space. Craft a narrative that follows Leo’s journey, revealing mysteries that transcend mere bricks and mortar.

  19. Maps had always fascinated Mia. But one day, she noticed an uncharted island on an antique map that didn’t appear on modern ones. This discrepancy became her obsession. Pen a tale about Mia’s expedition to find this lost island and the unexpected truths she uncovers.

  20. As a child, Noah remembered a lullaby that his grandmother used to sing. Now, as an adult, fragments of that song haunt his dreams, and he becomes obsessed with recalling its entirety. Describe Noah’s journey as he reconnects with his past, seeking the complete lullaby and its hidden meanings.

  21. Master tailor, Elena, was renowned for her impeccable craftsmanship. But she became obsessed with creating a stitch so perfect, it was said to be magical. Write a story that explores Elena’s dedication to her craft, the sacrifices she makes, and the magic she discovers.

  22. Every evening, Ryan would notice patterns in the stars that seemed too deliberate to be coincidental. Believing them to be coded messages, he became consumed with deciphering them. Craft a tale that follows Ryan’s celestial obsession, leading him to profound realizations about the universe and himself.

  23. In an old estate sale, Lily acquired an ornate antique mirror. Soon, she became convinced that the reflection it showed wasn’t her own life but glimpses of its previous owner’s. Narrate Lily’s journey as she becomes obsessed with the mirror’s history and the life of the woman reflected within.

  24. Every night, at the same time, a train would pass through the town, never stopping at the station. Its origin, destination, and passengers remained a mystery, fueling Jack’s obsession. Write a story that follows Jack’s attempts to board the elusive train, unveiling a journey of unexpected twists and turns.