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25 Writing Prompts About the Weather

Writing Prompts about the Weather

Weather’s can be quite wild, right?

From sunshine chillin’ to storms that go crazy, it totally affects everything we do.

Because it’s so unpredictable and can make us feel all sorts of things, writers have been using it as an inspiration for writing all the time.

These prompts are basically like starter packs to get you going with stories that capture the whole “nature’s mood swings” vibe.

Newbie or pro, doesn’t matter!

These ideas are your blank canvas to paint some awesome tales that reflect how cool, mysterious, and powerful weather can be.

Let’s check them out.

Writing Prompts about the Weather

  1. A Cosmic Weather Phenomenon Imagine you are a scientist who has just discovered a new cosmic weather phenomenon that affects the earth. Describe this celestial occurrence in intricate detail, covering its unique physical characteristics and the impact it has on our global climate systems. The twist is that this cosmic weather event only happens once in a lifetime, altering the way the earth’s weather patterns function forever.

  2. The Last Snow Write a story about a world where global warming has escalated to such an extent that snowfalls have become a rare occurrence. The protagonist, an old man, is witnessing what may possibly be the last snowfall on Earth. Focus on his emotions and reflections as he watches the snowflakes descend, possibly for the very last time.

  3. An Alluring but Deadly Storm A hurricane is approaching a small coastal town, and despite the dangers it poses, locals are strangely captivated by its beauty. As the town prepares for the imminent disaster, explore how its residents reconcile the alluring visuals of the storm with the looming destruction. The central theme should revolve around the paradoxical nature of beauty and danger.

  4. Changing Weather, Changing Lives In this prompt, the protagonist is someone who can predict the weather accurately without the aid of any technological device. This ability influences their life in significant ways, impacting their relationships, career, and self-perception. The key is to highlight how the protagonist’s relationship with weather shapes their entire life narrative.

  5. A Heatwave’s Revelation Set your story during an unbearable heatwave that has gripped an urban city for weeks. The escalating temperatures are causing tensions to rise, leading to unforeseen consequences and revelations among its residents. Focus on how extreme weather conditions can serve as a catalyst for interpersonal conflict and self-discovery.

  6. Climate Change Activist Write from the perspective of a young climate change activist who experiences a significant weather event that transforms their town. This climatic shift hardens their resolve and propels them to the global stage. The narrative should underscore the power of personal experiences in driving large-scale social change.

  7. Weather-Controlled Society In a world where weather is no longer a natural phenomenon but a commodity controlled by corporations, explore the societal implications of such a scenario. What are the ethical dilemmas, societal hierarchies, and power dynamics that arise from this? The crux of the story should be the struggle for control over the weather and its impact on society.

  8. The Day the Rain Spoke The rain has always been a silent observer, but one day it starts speaking, expressing its thoughts to anyone who’d listen. Delve into the reactions of different people – from ordinary individuals to scientists, religious figures, and governments. Investigate the philosophical and existential questions that arise when the weather literally has a voice.

  9. Seasons Unhinged Write a story set in a world where the seasons have lost their regular pattern due to climate change, each one becoming more unpredictable and severe. This change deeply affects the life of a farmer who relies on the predictability of weather for crops. Emphasize how this chaotic climate shift forces the protagonist to adapt and innovate in order to survive.

  10. Frost in Midsummer In a small town where summers are usually scorching, a sudden, unexplainable frost blankets everything overnight. Capture the shock, confusion, and adaptation of the townsfolk. Focus on the investigation into the cause of this freak frost and its profound implications for the town’s future.

  11. The Whispering Winds The protagonist possesses the unique ability to understand the whispers of the wind, gaining insights into the future weather conditions and sometimes, even deeper secrets. Detail how this protagonist uses their unusual ability to avert weather-related disasters or to influence events around them.

  12. Dancing with the Tornado Write from the perspective of a storm chaser who lives for the thrill of being close to the most destructive weather phenomena. The story takes a turn when they encounter the largest tornado ever recorded. Detail the adrenaline-filled pursuit and their profound realization about the power and majesty of nature.

  13. The Weather Painter In a world where art is influenced by the weather, the protagonist is a painter whose works magically alter weather patterns. Detail their struggle as their art unintentionally starts impacting the local climate. Explore the struggle between creating art and the unintended consequences of their gift.

  14. Drought’s End The story unfolds in a village that hasn’t seen rain for years. One day, a stranger arrives and promises to bring rain but at a significant cost. The narrative should center around the villagers’ dilemma: to what extent are they willing to pay for the return of the rain?

  15. Weather as a Time Capsule Every weather condition brings back specific memories for the protagonist, acting as a living, changing time capsule. Detail how their life story unfolds with each shift in weather. Showcase how the weather is more than just a backdrop in our lives, but a triggering factor for emotions and memories.

  16. Gift of the Monsoon A prolonged monsoon flood has cut off a remote village from the outside world. Amidst the adversity, the villagers discover a positive side-effect of the flooding which they hadn’t anticipated. The narrative should be about finding hope and unexpected benefits amidst adversity.

  17. The Weather Healer A protagonist has a mysterious ability to heal people by manipulating the weather. Each type of weather corresponds to a different type of ailment. Focus on the moral and ethical questions raised by the protagonist’s unique ability, and how it impacts their life and those around them.

  18. Snowfall in the Desert Imagine a day when it snows in the middle of the Sahara Desert. Detail the reactions of the world and particularly, the desert-dwelling Tuareg tribes who have never seen snow before. Explore the cultural and environmental impacts of this climatic anomaly.

  19. The Weather Clock In an alternative universe, instead of time, people live their lives according to the weather which they can read from a “Weather Clock.” Detail a day in the life of a protagonist living under such conditions. Explore the societal norms, daily routines, and belief systems that revolve around this weather-based timekeeping system.

  20. The Climate Refugees With rising sea levels due to climate change, the inhabitants of a small island nation have to evacuate their homeland. Follow the journey of a family as they navigate the trials of becoming climate refugees. The story should underscore the human cost of climate change and environmental degradation.

  21. Music of the Weather In this world, each weather event has its own melody. A young musician has the ability to hear these tunes and convert them into musical compositions. Explore how these weather-inspired symphonies affect the world of music and the musician’s rise to fame.

  22. A Love Story for the Seasons A love story that spans over a year, with each significant event in the couple’s relationship coinciding with a different season or weather event. The turning points in their relationship should mirror the changing seasons, highlighting the symbolic connection between their love story and the rhythm of nature.

  23. The Weather Prophet An eccentric scientist has developed an algorithm that can predict the weather for the next 10 years with perfect accuracy. Detail the global implications of such a discovery and the personal journey of the scientist. Focus on the power dynamics, moral dilemmas, and societal changes brought on by the knowledge of the future.

  24. The Rainmaker’s Dilemma In a drought-stricken town, a self-proclaimed “rainmaker” promises to bring rain, but for a hefty price. As desperation mounts, the town is torn between skepticism and hope. Examine the moral, economic, and social implications of this situation, testing the limits of faith and desperation.

  25. The Weather Vane Mystery An antique weather vane is believed to control the weather in a small town. When it goes missing, the weather turns chaotic. Follow a young investigator as they try to locate it. The story should intertwine the hunt for the vane with an exploration of belief, superstition, and community unity.