32 Veteran’s Day Writing Prompts

Veteran's Day Writing Prompts

Veterans Day is a time to remember all the amazing veterans who fought for our freedom. Not just saying “thanks” is cool, but we can also take some time to think about what they went through.

Here’s the thing: writing is a superpower for showing appreciation.

Anyone can do it, from students to teachers to everyday people. We’ve got a list of prompts to get your creative juices flowing and help you put your gratitude into words.

Let’s use these prompts to write something awesome about veterans.

Veterans Day Writing Prompts

  1. Writing letters to veterans: Think about the service and sacrifice veterans have made for their country. In your mind, what words of appreciation and thanks would you want to express to them? Now, imagine you’re writing a letter to a veteran who doesn’t know you. Describe in detail the emotions you’d want to convey, the gratitude you’d want to express, and the impact you’d want your words to have on them.

  2. Life before, during, and after service: Ponder about how military service changes a person’s life drastically. Imagine you are a veteran and you’ve just returned home after a long deployment. Recount your life before joining the service, your experiences during your deployment, and how you envision your life now that you’re back home.

  3. Understanding the role of a military spouse: Consider the challenges and sacrifices that military spouses face, and the strength they show in supporting their partners. Describe a day in the life of a military spouse, showcasing their resilience, support, and love while they navigate through their unique set of trials and tribulations.

  4. The concept of patriotism: Reflect on what patriotism means to you and how it is embodied by veterans. Compose an essay arguing for your personal definition of patriotism, using examples from the lives of veterans to illustrate your points.

  5. Living legacies of veterans: Think about the ways veterans influence and shape their communities after their service. Write a narrative about a fictional veteran who uses their military experience to make a positive impact in their local community, explaining how they utilize their unique skills and experiences.

  6. In the shoes of a war journalist: Imagine you are a war journalist covering an ongoing conflict where many veterans are being made. Detail your experiences, the stories of soldiers you’ve met, and the impact these encounters have had on your perception of war and military service.

  7. The impact of war on a soldier’s psyche: Consider the psychological effects of war on veterans. Craft a first-person narrative of a veteran dealing with PTSD, describing how they navigate their daily life, their struggles, and the ways they seek healing and acceptance.

  8. Medals of Honor: Reflect on the significance of the medals and awards received by veterans for their bravery and service. Choose a specific military medal or decoration, research its history and significance, and write a fictional account of a soldier who received that medal, detailing the act of heroism or service that earned them this recognition.

Veterans Day Writing Prompts for 1st Grade Students

  1. Thanking our heroes: Imagine you have a friend who is a veteran. Write a short letter thanking them for keeping us safe. Try to express your feelings and appreciation in simple words.

  2. The bravest moment: Think of a brave moment when you stood up for something you believed in. Describe that moment and compare it to how veterans show bravery. Remember, bravery comes in many forms!

  3. A Veteran’s Day Parade: Pretend you are at a Veteran’s Day parade. Write about what you see, hear, and feel. Use as many descriptive words as you can.

  4. My Veteran Hero: Everyone has a hero, and many look up to veterans. Draw a picture of a veteran and write a few sentences about why they are your hero. What special qualities do they have that make them a hero?

  5. Veterans are like superheroes: We often compare veterans to superheroes because they protect us. Write about a day in the life of a veteran superhero. What kind of superhero powers do they have?

  6. When I grow up: Think about your future. Write about whether you would like to be a veteran one day and why. What about being a veteran appeals to you?

  7. Proud moments: Imagine that someone in your family is a veteran. Describe a moment where you felt extremely proud of them. Use words that show how happy and proud you felt.

  8. Veterans around the world: Veterans live all over the world. Draw a picture of a veteran in another country and write a few sentences about how they might celebrate Veteran’s Day. Remember, veterans are important everywhere!

Veterans Day Writing Prompts for 2nd Grade Students

  1. Role of Veterans: Veterans are an important part of our community. Write a paragraph on what you think veterans do for us. What makes their job so special?

  2. A Veteran’s Day Interview: Imagine you could interview a veteran. List down the questions you would ask them. What would you like to know about their life and experiences?

  3. Crafting a Hero’s Story: Think about veterans as heroes. Write a short story about a veteran hero’s adventure. Remember, heroes aren’t just those with superpowers; they show courage and kindness too!

  4. Thankful Hearts: Veterans’ Day is a time to show our gratitude to those who’ve served. Write a poem expressing your thankfulness for veterans. Use rhyming words if you can!

  5. A Day in the Shoes of a Veteran: Imagine that you could spend a day as a veteran. Write about your day, the challenges you faced, and the lessons you learned. What did you do that made you feel proud?

  6. Creating a Veteran’s Day Poster: Visualize you’re creating a poster to celebrate Veteran’s Day. Describe your poster in detail and explain the message you want to share. What images and words would you use to show your respect for veterans?

  7. Building a Veteran’s Day Tradition: Traditions help us honor and remember important people and events. Write about a new tradition you would like to start on Veteran’s Day. How would this tradition help celebrate and honor veterans?

  8. Veteran’s Day Symbols: There are many symbols associated with Veteran’s Day, like poppies and flags. Choose one symbol and write a short essay explaining what it means and why it’s important. How does this symbol represent respect and gratitude for veterans?

Veterans Day Writing Prompts for High School Students

  1. The effects of war on society: War not only impacts soldiers but also shapes societies in many ways. Reflect on the aftermath of a particular war of your choice, focusing on how it affected both the veterans and the society they returned to. Discuss the societal transformations, including advancements or setbacks in civil rights, technology, and societal norms, brought about by this war and the veterans who fought in it.

  2. From the eyes of a war correspondent: War correspondents provide us with firsthand accounts of wars and the experiences of veterans. They witness the events and the impacts they have on the soldiers. Imagine you’re a war correspondent assigned to cover a conflict. Write a series of diary entries detailing your experiences, the stories of soldiers you’ve met, and the psychological and emotional impacts these encounters have had on you.

  3. The role of literature and film in portraying veterans: Literature and film often serve as platforms to showcase the lives and experiences of veterans. Choose a novel, short story, or film that features a veteran as a central character. Write an essay analyzing how the narrative presents the veteran experience, and whether it contributes to or challenges stereotypical perceptions of veterans.

  4. In-depth Interview with a Veteran: Getting a firsthand account of a veteran’s experiences can provide valuable insights into the realities of military service. Prepare an interview with a veteran, creating thoughtful questions that delve into their motivations for joining the military, their experiences during service, their transition back to civilian life, and the impact of their service on their personal and professional lives.

  5. The impact of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): PTSD is a significant issue faced by many veterans. Write a research paper about the causes, symptoms, and treatments of PTSD in veterans, discussing how society and government can play a part in supporting veterans suffering from this condition.

  6. The intersection of service and identity: Military service intersects with aspects of personal identity like gender, race, and sexual orientation. Discuss how a veteran’s identity might influence their experiences in the military, considering both historical perspectives and current events.

  7. Veteran reintegration into civilian life: The transition from military to civilian life can be challenging for many veterans. Describe the hurdles veterans often face when reintegrating into civilian life, from employment to relationships to mental health, and propose solutions for easing this transition.

  8. Veterans as community leaders: Many veterans leverage their experiences and skills gained during their service to become leaders in their communities. Write a profile of a real or fictional veteran who has used their military background to make a difference in their community, exploring how their service experience contributed to their leadership style and community impact.