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30 Writing Prompts about Kindness

Writing Prompts about Kindness

Life can be pretty hectic, right?

Feels like everyone’s rushing around with a million things to do, and sometimes it’s easy to forget about being nice.

But guess what?

A tiny act of kindness can totally change someone’s day, and that good feeling can spread like wildfire.

We writers have a special power: we can use words to show the magic of kindness. So grab your notebook (or laptop, whatever works!), and let’s get started!

Here are some awesome prompts to spark your creativity and fill your stories with warm fuzzies and understanding.

Writing Prompts about Kindness

  1. Reimagining a World Revolving Around Kindness: Imagine a parallel universe where kindness is the most prized and valuable resource. Society is structured around the acts of kindness people perform, and this value is reflected in every social, economic, and political aspect. This gives you a chance to explore what such a society would look like, how it might function, and the potential challenges and benefits it would face.

  2. Historical Figure’s Act of Kindness: Choose a historical figure known for their contributions to science, politics, art, or any field, then craft a story based around an act of kindness they performed that may have been overlooked by history. This allows you to add depth to their character and explore the impact this act of kindness had on their life or the lives of others.

  3. A Ripple Effect of Kindness: Write a story that demonstrates the ‘ripple effect’ of one simple act of kindness. It starts with a character doing something kind for someone else, and then follows the chain reaction that takes place as each person pays it forward. Explore how these seemingly small actions can ultimately lead to significant changes in multiple lives.

  4. Kindness During Crisis: Imagine a setting amidst a crisis – a war, natural disaster, or a pandemic. Your main character is someone who consistently demonstrates acts of kindness despite the circumstances. This prompt will allow you to delve into the courage it takes to be kind when confronted with hardship, as well as the impact of such actions on those around them.

  5. Stranger’s Kindness: Write a story where a complete stranger unexpectedly shows kindness to your protagonist in a crucial moment. This encounter should significantly alter your protagonist’s perspective and impact their subsequent decisions. This is an opportunity to show the profound effects of unexpected kindness, and how it can change a person’s life trajectory.

  6. The Price of Being Kind: Often, kindness is seen as an inherently good trait. However, being kind can sometimes have negative consequences. Write a story where the protagonist’s act of kindness leads to an unexpected and challenging result. This invites a deeper examination of the complexities of human nature and the unforeseen impacts of our actions.

  7. Kindness as a Healing Mechanism: Explore a situation where a character uses kindness as a way to heal from personal trauma or grief. This act of kindness could be towards others who are experiencing similar situations, or it could be a form of self-kindness. This prompt encourages exploration of the therapeutic potential of kindness, and its power to help individuals cope with painful experiences.

  8. Acts of Kindness Amidst Harsh Realities: Set in a harsh environment – be it a dystopian future, a strict boarding school, or a high-pressure corporate job – a character insists on performing small acts of kindness. Even when these actions are not appreciated or reciprocated, they persist. Write a story exploring their motivations, resilience, and how their kindness eventually creates an impact.

  9. Traits of Non-Human Creatures: Write a story where the protagonist shares a special bond of kindness with an animal or a mythical creature. This unusual relationship should demonstrate how kindness transcends the barriers of language and species, and highlight the profound impacts that such a relationship can have on both parties involved.

  10. Forgiveness as an Act of Being Kind: The main character of your story is wronged in a significant way by someone they trusted. Over the course of the story, they must grapple with feelings of anger and betrayal, ultimately arriving at a place of forgiveness as an act of kindness to both themselves and the one who wronged them.

  11. Leadership traits: Write about a leader – be it a king, CEO, or captain of a sports team – who rules not by fear or authority but by kindness. Show how this approach influences their followers and the culture of the organization they lead, challenging common stereotypes about leadership and power dynamics.

  12. Posthumous Act: In your narrative, a character receives a surprising act of kindness from a loved one who has recently passed away. This act of kindness, planned before the loved one’s death, should serve as a powerful symbol of enduring love and have a significant impact on the character’s healing process.

  13. Kind towards the Elderly: Develop a story in which a young person regularly commits acts of kindness towards an elderly character. Show how this relationship based on kindness allows the two characters to learn from each other and develop a deep bond, despite their differences in age and experiences.

  14. A Child’s Perspective on Kindness: Write a story from the perspective of a young child who is learning about the concept of kindness for the first time. This can include their own attempts to be kind, their observations of kindness around them, and their reflections on the importance of kindness in their own innocent and unique way.

  15. Stories of Everyday Life: Craft a narrative around the small acts of kindness that a character performs in their everyday life, like making someone’s favourite meal, helping a stranger, or simply lending a listening ear to a friend. These acts might seem mundane, but they have a profound impact on the lives of the people around them, illuminating the extraordinary power of ordinary acts of kindness.

  16. The Quiet Helper: The main character in your story is someone who performs acts of kindness anonymously, never seeking recognition or thanks. Write a story exploring their motivations, the lengths they go to keep their identity secret, and the ultimate reveal of their identity. This prompt allows exploration of the idea that kindness itself can be its own reward.

  17. Kindness in Rebellion: Write about a character who, living in a society or system that values power and competition, quietly rebels by consistently practicing kindness. This prompt provides an opportunity to explore the revolutionary power of kindness in a world that often fails to appreciate it.

  18. Unseen Traits: Imagine a scenario where your main character has a secret admirer who expresses their affection through random acts of kindness. Over time, the character begins to notice these acts, and your story should explore their reactions, attempts to find the secret admirer, and the eventual revelation.

  19. A Change in the Antagonist: Craft a story where the antagonist, typically expected to be unkind or evil, is instead characterized by profound kindness. This twist allows for exploration of a different perspective on what it means to be an antagonist, challenging the traditional roles in a narrative.

  20. Kindness as a Bridge: Write a story where an act of kindness is the catalyst for bridging a deep cultural, social, or personal divide. This act could lead to an unexpected friendship, a resolution of a long-standing conflict, or a personal transformation that helps to break down barriers.

  21. Kindness in a Professional Setting: Explore a story where a character rises in their professional life not by being ruthless, but by being kind. Show how their approach influences their colleagues and redefines success within their workplace. This prompt encourages the exploration of how kindness can change professional environments.

  22. Acts of Kindness to the Environment: Write about a character who expresses their kindness through their relationship with the environment. This could involve actions like tree planting, animal rescue, or simply picking up trash on their walks. Through this story, you can underline the importance of treating our planet with kindness.

  23. Kindness Towards Oneself: Often, we forget to be kind to ourselves. Write a story where a character learns the importance of self-kindness after a personal setback or crisis. This story can emphasize the idea that being kind to oneself is as important as being kind to others.

  24. The Journey of an Act of Kindness: Imagine an act of kindness as a physical object, like a kindness stone. Write a story tracing its journey as it gets passed from person to person, exploring the effects it has on each individual who receives it and the ripple effect of kindness it creates.

  25. Kindness and Technology: Write a story about an AI or robot who is programmed to understand and practice human kindness. This prompt encourages reflection on the nature of kindness, and whether it’s something that can be artificially replicated or is uniquely human.

  26. A Kindness Misinterpreted: Create a scenario where a character’s act of kindness is misinterpreted, leading to unintended consequences. This could involve a misunderstanding, a cultural difference, or even a well-intended action that backfires. This explores the complexities of communication and intentions in acts of kindness.

  27. Kindness and Humor: Consider a character who uses humor as their way of spreading kindness, brightening people’s days, and helping others cope with tough situations. This character could be a comedian, a class clown, or a friend who always knows how to make people laugh. Explore how humor can be a unique form of kindness.

  28. Kindness in a Competitive Environment: Write a story set in a high-pressure, competitive environment like a sports competition or a top-tier university. The main character, despite the competitive atmosphere, chooses to be kind, to share, and to cooperate. This prompt encourages exploration of the impact of kindness in an environment where it’s unexpected.

  29. Random Acts of Kindness Day: Your character wakes up to find that today is ‘Random Acts of Kindness Day’ in their town. Everyone is participating, and the character decides to join in. The story should revolve around what they do, who they interact with, and how this day changes their perspective on kindness.

  30. Kindness Through Creativity: Write about a character who uses their creative talent (writing, painting, music, etc.) to spread kindness. This can involve creating a piece of art that brings joy, writing a song that uplifts someone, or using their work to convey messages of kindness and compassion. Explore the transformative and healing power of creative kindness.