24 Writing Prompts About Values

Writing Prompts about Values

Ever feel a little lost in the shuffle?

Like you’re chasing after goals that don’t quite resonate with your core self?

Yeah, us too.

That’s where values come in – those guiding principles that whisper (or sometimes shout) what truly matters to you.

This week, let’s ditch the writer’s block and dive deep with some prompts that will get you exploring your values and how they shape your story – be it a heart-wrenching novel, a hilarious blog post, or even that grocery list that always seems to go off the rails (seriously, who needs limes on pizza night?).

So grab your favorite pen, unleash your inner compass, and let’s get writing!

Writing Prompts About Values

  1. Consider a world where the norm is to hide the truth to maintain peace. However, two individuals challenge this system by vowing to always be truthful with each other, no matter the consequence. Dive into the challenges and rewards they face, and explore whether their bond grows stronger or if it strains under the weight of unfiltered truth. Does their commitment to honesty pave a new path for those around them or does it isolate them from society?

  2. In a bustling city, a tech mogul known for his miserliness discovers an old journal belonging to his great-grandmother, detailing her acts of generosity during trying times. As he reads through the entries, he begins to question his own values. Delve into his transformation, and how the past ripples through to influence and reshape his present actions.

  3. Write about a protagonist who, from a young age, is taught that loyalty is the ultimate virtue. This person grows up putting loyalty above all, often to their own detriment. Explore the situations where loyalty conflicts with other values like justice, honesty, or self-respect. What happens when the protagonist faces a dilemma that challenges their lifelong belief in blind loyalty?

  4. A small coastal town often faces the wrath of nature, with storms and floods being common. However, the spirit of the town remains unbroken, always rebuilding and moving forward. Dive deep into the lives of the townsfolk, understanding where this collective resilience stems from. Is it a shared history, a collective memory, or simply the human spirit’s refusal to give in?

  5. In a society that values practical skills and trades, one child shows an insatiable curiosity and thirst for academic knowledge. Despite facing ridicule and being labeled as ‘different’, the child remains steadfast in their quest for learning. Explore the journey of this child and how the pursuit of knowledge shapes their destiny and the world around them.

  6. A leader of a drought-stricken community faces a heart-wrenching decision: using the last of their water reserve for immediate relief or investing it in a long-term solution that could potentially save future generations but might also lead to current suffering. Dive into the emotional and moral complexities of this decision, examining what true sacrifice means.

  7. A soldier, conditioned to view the enemy as inhuman, finds a lost child from the opposing side. This encounter forces the soldier to grapple with their own deeply ingrained beliefs and prejudices. Discover the transformative power of empathy as it challenges years of indoctrination and changes the course of lives.

  8. An upcoming artist, on the verge of international fame, stumbles upon a letter written by their younger self, reminding them of the real reasons they pursued art. Confronted with their younger ideals and the impending allure of fame and fortune, the artist is at a crossroads. Narrate their inner journey as they explore what it truly means to remain humble in the face of overwhelming success.

  9. In a corporate landscape where cutting corners and unethical dealings are rampant, a young executive finds a mentor’s old notes on the importance of integrity. Each note poses a moral question or dilemma. As the executive faces similar challenges, delve into how these notes guide their decisions. Unravel the power of integrity in a world that often rewards its opposite.

  10. An astronaut on a solo mission faces an unexpected delay, extending their time alone in space. With limited communication and resources, they must rely on their training, but it’s their inner values and personal memories that keep them grounded. Highlight the inner strength derived from their past experiences and the values instilled in them from Earth.

  11. In a community where individualism reigns supreme, one individual stands out due to their undying compassion for others. However, this compassion often comes at a personal cost. Delve into the struggles and joys of living a life led by heart in a world that often celebrates the mind.

  12. In a culture where speaking out is frowned upon, a mute child has a unique way of standing up against injustices. Through actions, expressions, and unwavering determination, they communicate louder than words ever could. Explore how true courage can manifest in silence and resonate deeply with those who witness it.

  13. In a village where everything happens in a rushed tempo, an elder teaches a young protégé the value of patience through the art of traditional dance. Each movement tells a story of waiting, reflection, and understanding. Narrate how the slow rhythms of the dance transform not only the protégé but ripple through the impatient village, bringing about a harmonious change.

  14. After surviving a near-fatal accident, a young woman decides to track down and thank all the people who played even the tiniest roles in her recovery. Her journey becomes a testament to recognizing and appreciating the small acts of kindness that often go unnoticed. Unveil the profound connections and revelations born out of a simple act of expressing gratitude.

  15. A famed superhero gets all the attention and praise, but behind the scenes, there’s a team that supports and enables them, never seeking the limelight. Dive into the lives of these unsung heroes, understanding their motivations and the joy they derive from their selfless acts. Highlight the powerful narrative that not all heroes wear capes; some prefer the quiet corners of selfless deeds.

  16. In a competitive academy, a prodigious student constantly battles between the drive to be at the top and the core value of fairness instilled by their parents. This inner conflict is exacerbated when they come across an opportunity to unfairly advance their position. Examine the turmoil and growth of a young mind as it navigates the thin line between ambition and ethics.

  17. After the passing of a seemingly ordinary old man, a town discovers a diary filled with anonymous good deeds he carried out throughout his life. As stories unfold, the community is inspired to act in kind. Recount the cascade of actions that show how one person’s legacy can inspire an entire community to embrace kindness.

  18. In a society that values stoicism, a leader emerges who openly showcases their vulnerabilities, defying traditional norms. Through their leadership, they reveal that true strength can come from acknowledging and understanding our weakest points. Delve into how this unconventional approach influences a generation to redefine strength.

  19. A wealthy entrepreneur, during a vacation in a less privileged country, experiences firsthand the environmental and societal impact of their business practices. Returning home, they’re faced with the moral responsibility of making amends. Explore the journey of rectification and the ripple effects of taking global responsibility.

  20. In a divided world, a young individual decides to embark on a project: for a year, they’ll interact with everyone they meet — regardless of status, appearance, or beliefs — with deep respect. Detail the transformative experiences and encounters that arise from treating every individual with sincere reverence.

  21. After a tumultuous childhood marked by betrayal, a person receives a heartfelt letter of apology from their estranged parent. Torn between the painful memories of the past and the potential of a renewed relationship, they grapple with the profound nature of forgiveness. Narrate the internal battle and the eventual path they choose in their quest for closure.

  22. In a technologically advanced society obsessed with novelty, a family chooses to disconnect from the digital realm for a month, seeking a simpler, traditional way of life. Through their journey, they discover the joy, challenges, and unexpected lessons of simplicity. Unearth the profound insights that come from stepping away from complexity and embracing life’s basic joys.

  23. As modernity sweeps through a culturally rich town, a group of elders rallies the younger generation to preserve their traditions. Through festivals, stories, and age-old practices, they seek to remind the youth of their roots. Highlight the importance and relevance of traditions in shaping identities amidst the tide of change.

  24. A billionaire, at the peak of their success, realizes that their material wealth hasn’t brought them genuine happiness. They decide to embark on a journey, shedding their riches, to discover the true essence of wealth. Capture their transformative experiences as they uncover the intangible riches that life has to offer.