24 Writing Prompts About Water

Writing Prompts about Water

Water is everywhere, from the crashing waves of the ocean to the gentle trickle of a mountain stream. It’s life-giving, powerful, and mysterious. It can be a place of peace or a raging storm.

But how about trying to add it as a theme in your story?

Finding it hard to believe?

With these writing prompts, it’s going to be quite easy.

Let’s check them out.

Writing Prompts About Water

  1. The Water Guardian: In a remote village, water is believed to be protected by a mythical guardian. Every year, the villagers hold a grand festival to appease this guardian, ensuring a consistent water supply. Write a story from the perspective of a curious journalist who attends this festival for the first time and discovers a hidden truth about the guardian.

  2. The Last Freshwater Source: Earth has been hit with a severe drought, and only one known freshwater source remains. Nations are on the brink of war, trying to secure this precious resource. Pen a tale about a group of unlikely allies who embark on a journey to find a secret water source, based on ancient legends.

  3. The Memory of Water: It’s said that water has memory, and can retain the essence of everything it has touched. A scientist develops a device that can playback these memories. Craft a story about the first trial of this device and the deep secrets it reveals.

  4. The Waterborne Heirloom: A family passes down a vial of water through generations, believed to have been collected from the tear of a saint. This water is believed to bring blessings and prosperity. Narrate a tale of a family member who loses the vial and the journey they undertake to find it.

  5. The Ocean’s Message: Beachgoers across the world begin to find mysterious bottles with messages inside, all appearing to be from the same source: the ocean itself. These messages offer wisdom, warnings, and sometimes predictions. Write a story about a marine biologist who starts investigating this phenomenon and the profound impact it has on humanity.

  6. The Desert Mirage: An explorer is stranded in a desert with minimal water. Just when hope is almost lost, he spots a body of water in the distance. Desperate, he pursues it, but it seems ever elusive. Dive into a narrative about the psychological and emotional journey he experiences, questioning reality and mirage.

  7. The Healing Waters of Eldora: In a far-off land, there’s a river said to cure any ailment. However, its location is a well-guarded secret. Write a story about a young girl seeking these waters for her ailing mother and the challenges she faces along the way.

  8. The Water Clock: An old watchmaker creates a timepiece that doesn’t run on batteries or winding, but on water. This water clock is said to have the power to manipulate time in mysterious ways. Describe a day in the life of someone who discovers the watch and decides to use it.

  9. The Uncharted Waters: Deep beneath the earth in a secluded cave system, there exists a body of water no human has ever touched. Its shimmering surface hides secrets of the past. Write about a team of explorers who decide to plunge into these waters and the ancient civilization they unearth.

  10. Rain’s Whisper: Every time it rains, a woman claims she hears whispers amongst the raindrops, telling stories of places far and wide. Initially dismissed as mere fantasy, she starts sharing undeniable facts about people she’s never met. Craft a story of how she decodes these whispers and the journey it sets her on.

  11. The Waterless Town: A town wakes up to find all its water sources have inexplicably dried up overnight. Panic ensues, but amongst the chaos, the townsfolk discover old legends hinting at a solution. Narrate the town’s collective effort to decipher the legends and restore their water.

  12. Tears of the Moon: Once every century, it’s said that the moon weeps, and its tears fall to Earth as crystals with unique powers. An astrologer predicts the next “moon’s weep” is imminent. Write a tale about the global hunt to find these moon tears and the competition and collaboration it ignites.

  13. Bottled Emotions: A peculiar shop sells bottles filled with water labeled with different emotions. Drinking them can let one experience the emotion intensely. Delve into a story about someone who becomes addicted to drinking these bottled emotions and the consequences that follow.

  14. The Iceberg’s Heart: An ancient tale speaks of a unique iceberg that hides a beating heart within, possessing the power to influence global climates. As erratic weather patterns plague the Earth, a team is formed to seek out this mythical iceberg. Narrate their perilous journey and the profound discoveries they make along the way.

  15. The Dancer of the Rain: A town venerates a dancer believed to have the power to invoke rain through her dance. As the town faces a severe drought, the pressure on the dancer grows. Write about her internal struggles, the town’s expectations, and the climactic performance that changes everything.

  16. River of Dreams: At night, a river in a secluded forest is said to show the dreams of people who touch its waters. An insomniac, desperate to dream again, visits this river. Describe his experience as he delves into a world of dreams and confronts his deepest fears and desires.

  17. The Water Librarian: In an old, dusty library, there’s a section where bottled waters from all over the world are stored. Each bottle holds not just water but the memories and emotions of the place it was sourced from. Write about a visitor who accidentally spills one of these bottles and is suddenly flooded with experiences not their own.

  18. The Drought’s Gift: In a world suffering from relentless drought, people have adapted to live without water. But when water suddenly begins to flow again, it brings with it more than relief. Narrate the story of a village discovering the unexpected consequences and gifts of the returning waters.

  19. The Forbidden Lake: Legends warn of a beautiful, crystal-clear lake nestled in the mountains, where those who swim in its waters never return. An intrepid explorer, driven by skepticism and curiosity, seeks out this lake. Detail her journey as she confronts the mesmerizing allure of the lake and unravels its truth.

  20. Aqua Virtuoso: In a bustling city, there’s a street musician who plays a unique instrument that uses water to produce hauntingly beautiful melodies. As people listen, they’re transported to memories they’ve long forgotten. Write a tale about a listener who reconnects with a pivotal moment in their past, prompted by the water music.

  21. The Rain Painter: Rainfall in a quaint town always brings with it stunning murals that appear on the ground, believed to be the artworks of an unknown entity called the “Rain Painter”. A young artist decides to catch this elusive figure in action. Delve into his quest as he unravels the mystery behind these watery works of art.

  22. The Sea’s Silence: The oceans go eerily silent, with waves no longer crashing on shores and marine life mysteriously disappearing. Amidst this global enigma, a deep-sea researcher receives cryptic signals from the ocean’s depths. Describe her underwater expedition as she seeks to communicate with the silent abyss and restore the world’s waters.

  23. The Watery Portal: Inside a forgotten temple, a pool of water serves as a portal to alternate realities. A historian, researching the temple’s origins, unwittingly steps into the pool. Detail his adventures as he navigates a world both familiar and alien, seeking a way back home.

  24. Echoes of the Flood: In a post-apocalyptic world, stories of the “Great Flood” that reshaped the Earth are passed down through generations. A curious teenager finds a water-damaged journal that hints at the reality of those times. Write about her journey as she deciphers the journal, revealing untold tales of heroism and loss during the flood.