24 Writing Prompts About Violence

Writing Prompts about Violence


Yeesh, it’s been around forever, right?

Like, since the beginning of time people have been brawling, fighting wars, the whole shebang. And it’s not exactly a feel-good topic. Makes you think of yucky stuff, like anger, fear, and all that.

But hey, ignoring it won’t make it disappear. So, we’re gonna dig into this whole violence thing, but not in a way that glorifies it or makes it seem super exciting (cause, ew). We want to understand why it happens, the different ways it shows up, and the impact it has.

From war and crime to stuff that happens behind closed doors, violence can be loud or quiet, but it’s always important. So, buckle up and get ready to explore the dark side of humanity, but remember, even in the shadows, we can learn a lot.

These prompts are gonna be your guides on this wild ride.

Writing Prompts About Violence

  1. Dive into the life of a soldier returning from a gruesome war. While physically he/she appears unscathed, the emotional and mental scars run deep. Explore the challenges he/she faces reintegrating into society and the internal battles that are often just as challenging as those on the battlefield. How does the violence of war continue to haunt this soldier in times of peace?

  2. An unexpected violent act in a small, tight-knit community has created a shockwave of emotions, distrust, and paranoia among its residents. Narrate the story from multiple perspectives, showcasing how one act of violence can change the dynamics of relationships and the overall atmosphere in a community. How does the community cope and rebuild after being shattered by an act of brutality?

  3. Write from the perspective of an adult who, as a child, witnessed a violent crime. This traumatic event has been suppressed for years but suddenly begins to manifest in unexpected ways, affecting relationships, job performance, and overall mental health. How does confronting the past reshape this individual’s future?

  4. Explore the life of someone trapped in an abusive relationship, constantly living in fear and walking on eggshells. As days go by, they muster the courage to find a way out, seeking help and trying to rebuild a life that has been overshadowed by violence. What is the final straw that pushes them to say enough is enough?

  5. Narrate a story of a notorious school bully who, after a life-altering event, decides to reform and make amends. As he/she tries to change, they are confronted by their past victims and the consequences of their violent actions. Can genuine remorse and actions lead to forgiveness and redemption?

  6. Dive deep into the underbelly of urban gang violence. Through the eyes of a young member, explore the reasons behind his involvement, the allure of power, the bonds of brotherhood, and the seemingly never-ending cycle of revenge. What might motivate him to find a way out, knowing the risks of leaving the gang behind?

  7. Set in a posh and affluent neighborhood, tell the story of a household that, from the outside, appears perfect. Behind closed doors, however, lies a tale of domestic violence, fear, and suppression. How does the victim navigate this dual life, balancing society’s expectations and personal safety?

  8. Focus on the emotional and psychological violence faced by someone in a controlling and manipulative relationship. While there might not be physical scars, the mental wounds are deep, leading to a loss of identity, self-worth, and independence. How does one regain their voice and autonomy when it’s been silenced for so long?

  9. Delve into the life of someone dealing with the aftermath of a violent crime. While they weren’t the direct victim, they were an unintended witness, and the images have taken root in their mind, leading to hallucinations, nightmares, and paranoia. How does this individual navigate daily life with such haunting memories?

  10. Chronic workplace bullying has pushed an employee to their limits. The mental and emotional torment from superiors and colleagues alike becomes unbearable. This story showcases the thin line between self-defense and premeditated retaliation. What events transpire when they finally decide to stand up against their tormentors?

  11. An innocent bystander gets caught in a violent altercation between two parties in a public space. The aftermath leaves the bystander physically impaired, and they must navigate the challenges that come with their newfound disability. How does this event change the trajectory of their life and their perspective on random acts of violence?

  12. An up-and-coming celebrity is stalked and assaulted by an obsessed fan. Beyond the physical assault, the trauma magnifies due to the media’s glare and insensitivity. This narrative delves into the celebrity’s personal journey of healing in the public eye. How does one find peace when privacy is stolen both by an assailant and the public?

  13. Set in a prison, explore the life of an inmate incarcerated for a violent crime they committed in their youth. Decades later, they are on the verge of parole. As the date approaches, they grapple with guilt, the quest for redemption, and the fear of societal retribution. Can society ever truly accept and reintegrate someone with such a past?

  14. In a bustling city, a journalist stumbles upon an underground fight club where the stakes are alarmingly high. As they delve deeper, they uncover stories of individuals forced into violence due to debt, blackmail, or sheer desperation. What happens when the journalist gets too close to the truth and becomes a part of the very story they’re trying to tell?

  15. Set in a remote village, where an age-old tradition justifies violent rites of passage for young members to be accepted as adults. A young protagonist challenges these practices, facing ostracization and threats. How does one confront and change violent customs deeply rooted in cultural beliefs and tradition?

  16. A tourist in a foreign land gets embroiled in a violent misunderstanding due to language barriers and cultural differences. The narrative explores their desperate attempts to navigate unfamiliar terrain, legal systems, and local hostility. How does one ensure survival when they are misunderstood and isolated in a foreign environment?

  17. Delve into the life of a law enforcement officer who, after a particularly violent altercation, struggles with PTSD. While their duty is to protect and serve, the violence they witness daily takes a toll on their mental health. How does the officer reconcile personal trauma with professional duty, especially when their mental stability is questioned?

  18. In a town with a history of feuds, two families have been at odds for generations. Every generation has witnessed violence and bloodshed. A young member from one family falls in love with someone from the opposing family, leading to heightened tensions. Can love pave a path to reconciliation, or will history repeat itself once more?

  19. A medical professional working in the emergency room is constantly exposed to the aftermath of violent incidents, from accidents to intentional harm. One day, they recognize a victim. This personal connection forces them to confront their own feelings about violence and its effects. How does treating someone they know alter their perspective on the daily violence they witness?

  20. A top athlete, celebrated by the masses, hides a dark secret of resorting to violence off the field. When their actions are finally exposed, the public grapples with the duality of their persona. How does society reconcile with the idea that their heroes can be deeply flawed?

  21. In a dystopian society where expressing negative emotions is prohibited, citizens found guilty of aggression are severely punished. A protagonist inadvertently commits a violent act and is now on the run. How does one seek refuge in a world where anger and aggression are the gravest sins?

  22. In a future where virtual reality (VR) is as common as smartphones, a VR game goes too far, blurring the lines between the virtual and real. Participants begin enacting the game’s violence in the real world. What happens when technology desensitizes individuals to real-world consequences?

  23. A student scribbles a violent scene in their journal, which is accidentally discovered by a peer. Rumors spread, leading to panic among students, teachers, and parents. Delve into the psyche of the student and the cascading effects of assumptions and misunderstandings. How does the community address perceived threats in an age of heightened sensitivity to violence?

  24. A security guard at a museum witnesses a violent theft of a priceless artifact. Now, they must decide whether to intervene and risk their life or be a silent observer to the crime. The narrative delves into the internal conflict between duty and self-preservation. What choices arise when personal safety clashes with moral responsibility?