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24 Fun Writing Prompts for High School

Fun Writing Prompts for High School

You know writing is a big deal, right?

Not just boring school stuff, but a way to unleash your inner genius and have some laughs along the way. Remember way back in middle school when we used to write all kinds of crazy stories?

Well, high school’s no different!

We can still get our creative juices flowing and flex our brain muscles, all while having a blast.

These prompts are like springboards to launch you into a world of wacky stories and side-splitting essays. Use them in class, at home, wherever! They’re guaranteed to get your imagination firing on all cylinders and make you love writing even more.

So, ditch the textbooks, grab a pen and paper (or your laptop, whatever floats your boat!), and let’s get lost in a world of awesome words and hilarious stories!

Fun Writing Prompts for High School 

  1. In your school, there has always been a legend of a haunted library. Some say it’s the ghost of a former librarian, others claim it’s an unsolved mystery. One day, curiosity gets the best of you and you decide to unravel the truth. Your investigation starts after school hours when everyone has gone home. Use descriptive language to make your readers feel the suspense and mystery.
    Write a thrilling narrative about your investigation and what you discovered in the haunted library.

  2. Your school has organized an ordinary field trip, or so it seems. Suddenly, your bus gets sucked up by a gigantic UFO. Inside, you meet benevolent aliens who are eager to learn about earth and its culture. The aliens agree to return you safely but on one condition: teach them about humanity.
    Write a fascinating story about your unique teaching experience on this extraterrestrial school trip.

  3. Your bio teacher assigns a project to research about a specific body organ. But there’s a twist: you discover a machine that can that can transform you into that body organ firsthand. You can now talk to other organs and see how they feel being inside a human body.
    Write a gripping and funny dialogue exchange between these body organs outlining each of the positives and negatives.

  4. One day, everyone in your school receives a superpower through a worldwide lottery. Chaos ensues as the students grapple with their newfound abilities. You get the power of your dreams. The situation can be chaotic, thrilling, or scary, but it is certainly unprecedented.
    Write a captivating story about a day in this new ‘super’ school and how you utilized your superpower.

  5. The school mascot, a usually lifeless costume, suddenly comes to life. It holds the secrets to an untold school mystery. With this mascot, you go on an unexpected adventure to uncover these secrets.
    Write an imaginative story detailing your adventures with the magical school mascot.

  6. Romeo and Juliet has suddenly come back to life. They are trying to run away from the grip of their tragic fate. As they awaken in the ancient Veronese crypt where they once lay side by side, Romeo and Juliet find themselves consumed by a desperate desire to escape the relentless cycle of their ill-fated love. You are now in charge of saving them from further misery.
    Write an enchanting tale about your heroic escapades. Ensure that it is funny and not as tragic as the original story.

  7. It’s the time of the year for the school election. This year, an alien student who recently transferred decides to run for school president. What kind of changes does this candidate propose? How do the students and the faculty react? Does it affect your daily school routine?
    Write a compelling story about this unique school election and the consequences of its results.

  8. For your science fair project, you unknowingly create a device that can counteract the most devastating environmental challenges faced by Earth. Suddenly, government agents show up at your doorstep. The fate of the world hangs in your hands.
    Write a suspenseful tale about your journey with the government to save the world.

  9. The school’s pet hamster suddenly starts talking to you. It tells you about its secret life and the adventures it goes on when everyone else leaves for the day. The tales it tells are far more exciting than your usual school day.
    Write an intriguing story about the hamster’s secret adventures and your role in them.

  10. Your school is built atop a dormant dragon’s lair. One day, the dragon wakes up. The school is terrified, but the dragon seems peaceful and shares ancient knowledge and wisdom. Your interaction with the dragon changes your school life drastically.
    Write a heartwarming story about your interactions with the dragon and the impact it has on your school.

  11. During a scientific experiment in your school, something goes wrong and you swap bodies with your best friend. Now you have to live your friend’s life while navigating your own from a different perspective. Both of you need to find a way to reverse the experiment before anyone finds out.
    Write an engaging story about this body-swapping adventure and how it changed your mentality about your best friend.

  12. While exploring your school, you stumble upon an entrance to a secret underground society of students. This society has its own rules, traditions, and even its own government. You get inducted and become a part of this secret world.
    Write a fascinating narrative about your experiences in this underground society and how it changes your school life.

  13. Hidden in your school’s basement is a portal to another dimension. You and your friends decide to explore it, leading to a series of strange and intriguing events. The other dimension is full of fantastical creatures and surreal landscapes.
    Write a captivating story about your journey to another dimension and your efforts to return to your own.

  14. The props for your school play suddenly become magical. The sword actually cuts, the crown bestows royal authority, the wand casts real spells. This change turns your simple school play into a roller-coaster of real adventures.
    Write a dramatic story about the extraordinary school play and the chaos and adventure that ensues.

  15. Your school is known for having unusual pets. But one day, these pets transform into mystical creatures – the rabbit becomes a unicorn, the turtle turns into a dragon, and the parrot morphs into a phoenix. You are the only one who notices this change.
    Write an exciting tale about how you manage these mystical creatures and maintain normalcy at school.

  16. Your school grounds suddenly transform into a treasure island, filled with pirates, treasure maps, and hidden chests. To return everything back to normal, you must find the coveted treasure.
    Write an adventurous story about your journey as a treasure hunter in your own school.

  17. What starts as a simple food fight in the cafeteria escalates into a school-wide revolution for better food and student rights. As a leader, you have to manage this rebellion while negotiating with the school administration.
    Write a compelling story about this food fight revolution, the challenges you faced, and the outcome.

  18. You discover that the school janitor’s mop is actually a time-traveling device. The janitor becomes your guide as you travel through different times, learning about history firsthand and experiencing incredible adventures.
    Write an exhilarating story about your time-traveling adventures and the impact it has on your perspective of history.

  19. You stumble upon a secret that your school principal leads a double life as a famous superhero. You are now caught between keeping this secret and the fascinating events that unfold as you get drawn into this new world of heroes and villains.
    Write a gripping gothic narrative about your discovery and the thrilling events that follow.

  20. One day, your school building transforms into a giant robot. It has chosen you as its pilot to defend the city from an impending alien invasion. Your school days now involve not just homework but also strategic defense plans.
    Write an adventurous tale about how you manage your dual life as a student and a robot pilot.

  21. Your school implements a new teaching method: using virtual reality for all classes. But one day, you and your classmates find yourselves unable to log out and stuck in this virtual school. You have to solve different challenges to escape.
    Write a thrilling narrative about your virtual reality adventure and how you and your friends navigate through it to return to reality.

  22. During a practice session, the school choir realizes their harmonies have a magical effect – they can manipulate emotions, heal, or even control the weather. But this newfound power must be handled carefully.
    Write an enchanting story about the choir’s magical adventures and the ethical dilemmas they face with their magical harmonies.

  23. At your school fair, there’s an old, seemingly ordinary carousel. However, this carousel transports its riders to different worlds. During a ride, you find yourself in a mystical land, and you must find your way back home.
    Write a captivating tale about the world you discover and the challenges you face on your journey back home.

  24. News of Harry Potter’s upcoming visit to your school spread like wildfire through the enchanted corridors and among the buzzing students. The halls were adorned with decorations inspired by Hogwarts, and anticipation filled the air. Write a story capturing the magical chaos that unfolds as students prepare for and welcome the Boy Who Lived to their school.