20 Writing Prompts for Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet Writing Prompts

Still obsessed with Romeo and Juliet?

Us too!

This classic love story of feuding fams and star-crossed lovers is like the ultimate drama.

But what if you are allowed to draft the story in your own style and language?

We’re talking about changing the ending, getting inside the heads of side characters, and basically messing around with this epic love story in any way you can imagine.

Finding it tough to believe?

Here are the prompts to make you understand it better.

20 Writing Prompts for Romeo and Juliet

  1. Imagine the climax of “Romeo and Juliet,” where Juliet awakens from her deep slumber only to find Romeo lying next to her, supposedly dead. However, what if Friar Lawrence’s sleeping potion failed to work on Juliet? Suppose Juliet is aware and awake when Romeo drinks the poison. How would the narrative change? Would Juliet reach out to stop him, or would she be immobilized by the shock?
    Transform this iconic tragedy into a new narrative by exploring the possibilities if Juliet was conscious during Romeo’s final moments.

  2. Romeo and Juliet were known for their deep and passionate love, but there were still many words unspoken, many feelings unexpressed. Think of all the love letters Romeo might have written but never sent. These could be letters full of his deepest desires, fears, and dreams—personal reflections too raw or vulnerable to share even with Juliet. What secrets did he keep to himself? What hopes for their future did he dare not voice?
    Pen those unsent letters from Romeo to Juliet, diving deeper into his character and illuminating the unspoken aspects of their tragic love story.

  3. Consider a parallel universe where the Montagues and the Capulets, far from being bitter enemies, are close allies. Romeo and Juliet’s love is not forbidden, but welcomed with open arms. How would their relationship evolve in such a world? Would their love story be as passionate and dramatic without the barrier of their feuding families, or would they still find other obstacles in their path?
    Rewrite the “Romeo and Juliet” narrative in a world without family feud. Explore how love can flourish or falter without societal barriers.

  4. Juliet is a character who is often seen only in the context of her relationship with Romeo. But what about Juliet before Romeo came into her life? What were her dreams, her fears, her hopes, and her ambitions? What kind of future did she envision for herself? What did she aspire to be, and what were her personal values?
    Step into Juliet’s shoes in the years preceding Romeo’s entrance, developing a deeper understanding of her as an individual outside of her infamous romance.

  5. The tale of Romeo and Juliet is often told from the perspective of the main characters or the narrator. Imagine if it were recounted by a servant in the Capulet house—a silent witness to the unfolding love story, the secret marriage, and the tragic end. This servant could provide a unique perspective on events and characters, informed by their own beliefs, biases, and experiences.
    Rewrite this classic tale from the point of view of a peripheral character. How does the servant interpret the happenings in the Capulet house? What new insights can their unique perspective bring to this timeless story?

  6. Consider a scenario where Mercutio’s ghost lingers after his untimely death, observing the tragic series of events that follow. What are his thoughts, reactions, and emotions as he watches his best friend, Romeo, and Juliet proceed towards their fate? How does his perspective on love, loyalty, and friendship evolve beyond the grave?
    Resurrect Mercutio as a spectral observer and infuse this tragedy with his lively commentary, wry humor, and profound insights about love and life.

  7. Paris, the noble suitor of Juliet, is often overlooked in the shadow of the ill-fated lovers. His role, however, is significant. What if Paris had been more assertive, challenging Romeo, or had discovered Juliet’s secret marriage? Explore Paris’s feelings of being the jilted lover and his potential reactions to the forbidden love between Romeo and Juliet.
    Narrate the story from Paris’s point of view, elaborating on his unrequited love and his struggle to win Juliet’s affections amidst the ongoing chaos.

  8. Traditionally, Romeo and Juliet is a tale of tragic love. But what if it weren’t? Reimagine the story with a happy ending, where Romeo and Juliet manage to escape Verona together, or their families end their feud in time to prevent the tragedy. How would their lives and characters evolve in the absence of their untimely deaths?
    Rewrite this tragedy as a tale of triumphant love. How does a happier outcome alter the characters’ development and their relationships with each other?

  9. Friar Lawrence plays a significant role in Romeo and Juliet’s secret marriage and their subsequent deaths. Explore the aftermath of the lovers‘ deaths from the Friar’s perspective. How does he cope with the knowledge that his actions directly influenced their fate? Delve into his guilt, remorse, and perhaps his attempts at seeking redemption.
    Detail the emotional turmoil and guilt Friar Lawrence endures following the tragic demise of Romeo and Juliet. Can he ever find peace or forgiveness?

  10. Romeo and Juliet’s lives were cut short before they could truly live out their dreams. Imagine what these dreams might have been. What kind of life did they envision together? Where would they have lived? How many children would they have had? What adventures would they have undertaken?
    Craft a series of vignettes that showcase Romeo and Juliet’s dreams of their shared future, emphasizing the depth of their love and the potential of what could have been.

  11. Tybalt is known as the hotheaded Capulet who despises all Montagues, but delve into his psyche to uncover what fuels this hatred. Explore a possibility where Tybalt secretly yearns for the affection and acknowledgement that Juliet, his cousin, receives from their family. How does this hidden jealousy factor into his violent animosity towards Romeo?
    Develop a backstory for Tybalt that explains his aggressive demeanor and offers a fresh perspective on his character as the main villain.

  12. Transport Romeo and Juliet to a modern-day high school setting. Romeo is the popular jock, while Juliet is the quiet, studious girl. Despite their vastly different social circles, they find a connection that transcends the barriers of teenage hierarchy. How does this change in setting and dynamics impact their relationship?
    Modernize the classic tale of star-crossed lovers, examining the challenges they would face in today’s society.

  13. The Nurse is a character deeply invested in Juliet’s happiness. Imagine some unseen acts of kindness that she might have performed to ensure Juliet’s welfare. Perhaps she went to great lengths to keep Juliet’s marriage a secret, or maybe she tried to manipulate events in favor of the young lovers.
    Illuminate the unseen heroics of the Nurse, and explore the depth of her affection and loyalty towards Juliet.

  14. The feud between the Capulets and Montagues is a central theme in Romeo and Juliet, but the origin of their enmity is never explicitly explained. Write a backstory for this centuries-old feud. What event sparked this hatred? How has this animosity evolved over the years, and how does it continue to shape the lives of these families?
    Embark on a journey to the past and lay the foundation for one of literature’s most infamous family feuds.

  15. Benvolio is the peacekeeper, often caught in the crossfire between the warring families. Dive into his internal struggles as he navigates the dangerous waters of family loyalty and personal beliefs. How does he feel being the voice of reason in a world blinded by hatred? What personal sacrifices does he make in his attempt to maintain peace?
    Explore Benvolio’s character more deeply, shedding light on the challenges of being a peacemaker amidst the turbulent Capulet-Montague feud.

  16. Rosaline is the woman Romeo is infatuated with before meeting Juliet, yet she barely gets any attention in the play. What if Rosaline had reciprocated Romeo’s feelings? How would the narrative shift if there was a love triangle between Romeo, Juliet, and Rosaline?
    Weave a tale from Rosaline’s perspective, exploring her feelings for Romeo and her tragic fall when he suddenly shifts his affections to Juliet.

  17. The city of Verona is an implicit character in “Romeo and Juliet,” its streets witnessing the clandestine meetings and violent brawls of the play’s action. What if the city could narrate the events that transpired within its walls?
    Write a descriptive narrative from Verona’s perspective, painting a vivid picture of the city’s atmosphere, its inhabitants, and the tragic love story unfolding in its streets.

  18. Consider a twist where Lady Montague, Romeo’s mother, and Lord Capulet, Juliet’s father, had a secret past relationship. How would this revelation affect the storyline? How does this relationship shape the events and their reactions to the tragic outcomes?
    Explore the clandestine relationship between Lady Montague and Lord Capulet, and its impact on the tragic tale of their children.

  19. There are many crucial moments in Romeo and Juliet where a minute’s delay or haste could have changed the entire course of the story. Choose one such moment and freeze time. Dwell in the possibilities, emotions, thoughts, and actions within that suspended moment.
    Select a pivotal scene from the play and extend it into a full opinionated narrative, delving into the profound implications of that frozen moment in time.

  20. Suppose Romeo successfully escaped to Mantua after killing Tybalt. Juliet joins him there, and they start a new life far away from the feuding families. What kind of life do they build? How do they deal with their past and the shadows of their old lives.
    Create an alternate timeline for Romeo and Juliet, showcasing their lives as they escape Verona’s feud and attempt to build a peaceful existence together in Mantua.