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100 Fall Writing Prompts for Middle School

Fall Writing Prompts for Middle School

Leaves are turning yellow, there’s a cool breeze blowing, and it’s basically the best time to write.

That’s the fall season for you.

Check out these super cool writing prompts, perfect for anyone in middle school.

Whether you’re the next J.K. Rowling, a poetry pro, or just want to improve your writing, these prompts will spark your imagination and get you crafting epic stories.

Let’s do this!

Fall Writing Prompts for Middle School 

  1. Haunted School: Imagine that your school is haunted. Describe a day from the perspective of the ghost.

  2. Perfect Pumpkin: Write a story about a town’s annual pumpkin carving contest and a kid who has never won before.

  3. First Leaf of Fall: What if the first leaf that falls in autumn grants a single wish? What would you wish for and why?

  4. The Harvest Moon: Create a fantasy story centered around the Harvest Moon. How does its appearance change your town?

  5. Autumn Festival: Your town has an annual fall festival. This year, something completely unexpected happens. What is it and how does the town react?

  6. Football Season: Describe the energy in your town during the middle school football season. What if a mysterious new student turns the season around?

  7. Migratory Birds: You wake up one day to discover you can understand the language of the migratory birds. What do they talk about?

  8. Apple Harvest: What if one apple from the town’s apple harvest gives a person special abilities? Describe the chaos that ensues when everyone finds out.

  9. The Scarecrow: Write a story from the perspective of a scarecrow watching the seasons change.

  10. Haunted Hayride: Your friends dare you to go on a haunted hayride alone. Describe your experience.

  11. Sweater Weather: You pull your favorite sweater out of storage, only to find it now has the ability to make you invisible. How do you use this newfound power?

  12. Leaf Piles: Every year, you and your friends have a contest to see who can build the biggest leaf pile. This year, something strange happens when you jump in. What is it?

  13. Thanksgiving Play: You’ve been chosen to write this year’s Thanksgiving play for the school. Share the storyline.

  14. Cider Mill: Your family owns a cider mill. During the fall, it becomes a magical place. Describe a typical day during the busiest part of the season.

  15. Lost in Corn Maze: You get lost in a corn maze and stumble upon a secret society. Describe your adventure.

  16. The Colors of Fall: If the colors of fall had distinct personalities, what would they be like? Write a dialogue between them.

  17. A Special Recipe: Your grandma gives you a special recipe to bake for the school’s autumn bake-off. What makes the recipe so unique?

  18. Falling Stars: One autumn night, a star falls from the sky into your backyard. What happens next?

  19. Change: Fall is a season of change. Write a story about a major change in your character’s life during this season.

  20. Haunted Library Book: You find an old, haunted book in the school library. You start reading it daily, and after every 7 days, strange things start happening. Describe your experiences.

  21. The Last Day of Summer: Write a story about how you and your friends spent the last day of summer before school began.

  22. The Autumn Equinox: Describe how your town celebrates the autumn equinox.

  23. The Fall Spirit: You have the ability to control the spirit of autumn. What do you do with your power?

  24. Mysterious Pecan Pie: You bake a pecan pie for a school event, but anyone who eats it starts acting very strangely.

  25. The Bonfire Party: What happens at the school’s annual bonfire night that takes everyone by surprise?

  26. Winds of Change: One windy fall day, the wind whispers secrets to you. What are they and how do they change your life?

  27. The Acorn Pendant: You find an acorn pendant that has the ability to transport you back in time. Where do you go?

  28. The Great Acorn Hunt: Every fall, your town has a great acorn hunt. This year, you find an acorn that’s different from the others.

  29. Foggy Morning: One foggy fall morning, you notice something strange and eerie in the fog. What is it?

  30. Haunted House on the Hill: Tell the tale of the haunted house on the hill and the brave middle schoolers who decided to explore it.

  31. Daylight Saving: How would life change if daylight saving was never reverted back?

  32. Fallen Leaves Fortune Teller: There’s a rumor that a pile of fallen leaves can predict your future. What does it predict for you?

  33. Thanksgiving from the Turkey’s POV: Write a story about Thanksgiving from the turkey’s point of view.

  34. Chrysanthemum Magic: The chrysanthemums in your garden bloom with a strange magic during fall. What happens when they do?

  35. Autumn’s Soundtrack: Every fall, you hear a song no one else can. What does it sound like this year?

  36. Halloween Costume: Your Halloween costume is the most convincing and it comes to life for a night.

  37. Thanksgiving Gone Wrong: Your family is in charge of the town’s Thanksgiving dinner, but everything goes wrong. How do you save the day?

  38. Football Hero: A timid student becomes the hero of the middle school’s football game. How does it happen?

  39. Harvest Carnival Mystery: Something valuable goes missing during the annual harvest carnival. How do you solve the mystery?

  40. Squirrel’s Stash: You find a squirrel’s stash of acorns that grants you a special power each time you touch one. Write about the change in your mentality.

  41. Candy Corn Conundrum: Your town’s candy corn supply vanishes days before Halloween. What happens next?

  42. Wishful Maple Leaf: A special maple leaf grants you three wishes. What do you wish for and what are the consequences?

  43. Wildlife Preparations: What if you could see and understand how the wildlife prepares for winter? Describe their activities.

  44. Autumn in a Bottle: You’ve found a way to capture autumn in a bottle. What happens when you open it during another season?

  45. The Caramel Apple Mystery: The caramel apples at the fall festival are causing people to switch bodies. How do you solve this mystery?

  46. Changing Seasons, Changing Friends: Describe how friendships change with the changing season from summer to fall.

  47. Winter Warning: The first frost comes exceptionally early, and it seems to carry a warning for the upcoming winter.

  48. Fall Garden: Your school decides to plant a fall garden. What unexpected thing do they grow?

  49. Unusual Halloween: Instead of trick or treating, your town has a different tradition. What is it?

  50. Frost Fairies: One chilly morning, you discover frost fairies at work. What do they do?

  51. Secret of the Old Barn: The old barn everyone avoids during fall hides a wonderful secret. What is it?

  52. Frightening Fall Folklore: Write your own piece of fall folklore that has been passed down through the generations in your town.

  53. Invent a Holiday: Invent a new holiday that could only occur in the fall. What traditions does it have?

  54. Autumn’s Arrival: How would the world change if autumn never arrived?

  55. Harvest Homecoming: Write about a heartwarming incident that takes place during your school’s harvest homecoming.

  56. Monster’s Thanksgiving: Write a story about how villainous monsters celebrate Thanksgiving.

  57. Autumn Adventure: You and your friends go on a classic fall adventure that goes awry.

  58. Jack-O-Lantern’s Wish: Your Jack-O-Lantern comes to life and has a wish. What is it and how do you help?

  59. The Great Fall Race: Write about an unusual fall-themed race held in your town.

  60. Sweater of Secrets: Your favorite fall sweater can store secrets. What secrets does it hold?

  61. Autumn Artists: The fall scenery inspires you and your friends to create a giant piece of public art. Describe the process and the final piece.

  62. Haunted History Report: For a history report, you uncover your town’s haunted past.

  63. Woodland Creatures’ Feast: You stumble upon a feast hosted by woodland creatures. Describe the experience.

  64. Autumn Charity Event: Your school hosts a charity event every fall. Write a story about this year’s event.

  65. Sunflower Field: Write a story about a sunflower field that only blooms in the fall.

  66. The Ghost of Autumn: Write a story about a ghost who can only appear during the fall season.

  67. Thanksgiving Parade: A mix-up puts you and your friends in charge of the town’s Thanksgiving Day parade. How do you handle it?

  68. Scary Story Contest: Your school holds a scary story contest. What story do you write?

  69. The Fall Fairies: Describe an encounter with fall fairies who live in the forest near your school.

  70. Apple Pie Recipe: You discover an old family apple pie recipe has a magic ingredient.

  71. Field Trip Gone Wrong: Your class’s fall field trip doesn’t go as planned. What happens?

  72. Campfire Stories: Write a story about the tales told around a campfire during a cool autumn evening.

  73. Forgotten Fall Festival: You discover a forgotten fall festival your town used to celebrate.

  74. Haunted Locker: Your school locker becomes haunted. How do you appease the ghost?

  75. Migration Marvel: You are suddenly able to join the birds in their fall migration. Where do you go and what do you see?

  76. Fall Dance: Write a story about the planning and execution of your school’s fall dance.

  77. The Enchanted Forest: As the leaves change, a local forest becomes enchanted. What changes occur?

  78. The Legend of the Cornucopia: Write a new legend about the origin of the cornucopia.

  79. Forest Animals’ Gathering: One fall day, you stumble upon a secret gathering of forest animals. What is happening?

  80. Trick-or-Treating Aliens: Aliens join in the Halloween trick-or-treating. What happens?

  81. Spooky Science Project: Your fall science project develops a mind of its own.

  82. The Autumn Pageant: Write about the events that unfold during the school’s annual autumn pageant.

  83. Hot Cocoa Magic: The first hot cocoa of the season gives you a magical experience.

  84. Autumn Colors Palette: Imagine if fall colors could be used to paint the future. What would you paint?

  85. Forgotten Halloween Costume: You’ve forgotten about your Halloween costume and now must create one out of things you have at home. What do you create?

  86. The Leaf Storm: One windy day, a whirlwind of leaves carries you to a magical place.

  87. Lost Thanksgiving Recipe: The family loses the traditional Thanksgiving recipe. How do you save the meal?

  88. Pumpkin Patch: What happens when you discover a secret pumpkin patch?

  89. The Autumn Elf: You discover an autumn elf living in your backyard. What tasks does he do?

  90. Black Cat’s Halloween: Write Halloween from the perspective of a black cat.

  91. Magic Quilt: You discover that your grandmother’s quilt changes its pattern every fall.

  92. Thanksgiving on Mars: Write a story about colonists celebrating Thanksgiving on Mars.

  93. Benevolent Witches: The witches of your town use their powers for good. How do they help the town prepare for winter?

  94. The Fall Play: Describe the drama that happens behind the scenes during the school’s fall play.

  95. Autumn Cleaning: Instead of spring cleaning, your family does “autumn cleaning.” What do you find this year?

  96. The Pumpkin Prince: Write a story about the pumpkin prince visiting your town every autumn.

  97. A Day as a Scarecrow: If you had to spend a day as a scarecrow, what would you see and experience?

  98. Pie Eating Contest: During the fall festival’s pie eating contest, something hilarious happens. What is it?

  99. First Frost: Describe what happens when the first frost of the year arrives.

  100. Hibernation Preparations: If you were an animal preparing for hibernation, what would you do?

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