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30 Writing Prompts For 9th Grade Students

Writing Prompts for 9th Grade Students

What’s up, 9th graders?

Writing’s a big deal, but forget grades for a second.

It’s more like figuring out who you are and how to totally rock your thoughts.

That’s where our writing prompts come in – like training wheels for your writing brain.

We’ve got a bunch of awesome prompts here to get you thinking, writing all sorts of stuff (stories, arguments, even deep thoughts!), and maybe even have a blast doing it.

So, grab a pen, open your laptop, and unleash your inner writing superstar!

Writing Prompts for 9th Graders

  1. Imagine a world where AI has evolved to a point that machines have become sentient and have emotions, desires, and their own society. However, not all is peaceful. The machines have started an invasion against the human race.
    Write a short story about a day in the life of a teenager during this invasion. Describe this world in your own unique way. How have things changed for the humans and machines?

  2. Picture yourself as a stray cat navigating through an urban city. Your life is filled with adventure, close encounters, and fleeting friendships. Your perception of the world is starkly different from that of humans.
    Write a journal entry as this stray cat, capturing your experiences, challenges, and observations of the human world around you.

  3. Aliens have made contact with Earth and they’ve sent an ambassador to discuss their intentions and establish relations. Unexpectedly, they choose you, a 9th-grade student, to be their human counterpart due to your unique ability to understand their language.
    Write a letter to the UN Secretary-General explaining your new role, what you’ve learned from the aliens, and your recommendations for next steps.

  4. Your school’s most beloved cookie recipe has mysteriously vanished. Rumors are swirling about a secret society of teachers being responsible. You decide to investigate.
    Write a detective-style story detailing your investigation and uncovering of the great cookie conspiracy. Don’t forget to include surprising twists!

  5. You’ve found an old snow globe in your attic. But this isn’t a regular snow globe; whatever you draw and place in the globe becomes part of the miniature world inside. One day, you accidentally drop in a sketch of a terrifying creature.
    Write a suspenseful short story about how you handle the situation and the unexpected adventures that follow.

  6. You discover that your best friend has been a time traveler all along. They’ve been trying to alter events to prevent a future catastrophe, but things aren’t going as planned since someone is trying to act as a villain.
    Write a narrative story detailing your adventures in time travel with your friend and the moral dilemmas you face when deciding whether or not to alter history.

  7. A dollar bill goes through many hands and sees many places. Imagine what stories it could tell if it had consciousness.
    Write a story from the perspective of a dollar bill, narrating its journey from the moment it was printed. Make sure to incorporate a variety of scenarios and environments.

  8. Your ordinary, somewhat boring town suddenly becomes exciting when a masked superhero starts appearing. This hero doesn’t have any superpowers, but they use their resources and wits to help people.
    Write a newspaper article detailing the superhero’s latest daring rescue, the mystery surrounding their identity, and the town’s reaction.

  9. Choose your favorite fairy tale and reimagine it. Set it in the gothic world and replace the magical elements with modern technology or social media. How would Cinderella’s story change if she had an appearance of fear? What if Rapunzel lived in a high-rise apartment building that is floating on a river?
    Write a modern version of your chosen fairy tale, showcasing how this scenario would affect the story.

  10. Jules Verne took us on an imaginative journey to the center of the Earth. Now it’s your turn. You and a group of scientists embark on a journey to the Earth’s core. However, the world you find beneath our feet is unlike anything ever discovered.
    Write a detailed adventure log of your journey, describing the fantastic sights and dangers you encounter along the way.

  11. Imagine you have the power to create a new society from scratch. A utopia, where every citizen is content, fulfilled and their mental health being apt at all times. What would this place look like? How would it function?
    Write an essay detailing your vision for your utopia, including its government structure, education system, healthcare, and social norms.

  12. You stumble upon a time machine and decide to visit your future self ten years from now. The person you meet, however, isn’t quite what you expected.
    Write a conversation between your current and future self, exploring the surprises and the wisdom your future self imparts.

  13. Suppose you have the ability to switch bodies with your pet for a day. What adventures would you embark on? What might you learn about your pet and yourself?
    Write a narrative essay recounting your day as your pet, detailing your adventures and new perspective on life.

  14. You receive a large, unexpected package in the mail. It’s not your birthday or any special occasion, and the package is not labeled. Curiosity piqued, you open it to find something extraordinary.
    Write a story describing the unboxing of this mystery gift and how its contents change your life.

  15. Imagine you decide to run for Student Body President. Your platform is unconventional, focusing on changes never proposed before, and your campaign tactics are even more out-of-the-box.
    Write a campaign speech that outlines your unique platform and explains why you’re the right candidate for the presidency.

  16. You find yourself stranded on a desert island with only three items of your choosing. Survival is your top priority, but you also need to find a way to signal for help.
    Write a survival guide that details how you’d use the three items to stay alive and get rescued.

  17. Your local library is believed to be haunted. Late at night, strange sounds can be heard and books mysteriously fly off the shelves. You and a group of friends decide to investigate.
    Write a thrilling short story documenting your spooky adventures and the secrets you uncover.

  18. You’ve always been fascinated by mythology and its creatures. One day, during a hike in the woods, you encounter one of these mythical beasts.
    Write a story about your encounter, the creature you meet, and the impact this experience has on you.

  19. Think about a major historical event and reimagine it with a significant twist. What if the outcome had been different? What if a key figure had made a different decision?
    Write an alternate history story based on this event, showing how this new version could have changed the course of history.

  20. Imagine waking up one day and all forms of technology have stopped working. No cell phones, no internet, no cars – nothing.
    Write a 24 hour timeline story on how it impacts your daily routine and society in general.

  21. One day, gravity simply stops working. People and objects start to float uncontrollably. How do you and others cope with this new reality?
    Write a detailed narrative exploring the immediate and long-term effects of this phenomenon on daily life and human society.

  22. You suddenly find yourself in a fantasy world filled with magical creatures and enchanted forests. However, you’re not a warrior, wizard, or rogue, but a simple cook.
    Write a story about how you use your unique skills and wit to become an unlikely hero and save the day.

  23. You’re part of an interstellar exploration team sent to investigate a long-abandoned space station. Upon arrival, you find eerie signs that suggest you might not be alone.
    Write a thrilling short story about your team’s exploration of the space station, the mysteries you uncover, and the harrowing situations you encounter.

  24. While on a deep-sea dive, you stumble upon a lost city submerged beneath the ocean. The city is in remarkably good condition and filled with clues about a previously unknown civilization.
    Write an adventure log detailing your exploration of this underwater city, the artifacts you discover, and the implications of your findings.

  25. One day, an invisible barrier appears around your town, trapping everyone inside. No one can see it, but they can feel it, and nothing can pass through it.
    Write a story about how the people in your town adapt to their new circumstances and how they work together to understand and overcome the barrier.

  26. You’ve discovered a portal to another dimension where the laws of physics don’t apply, and everything is topsy-turvy. What’s more, you can’t find your way back!
    Write a descriptive narrative detailing your adventures in this strange dimension and how you finally manage to return home.

  27. In a small corner of your town, there is an old antique shop filled with curiosities. One day, you discover that the items sold there have a magical or supernatural element.
    Write a series of diary entries about your experiences with these unusual antiques and the enigmatic shop owner.

  28. You’ve been accepted to a prestigious school, but instead of traditional subjects, students are taught unusual skills like time manipulation, lucid dreaming, or telepathy.
    Write a letter to your old friends detailing your experiences at your new school, including your favorite classes, classmates, and unexpected challenges.

  29. Every night at exactly midnight, hauntingly beautiful music can be heard echoing throughout your neighborhood. No one knows where it’s coming from. One night, you decide to find out.
    Write a story about your nocturnal adventure to uncover the source of the music and what you discover in the process.

  30. You come across an old, dusty video game in a thrift store. The game is fun but you soon realize it has a mind of its own – it’s haunted!
    Write a gripping short story about your eerie encounters with this haunted video game and how you confront the digital ghost.

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